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89 Housewarming activities

 Just as they reached the shore, Liu Zilang checked the kill feed at the bottom right corner of his screen. He said astonishedly, "JD again? Is it Team One or Team Two?"

Chen Zhifei checked the kill feed and then said, "It's Team One, the one with Brother Haiou. However, the squad they killed seems quite intriguing. I can't believe they're called 'Buried Love Clan', I've honestly forgotten all about that guild."

Just as they finished talking, four players opposite them stood up, stone-faced.

Chen Zhifei was speechless.


Back on Liu Zilang's side, once the few of them reached the shore, they immediately tossed a couple of smokes and snuck into Mylta.

At that time, the safe zone had already refreshed. The circle covered Mylta and the hills north of Mylta. The bridge on the east, Farm, and the cluster of houses around the fork on the road were all in the circle.

Looking at this development, Liu Zilang and his band of friends headed to the tallest building once they entered the city. They climbed up to the balcony on the top floor and went into "sniping mode".

Although there might have been other squads lurking in Mylta, Liu Zilang and company decided not to clear the city.

That was because once the circle started closing in, there would definitely be a lot of people trying to enter or pass through Mylta from the west.

At that point in time, they would be able to easily find players from the sound of their shots. There was no need for them to try to locate people and take the risk of getting ambushed.

If one were to look at it from another point of view, the other squads in Mylta would become Liu Zilang's 'comrades' when they start trying to fend off invaders.

'It's just that this camaraderie isn't strong in any way whatsoever...'


Next, they waited for the circle to shrink.

It was exactly as Liu Zilang had predicted, at the Farm to the west, around four squads worth of players appeared.

Some were speeding in cars, whilst others were making their way on foot. However, they all had the same goal, they were headed for Mylta.

It was to be expected. After all, Mylta was the largest gathering point within the safe zone and had countless buildings within its city.

If a squad were to find a good building that was hard to breach and camped there, they would easily be able to get into the top ranks. However, the next safe zone, of course, had to be in the city. This was a much better option than running around in the open.

With that said, the players from the west would immediately decide to enter the city once they saw Mylta.

However, if there were players in the city, the possible courses of action would double.

If a vehicle were to approach the city, Mylta would be instantly filled with countless gunshots, sounding almost like firecrackers on a Lunar New Year night.

One of the cars was charging in too quickly. Before the little sedan could even hit its breaks, it received a warm welcome from the 'citizens' of Mylta and exploded on the spot.

After seeing such a passionate welcoming ceremony from the city, a lot of the cars behind the sedan became stunned!

Who the hell would still dare to charge in all willy-nilly like that? They all found some cover and parked their cars there, carefully observing the situation.

It was at that moment, the unlucky bugger who got blown up, appeared on the kill feed on the bottom right corner of the screen.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed ZJSExpressDeliveryman with vehicle explosion!"

Looking at the obituary, the live audience and viewers wanted to cheer. However, they felt something was amiss...

Especially the Panda TV viewers. After recovering from shock, people started reacting to what had just happened!

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit? This name seems very familiar!"

"Holy crap! Isn't that the guy who played duo with Guru Qiu a couple of days ago?"

"He's the one that played with Sao Zhu and Erke that day? Oh my god! It really is him!"

"I remember that dude being terrifying a player to be up against. Not even Master Bai was a match for him. For someone like him to come over to play in a f*cking university's league, isn't it just plain bullying?"

"Didn't you guys notice that this guy and Vic are both part of the Fantastic Four's squad?"

"Bringing two Great Gurus to a university league... Err... Why do I feel like Brother Haiou is being played."


At that time, it was not only the audience and the viewers. However, even a lot of the players in-game started to notice the name stated on the obituary.

On the other side, University of Jianghai's Team One entered the circle from the North and arrived near the Woodcutter's Camp.

Noticing the ID 'Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit', the squad instantly became startled.

The next moment, all of their sights unconsciously shifted toward Jiang Xinou who was seated at the side.

They could clearly remember that this was the person that caused the Great Guru Li Muqiu to 'abandon' Jiang Xinou.

Jiang Xinou narrowed his eyes and stared at his screen briefly before shrugging it off.

He then looked over toward the direction of Mylta and said without hesitation, "Let's go, we'll enter Mylta."

Hearing Jiang Xinou's orders, the three could not help but gulp.

All the gunshots they heard just now came directly from Mylta. In other words, this 'Improud_whatareyougoindowngtodoaboutit's' squad was also around that area.

Ping Yuhao who was seated right next to Jiang Xinou looked down slightly and caught a glimpse of Jiang Xinou's hand. It was trembling as Jiang Xinou gripped onto his mouse tightly.

It was merely a slight tremble, but Ping Yuhao could still clearly notice it.

This was because Ping Yuhao had been grinding on the Asia server with Jiang Xinou. He knew fully well that every time when they competed with the best players of the Asia servers in the last circle, Jiang Xinou's hands would also tremble like this.

Thus, he understood quite clearly that this Jiang Xinou in front of him was not scared or nervous, he was excited.

It was the excitement of a battle junkie.


Inside Mylta, Pu Taizhuang did not expect to have gotten the kill there, nor did he expect to instantly cause an uproar throughout the arena.

In reality, even Liu Zilang had forgotten about this small-fry.

At that moment, the symphony of gunshots coming from Mylta suddenly came to a screeching halt. A couple of players showed confused looks on their faces.

What they did not know was, when the majority of players in the city saw that ID, they were instantly reminded of Liu Zilang's unbelievable rampage a few days ago on Li Muqiu's livestream!

As they say, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. They knew what they knew, so naturally, there was no one in Mylta who dared stick their head out in a snipe-able position...

They were not that eager to get killed.

Outside Mylta, the people looking on behind cover heard the gunfire stop so suddenly that even their reactions were delayed.

However, by that time, the circle had already caught up to them. They had no other choice but to test the waters and try to sneak into the city.

With that being said, Liu Zilang and company who were still on the balcony lost the supporting fire of the surrounding squads.

With so many different squads attempting to enter the city at once, not even a single vehicle could be stopped.

Of course, if Liu Zilang and company had known that the reason their "supporting fire" had stopped was because of fear towards them, it would be hard to imagine how they would have felt...


After the circle fully closed in, Chen Zhifei saw that the next safe zone was still in Mylta.

He helplessly asked, "So what're we gonna do next? Are we still gonna stay up here?"

As the question was asked, everyone's gaze shifted toward Liu Zilang.

Liu Zilang groaned before asking, "You remember the coordinates of those people who entered the city just now, right?"

Ran Maodong nodded. "I saw a squad enter the three-storey building over at the police station. There's also another squad that entered one of the garages over on our side."

Listening to Ran Maodong's report, Liu Zilang could not help but smile. "Then let's stop waiting around.

"Go! Let's give the new tenants a little housewarming party!"


On the other side, the people who had just entered the building near the police station were busy healing up.

Suddenly, they could hear someone shouting outside, "Hey buddy, open the door quickly! We're from the neighborhood association, here to help you with your housewarming."


"Open up open up! We need to check your Temporary Residential Permit!"

"Hey! The frag grenade you ordered has arrived, sir. Do you want to come out and get it, or do you want me to toss it in for you?"


Hearing those words, the people camping inside the building suddenly felt an urge to spew vulgarities at the people outside, so much so that their eyes started to twitch in rage.