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87 The Stage Is Huge!

 On the commentator's stage.

After retiring and shifting his attention toward PlayersUnknown's Battleground, Lord Rong who had acted as a commentator for many tournaments of all scales was stunned as he witnessed everything.

He was confident that Liu Zilang would fail if he decided to steal the boat.

However, what had happened was a huge slap to his face. Lord Rong was speechless and did not know how to react.

Meng Yeqing played PlayersUnknown's Battleground on a regular basis. However, she was unable to accurately determine how great Liu Zilang's marksmanship was as it was her first time acting as a commentator for a tournament.

"Woah! Vic's really amazing! He really did manage to rob a boat!" Meng Yeqing covered her mouth as she looked extremely astonished. "I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes."

Lord Rong who had his jaw open responded upon hearing Meng Yeqing's words.

He smiled wryly. "You're not the only one. I'm still in disbelief even though I've witnessed it with my very eyes!"

"Vic of the Fantastic Four had a 1v3 fight and was able to kill two enemies in a head-on battle. Then, he was able to take out his Kar98K and instantly killed off the third player when his health bar was in the red. All of his actions were extremely proficient and worthy of being displayed as highlights. Frankly speaking, there aren't a lot of professional players that I know who are as good as him."

Many University of Jianghai students were shocked upon hearing Lord Rong's words.

Although they thought that Liu Zilang's feat of wiping an entire squad head-on was extremely amazing, they did not think that he was as marvelous as Lord Rong mentioned.

It was only when they heard Lord Rong say that not many professional players he knew were able to achieve such a feat, did they realize that Liu Zilang had done something extremely extraordinary!

What sort of people had Lord Rong been mixing around with?

Be it if they were Tovelo, Obang or Illusion...

They were all either famous, skilled casters or professional players who stood at the pinnacle of the game.

Yet, Lord Rong believed that not many of them were able to achieve such a feat. That itself implied something so obvious that an explanation was not needed.

In that brief moment, everyone inside the spacious eSports arena focused their gaze toward where the contestants were seated...

They were extremely curious. Since when did their university have another extremely skilled player other than Jiang Xinou, the president of the eSports Association?


Douyu platform, Inside Zhang Xiaotong's live stream.

Zhang Xiaotong's tiny mouth was wide open as she was extremely shocked.

She was more anxious than anybody in the arena when she saw Liu Zilang swim toward the boat. She was so anxious that her palms had started sweating.

However, what Liu Zilang did had shocked her to the core!

As Zhang Xiaotong came to her senses, her eyes began sparkling like stars. She exclaimed excitedly. "Cool!"

Liu Zilang's live stream, which had some two hundred thousand viewers due to Zhang Xiaotong's influence, was filled with "6666" bullet screen messages.

Liu Zilang had just started live streaming a few days ago and had yet signed a contract with Douyu.

If those streamers who had been relying on red packets to barely maintain their popularity found out about Liu Zilang's situation, they would be extremely envious of him.

If Liu Zilang's popularity of some ten thousand viewers was due to Zhang Xiaotong's influence, then his blown-up popularity was definitely due to his strength.

One had to know that a skilled streamer was never more popular than of those entertainment streamers in the live streaming platform. This was often because they did not have a suitable platform to show their viewers their true strength instantly. After all, their talents may never be discovered by others.

Liu Zilang who had been planning to start everything from scratch was very likely to end up as a delusional man with little viewers for many years. However, he had Zhang Xiaotong, a capable sister, to set up the stage for him.

Furthermore, in reality, others were spreading out his name voluntarily.

"Those who are new here are reminded to click on the subscribe button. Click with your little finger so that you don't get lost. Hehe."

The viewers in the live stream started howling as they heard Zhang Xiaotong's playful voice.

"Guru Vic is amazing. I wonder what's his relationship with Zhang Xiaotong."

"I wonder too! This is my first time seeing Zhang Xiaotong promote another streamer."

"Guru Vic sounded rather coarse in previously. He must be quite old, perhaps he's one of Zhang Xiaotong's parents?"

"Perhaps he's Zhang Xiaotong's father?"

"Pfft! That means he's my father in law! Pleased to meet you!"

"F*ck off! Xiaotong-chan is mine!"


Inside the tournament.

After killing everyone, Liu Zilang who had fully healed himself with a med kit was busy looting their crates. Since he did not have the time to look at the bullet screen, he naturally did not know that he had become a father.

Not far away from the boat, the remaining player of the Four-wheel Drive Brothers was shocked. He gulped as he stared at the prompts that appeared at the bottom left corner of his screen.

He was not doing this out of kindness nor had he forgotten about what he went through when he cooperated with Liu Zilang to seize the enemy's boat.

It was without a doubt that he was trying to gain the advantage by letting the two parties fight it out.

He wanted Liu Zilang to fight on the front line to the point where both parties had suffered greatly. Then, he would join the battle and clean up the rest. Was that not a good idea?

However, things had not gone the way he had anticipated. He swam toward the boat immediately the moment he heard a battle break out. However, the battle ended while he was halfway through his journey.

To make it worse, the battle ended in an impactful and shocking manner!

This player regained his senses after he pondered for some time.

He bit his lips and then dove into the water as the blue circle shrunk toward him.

Although he had thought of boarding the boat in an attempt to challenge Liu Zilang, he believed that running away from the blue circle would give him a higher chance of survival...

After all, surviving in this tournament would guarantee him a place on the ranking board.

He had no choice but to comfort himself as he carried his shame with him while racing against the blue circle.


As the blue circle headed toward them, Ran Maotong and the rest who had escaped earlier turned around after picking up Chen Zhifei.

The trio swallowed their saliva and was shocked as they looked at the four crates around their boat.

"Hehe, you're pretty lucky today second brother." Ran Maotong gave off a hollow laugh.

Pu Taizhuang, too, simpered as he scratched his head. "for real!"

Chen Zhifei, who was by their side criticized them heavily, "Your laughter is too stiff. Please act more naturally."

In that instant, their simpers vanished...