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88 All So Talented

 After the four looted the corpses, they had become completely stacked.

As the first circle started closing in, there were 79 players left in the game.

Looking at the Fantastic Four squad, Liu Zilang had eight kills, whilst Ran Maotong had two frag kills. Of crouse, he managed to snag them when he blew up the ship earlier. In other words, out of the total casualties in the first circle, they were responsible for nearly half of the kills. At that point, they were on the top of the leaderboard with a considerable lead.

Before the circle closed in on them, the group of four took two of the boats and headed straight toward the beach, south of Mylta.

On the other hand, the two commentators were in awe of the amazing airdrop battle at sea that had just unfolded. Seeing that there were no battles happening on other parts of the map, Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing started exchanging banter.

"Hehe, looks like they weren't kidding when they said there would be a dark horse."

Lord Rong shook his head as he smiled. "I thought I had already seen the best of the best in action. However, imagine my surprise since I got to witness such an amazing spectacle whilst commentating for a University of Jianghai event. I believe this player named Vic from the Fantastic Four has just shocked us all, but alas... What a waste..."

Meng Yeqing's beautiful eyes glanced over as she cheekily said, "Oh? Did Lord Rong's talent-loving switch get flipped?"

As Lord Rong noticed where the conversation was heading, he smiled and then shook his head. "Talent will always shine wherever it is. Hehe, I was just overthinking a bit."

In actuality, Lord Rong thought that since this Vic kid was a University of Jianghai student, it was quite likely that he wouldn't walk the path of a professional eSports player. At best, he would end up as a casual streamer like Jiang Xinou and form a team for himself.

Of course, if Lord Rong knew that three years ago, Liu Zilang had gone MIA right after receiving his admission letter from the University of Jianghai, his jaw would drop once more.

As the two commentators were chatting, the observer's camera cut over to the area of the northern buildings in Prison.

'What's the situation over there?'

The audience and viewers had the same thought in their minds.


In the game, there was a patch of grass on the slope outside the buildings. There were three proned players silently camping there.

"Brother Gou! They went inside!" One of them said excitedly.

"Mm, prepare to move!" Wu Yu nodded.

Meanwhile, inside the building, there was a squad of players silently making their way up to the building's second floor. Cautiously, they hugged the walls as they moved.

Suddenly, loud footsteps could be heard from the second floor.

"Be careful, I'm going to throw a grenade!"

"Mm, we'll clear our assigned rooms as soon as when we charge in. Report the coordinates of any enemies in contact."

"If you make contact with an enemy on the stairs, try to charge up if possible. Don't body-block the people behind you."

"Mm, no problem."

The squad members talked softly, planning their line of attack. Unfortunately for them, at that exact moment, sounds could be heard from outside the building.

'Are more people coming here?'

The squad hesitated.

At that exact moment, one of the players' facial expressions changed. "Not good! Our vehicles!"

The last player behind the squad immediately charged out of the building. Standing in the garden and looking at his surroundings, he was shocked to find that their three-wheeler and jeep had disappeared.

At that time, the three players stacked on the stairs could hear vehicles approaching the building they were in right now.

As they charged upstairs, they noticed a figure jump out from a window.

As the players ran up to look out of the window, they found out that the vehicles outside were their Jeep and three-wheeler.


The four players were completely shocked!

'Since when was this game played like this?

'Is that squad the reincarnation of Thief Guevara(TN: Referring to a Chinese male who stole an electric car and rose to Internet Infamy due to a very 'quotable' interview of him where not only was he unrepentant, he also spent the entire interview trying to flirt with the female reporter. Due to his hairstyle and facial being similar to the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara·, he was given the parody nickname Thief Guevara.)?'

The player at the window was so enraged that he started spraying shots out the window. However, as soon as the player who jumped out of the window entered the Jeep, the opossing squad turned the corner and disappeared.

As if to add salt to injury, the Jeep even started honking as soon as it started driving off...

As the crisp sound of the Jeep's horn rang through the building, it made the players in the building even angrier.

Inside the Jeep, Feng Yanzu looked at Wu Yu with an impressed look and said, "Brother Gou! From today onward! You're my big bro!"

Wu Yu carefreely replied, "It was just a cheap trick. It's no big deal. With my skills, getting a vehicle is a trivial task. If I had truly gone all-out, everyone there would've been forced to run."

Hearing Wu Yu's words, his squad started laughing loudly. The car was filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

Inside the commentator's booth, looking at how the whole situation played out, Lord Rong's mouth twitched as he laughed dryly. "What a cheeky play! Looks like the strategies the students from the University of Jianghe are employing in this competition... They're all quite unique."

Meng Yeqing covered her mouth as she let out a playful laugh.

However, as she looked over to the observer's camera screen once more, her eyes could not help but widen.

On the big screen, the scene had cut to another camera.

In an instant, the cheerful atmosphere inside the vehicle dissipated!

"JD-MeW knocked out Buried Love Clan-MasterXie(TN: Buried Love Clan was a huge clan in the Chinese online social game Audition. Members of the clan usually sported scene hairstyles.) by headshot with Kar98k!"

Looking at the kill feed, the audience was shocked at first. However, they shortly erupted in laughter.

"Holy sh*t! A moving headshot! Brother Haiou is f*cking awesome!"

"Buried Love Master Xie... Buahahaha! I really can't hold back my laughter."

"As a fellow scenester, I feel personally insulted!"

"These bloody University of Jianghai students are all so talented. The commentator chick has a nice voice and even their squad names are all so special!"


On the ground not very far away from the Jeep, Feng Yanzu was frantically crawling toward cover as he shouted, "F*ck me! Someone got me!"

Wu Yu who was still driving the Jeep replied, "I know, don't move! We'll come back and get you! The more you crawl the faster you'll bleed out."

As Feng Yanzu heard that, he immediately stayed still obediently.

However, almost instantly after that, the crisp gunshot of a Kar98k rang once more.

At that moment, blood splattered out of Feng Yanzu's head, and red blood instantly splattered through the air. He dropped to the ground and turned into a crate.

Feng Yanzu was stunned, and he immediately screamed in anger, "You f*cking lied to me!"

Wu Yu remained silent.


On top of the hill, North of the big warehouse, Jiang Xinou pulled the bolt of his Kar98k as the corners of his mouth lifted up.

"Team Jiang is f*cking awesome!" Ping Haoyu praised before changing the topic. "So, what do we do next?"

Qin Xuanxuan dexterously maneuvered the Jeep as she replied, "What else? Who's coming with me?"

Zhang Qing lowered his head as he said softly, "Can I decline?"

"What do you think?" Qin Xuanxuan chuckled coldly.

Zhang Qing remained silent.

Ping Haoyu who stood next to them said, "I'll take a vehicle with Team Jiang."

He did not want to accompany the female devil and her crazy antics. She seemed to be very fond of driving straight into people just for the heck of it...

Seeing the Jeep start up, Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing who were in the commentator's booth, started their commentary.

"Oh! As we just witnessed, Brother Haiou has just downed a player. Now, the University of Jianghai's Team One is charging straight toward their targets! The two people in the Jeep heading straight for them are two of the University of Jianghai's best assaulters!"

"That's right! They're rapidly closing the distance! Seems like after losing a teammate, the Buried Love Clan is out for revenge for their fallen comrade. They've also stopped their car."

"They get out of their Keep and then immediately pop the incoming car's tires. Looks like they aren't going down without a fight! But wait! The University of Jianghai's Team One still has one more car coming in from behind! It's Brother Haiou and his squad mate, they've pulled up by the side!"

"Looks like the Buried Love Clan will have to have to worry about enemies coming in from the side! The Jeep can't effectively serve as cover from both sides."


With the intense commentary in the background, within half a minute, the remaining three members of the Buried Love Clan turned into boxes scattered next to a now-flaming Jeep.