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91 Leaving the Encounters to Fate!

 After wiping out the squad in the three-story building, Liu Zilang and company considered the first phase of their 'winter neighborhood housewarming' a success.

However, just as they were about to move over to the garage, rapid gunfire accompanied by occasional grenade explosions erupted from the garage over on the other side of the street.

Within just a brief moment, the bottom-right corner of their screens was spammed with a bunch of system prompts.

"JD-Mew knocked out WeLiveToDeliver by headshot with Kar98k!"

"JD-XuanXuan knocked out DongfengExpress with Frag Grenade!"

"JD-XuanXuan knocked down OneShotOneKid with SCAR-L!"


Hearing the gunshots and seeing the kill feed, they instantly made a connection.

Liu Zilang and company quickly realized a problem.

That problem was that there was a group of people who were a step ahead of them in helping the squad at the garage with their 'housewarming'. In addition to that, there was an extremely high possibility that the group of people was University of Jianghai Team One.

Chen Zhifei licked his lips before softly saying, "The Team One people are quite aggressive, they've already wiped out the squad downstairs."

Listening to Chen Zhifei's words, Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang could not help but feel a bit listless.

They knew very well that in PUBG, breaching a building is much more difficult than camping a building.

Although they had just managed to breach a building themselves, that was largely made possible by Liu Zilang's Frag Grenade and his miraculous Stun Grenade play.

If it was not for Liu Zilang who had knocked out two players in the beginning and then completely flashed the remaining two players with a Stun Grenade, they would not have been able to breach the building. Had Liu Zilang not reduced the enemy's numbers, they would not have been able to troll around with their Pans just now.

These type of LAN tournaments usually prioritize points, but knockouts also count as kills. Hence, a lot of people would just kill knocked out targets immediately. In other words, for Liu Zilang and company to still have a full squad after breaching the building was largely due to luck.

However, this was not the case for the University of Jiaghai Team One.

Based on the amount of gunfire they heard just now, they could deduce that there was a huge fight between two full squads.

It was a true duel of individual potential and squad cooperation.

The system prompts flooding the kill feed on the bottom-right corner of the screen served to show that the University of Jianghai Team One completely outclassed the defending team in both those aspects.


Observing the battle from the commentator's booth, Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing were once again in shock.

"To be honest, the University of Jianghai Team One's potential is surprisingly strong. In the battle we just witnessed, their strategy, coordination, reaction, and individual adaptability left me awestruck."

"Hehe, they are the face of our University of Jianghai's eSport Association after all! In addition to that, with an Asian Server Top-100 Assaulter like Brother Haiou in the fray, I feel like this outcome was not surprising at all."

"Mm, that's true as well Let's take a look, one two three four... Oh! There are now five teams settled down in Mylta. There's also one more team right at the edge of Mylta. Looks like that team still isn't sure where the next circle will be so they're preparing to storm the city."

"That's right, the other key thing to note here is that the University of Jianghai Team One and the Fantastic Four seem to have noticed each other. Out of all the teams in Mylta, they're the closest to each other. They're also the teams who have the most points in this game so far. You could say that they're the most likely candidates to win Chicken Dinner."

"Yes, if I were them, I would not want to engage here. This is because if they start fighting at this point, the only winners from their duel would be the other teams. There's literally no need for them to duke it out right now, they can easily keep their hands off of each other until the final circle."

In the game, Chen Zhifei looked out the third-floor window toward the garage with his scope. He could not help but say softly, "I think we shouldn't engage them, those people there are beasts."

Ran Maotong nodded at those words, to tell the truth, his self-confidence had dropped slightly.

Liu Zilang, on the other hand, just indifferently shrugged. He had always left his encounters to fate, he did not mind not fighting.

It was at that moment, as Chen Zhifei was still scoped-in, a suppressed gunshot sounded from the garage not far away.

A silenced Kar98k!

Almost at the exact same instance, the sound of a rifle also rang out.

The next moment, blood spewed out of Chen Zhifei's head, and his Level-three Helmet that had only half a bar of its durability left was instantly shattered.

Before he could even react to it, another blood splatter spewed out from his head!

In the blink of an eye, Chen Zhifei's body dropped to the ground as he clutched his abdomen.

"JD-XuanXuan knocked out Underwatercontra by headshot with SCAR-L!"



Realizing what had just happened, Chen Zhifei became shell-shocked.

The whole reason he dared to peek out was that he had a Level-three Helmet, he could not be one-shotted by a single bullet.

However, he did not expect to be put down within the blink of an eye!

Inside the commentator's booth, Lord Rong could not help but scream at the development in the game. "A combined bullet! Nice! That combination of shots by the University of Jianghai Team One's sniper and Brother Haiou was perfect."

"A combined bullet? Meng Yeqing was mildly confused.

"That's right!" Lord Rong nodded as he started to explain, "We all know that in PUBG, there's only one gun that can pierce through a Level-three Helmet and that's the AWM. But AWMs are rare in the game, and it's something that you can only find with fate. This is where a combined bullet comes in handy. This type of coordinated shot allows two players to have the same effect as an AWM when up against a Level-three Helmet."

Hearing Lord Rong's explanation, Meng Yeqing started to nod. It was not hard to understand after all.

Lord Rong continued, "In reality, the so-called combined bullet is useless if it doesn't hit its target. The key point is that it can be used in a fight against players who are behind cover or have erratic movement. As long as the two players have good aim and can somewhat coordinate their shots, they can find the perfect opportunity to get such an effect. It would surely be devastating. Though it's a rare sight."

The situation Chen Zhifei was in just now was undoubtedly the former.

Right as he was peeking out of cover, he got noticed by someone and got caught in a 'tag-team finisher'.


Seeing Chen Zhifei drop to the ground, Ran Maotong who was next to him immediately crouched down and started to revive his fallen teammate.

Pu Taizhuang who had a bad temper was enraged by what he saw. He could not help it and started ranting, "These insatiable sons of b*tches are taking advantage of our kindness. We're just leaving them alone, how dare they still engage on us!"

With that being said, he pulled out the 8x Kar98k he had looted earlier and aimed straight at the garage.

On the second floor of the garage, someone was peeking through an open door toward the balcony.

Ping Haoyu could not hold in his laughter. "Damn, another kid that's not afraid of death. Don't the players over there know that Team Jiang members all have eagle eyes? Did he seriously think that we won't see him if he hides behind that window? What a joke!"

"Who's gonna coordinate with me this time?" Jiang Xinou calmly asked as he camped by the door.

"Me me me!" Zhang Qing replied immediately.

The next moment, the two simultaneously peeked. Their scopes instantly locked on Pu Taizhuang who was on the third floor, by the window of the building opposite the street.




Gunshots rang out in unison!

However, Jiang Xinou began to frown!

'Something's not right!'

'The gunshots aren't right!'

There were only two of them shooting, but there was clearly a third gunshot in that instance just now!

At the same time, as if to validate his premonitions, Zhang Qing, who was camping on the other side of the door, was knocked out on the ground. The Level-two helmet he was wearing had completely shattered into dust.

One single line appeared at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

"Vic123 knocked out JD-ZQ by headshot with M24!"

On the other side, Pu Taizhuang who had been steadying his gun by the window on the third floor could barely see the two players on the second floor of the garage peek, much less fire a shot.

Hearing the sudden gunshots, he immediately realized that his health had dropped to critical levels.

After realizing the situation, Pu Taizhuang's body tensed up in shock. He immediately crouched down from the window.

At that time, Pu Taizhuang's head was filled with profanities.


"What the hell just happened?"

...DongfengExpress() and WeLiveToDeliver() are Chinese memes. is used because there are a lot of companies starting to use the name Dongfeng which literally means Eastern Wind, whilst is a Chinese slogan for FedEx which I've localized to the English slogan.This is the Chinese version of "One shot, one kill" commonly used in Bilibili video titles.The word "Nice" is written in English here.