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93 Wind-chasers in the Wind!

 Looking at his black and white screen, Jiang Xinou sat stiffly in front of his computer, not knowing what to think.

If he were to be killed by someone, be it from losing a duel or losing to a one-shot headshot, he would not have had any issues with that. It was no big deal for him to admit that his skills were outclassed and to admit defeat.

However, the one thing Jiang Xinou could not accept was dying to a Frag Grenade.

That was because dying like that was the same as challenging a wuxia master to a duel and then falling into a literal sh*t-hole just to drown to death on the way to the fight...

'This feels...

'Like f*cking sh*t!'


At that point in time, the two commentators were completely at a loss as to what to say.

They had accurately predicted the beginning of the fight, but they were not even remotely close when it came to the ending.

"I still can't believe my eyes. For a squad in the middle of the road to be sealed within their own smoke as they get bombarded by grenades, this would break anybody's spirit. I bet the players of the University of Jianghai Team One are definitely feeling terrible now."

"That's right. From the Sosnovka Military Base all the way up till now, the Fantastic Four has brought us countless surprising and unorthodox plays. From the airdrop battle at sea to the two Mylta battles just now, their playstyle has completely defied common sense in this game... Seeing at all the psychological and strategic plays in this round has left me completely breathless. How should I put this, if this squad had a sole IGL, its IGL's strategic prowess would definitely be a force to be reckoned with."

"Yup, at this point we can tell that this Fantastic Four Squad is being carried by two great gurus. I feel like their plays are made with the combined efforts of those two, with 'Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit' more-likely being shot-caller. Well, that's just my deduction since I don't have much info on the guy behind this Vic account. The only thing time I've heard about him was from a stream not too long ago. On the other hand, I've seen 'Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit's' duo livestream with Guru Qiu the other day. From what I see, his playstyle is remarkably similar to what we've seen from the Fantastic Four today."


In the commentary booth, Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing were busy giving their analysis on the squads.

Although their analysis sounded quite valid, in reality, it was far from the truth.

This was due to the fact that they would never have guessed that the two players they were referring to had been the exact same person.

Pu Taizhuang was innocently dragged into the conversation; suddenly receiving huge praise and pressure that comes with it. He should not have to carry such things at his age...


After dealing with the University of Jianghai Team One, they took the opportunity to loot the corpses before the smoke dispersed. By the time they were done, the circle had almost closed in.

Soon, the next Safe Zone was refreshed.

Half of the circle was in the city, whereas the other half was outside the city.

Just as the circle was closing in earlier, a few heated battles could be heard from the Eastern side of Mylta between the Farm and the city.

By the time they were done, the number of survivors dropped exponentially, leaving a total of 41 survivors left in the game.

To be fair, based on the size of the circle, if it was not for the circle covering half of the city where there were countless buildings to serve as cover, there would have been a lot more fights occurring.

If that was the case, the number of survivors would have been even lower. In that scenario, it would be very possible for there to be less than thirty survivors left in the game.


After Liu Zilang and the gang cleaned up the battlefield, Chen Zhifei and the other two felt extremely confident. They gave off an impressive aura!

After all, they managed to finish off the University of Jianghai Team One, who they had always looked up to in the past, within a single round. They had not even sustained any casualties.

This sudden achievement made the three musketeers extremely arrogant, and all of them stood proudly with their hands on their waists in the middle of Mylta's main road.

At that moment, an airplane hummed as it zipped past their heads!

The players who were discerning whether they should exit the city were all slightly surprised. They all looked up at the plane in unison.

The next moment, Mylta was filled with sounds of gunfire coming from all directions.

From the sounds of it, the target of all the gunshots was precisely that loud airplane moving through the sky. Looks like a lot of the players had the habit of regularly shooting the plane. They started shooting as soon as they saw the plane.

However, it seemed like the plane flying above their heads also had its own pride.

'If I drop the airdrop as soon as you shoot me, wouldn't I lose face?'

Only when the plane reached the road could a specific gunshot be heard!


Almost like a stapler being used, the sound of a silenced M24 rang out!

Immediately after that, the plane that was flying over the restaurant at the center of Mylta was seen dropping something!

It was an airdrop!

Chen Zhifei and company were ecstatic at what they saw!

On the other hand, the person who had just fired the gun was none other than the person who had looted Jiao Xinou's sniper suppressor and equipped it onto his own M24 - Liu Zilang.

However, as the crew realized where the airdrop was landing, they all became blue-balled.

'It would've been fine for it to drop outside the circle or even on top of a roof, that way people could still easily think of ways to get to it. However, this bloody airdrop chose to land right at the entrance of the restaurant, smack dab in the center of the main road, what's the big idea?'

Seeing as how the circle around Mylta still had a decent size, there would definitely be countless guns pointed at that area.

"So what're we gonna do? Are we getting the drop?" Chen Zhifei softly asked.

"There might be an AWM in there!" Ran Maodong was obviously unhappy with the developments.

Seeing that Pu Taizhuang beside him was about to say something, Liu Zilang immediately said, "Getting the drop isn't out of the question, but the real question is who's gonna go get it?"

This sentence hit the issue right at its core.

Pu Taizhuang was startled by Liu ZIlang's question, he just obediently shut his mouth.


Since the risk of getting the airdrop was too high, they followed their motto of prioritizing Chicken Dinner.

They were not at the point where they could not survive without the airdrop, so naturally, they steeled their resolve and started moving toward the northern outskirts of the city.

Even as they were leaving, they still repeatedly looked back at the direction of the airdrop in an unwilling manner.

However, just as the airdrop landed on the ground, the roads were instantly filled with the sound of a motorcycle's roar!

Following that, amidst the countless suspicious looks, two "Wind Chasers" on their motorcycles flew up through the air from one of the inclines in the city, leaving an arc-shaped trail as they hit the road.

'The Wild Ones?'

Everyone was completely startled by the scene!

Inside the commentary booth, Lord Rong who originally thought no one would target the airdrop suddenly got worked up by the development of events.

"Wow! I can't believe there's actually a few brave souls who're trying to get this drop! Looks like this tournament has its fair share of dream-chasers!

"Will they succeed? Let us bear witness to this..."


Before Lord Rong could even finish, a chain of gunshots rang out from one of the two-story Duplexes by the side of the road!

On the road, before the motorcycle could even stop, it started to skid as it spun out of control.

On the other hand, the two motorcyclists were thrown off their motorcycle from impact, causing them to tumble to the ground as their bodies hit the airdrop. Two boxes were left not far from where they landed.

As Lord Rong looked at the screen flustered, he forcefully stopped himself from finishing his earlier sentence.

The next moment, the red and blue airdrop slowly hit the ground, emitting scarlet red smoke from its top.

At that time, right next to the airdrop were the two boxes. The road suddenly seemed to give off a lethal dose of temptation...

...Chinese euphemism for masturbation.Refers to teens who are dashing and unrestrained, often possessing a lot of raw unpolished potential and are blindly chasing their dreams. The phrase originates from an album title of the same name by Nicky Wu.Literally "flying car party", usually refers to hot-blooded bikers that speed around on their bikes wreaking havoc, especially those with criminal records. The phrase is a direct reference to the film "The Wild Ones" by Laslo Benedek.