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86 Wait, I’m Stealing A…


"Excuse me!"


Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang's three sentences prevented Liu Zilang from bidding them farewell as they parted.

The Seal Assault Squad, who had looted the first airdrop, tried shooting at them from behind. However, it was too hard for them to hit their targets as both boats were moving.

The person in the second seat of the boat blurted out, "F*ck. Those guys are quick when it comes to running away!"

"Should we go after them?" The other questioned.

It was then they passed by the second airdrop and noticed two crates floating beside it.

The driver's eyes gleamed. "Look! There are two crates. I bet they didn't even have the time to loot them yet."

"Perhaps, let's check them out." The other responded.

The squad headed toward the crate. One of them jumped into the water and the edge of his lips twitched.

Did they not have the time to loot them?

These f*cking crates could not be any cleaner! They are as new as when they landed!

Then, one of the players on the boat pointed out in a distance. "Look over there! I think there are two players swimming over there."

The player in the third seat held up his M24 and scoped in with his x15 scope. "Sigh, there really are two people there."

A loud "bang" was heard!

The M24's distinct sound!

The Two-wheel Drive Brothers were trying to swim to land as fast as they could before the blue circle could shrink. One could say that they were racing against the grim reaper.

As they swam, a shot came from behind, and one of them instantly turned into a crate.

The grim reaper arrived out of the blue, turning the two-man squad into a one-man squad just like that.

The remaining player was rather shocked as a chain of bullets bombarded him from behind. He was so frightened that he immediately dived down before he could grieve for his friend.

At the Sea Assault Squad.

"Not bad Liangzi. I see your sniping skills have improved!" One of the men on the boat praised.

One had to know that the boat was constantly swaying around due to the sea waves and this made it extremely hard for one to aim.

It was extremely difficult for anyone to and a headshot in the middle of the sea with an M24!

The man who was addressed as Liangzi was shocked as well when he fired. Upon hearing his teammate's praise, he played it cool. "That's nothing. I remember the days when I had a snipe out with Master Bai and Master Ze in the middle of a road. Those two were honestly strong as they forced me to open my eyes in the second round. It was only then was I able to aim with my cursor and land a headshot on each of them."

The one who had just praised him felt like slapping himself in the face as the edge of his lips twitched.

F*cking hell. He should not have opened his disgusting mouth. His teammate should not have been praised.

Opening his eyes and clicking on his mouse...

Was he suggesting that he determined their positions by sound and was aiming with a touchpad?


The four-man Seal Assault Squad drove toward the remaining enemy after killing one of his companions.

The remaining player from the Four-wheel Drive Brothers was in the water when he noticed a boat circle beginning to circle around him.

He was so frustrated that he almost vomited blood.

F*cking hell...

Did they really have to go that far!

Then, the boat parked just beside the crate and a person jumped into the water.

It was obvious that they were trying to loot his teammate's crate right before his eyes.

Then, he realized that someone was swimming toward him from behind the boat.

He panicked and immediately rose to the surface without revealing himself.

He then opened his voice chat and spoke to the person who was looting the crate. "Hey brother, which school are you from?"

The player looting the crate laughed. "Take a guess?"

'Guess your mum!'

The person underneath the water glanced to his side as he resisted the urge to scold out loud. "Brother, you've killed and looted my teammate. Can we talk this out? How about giving me a ride later?"

The crate-looting man responded sarcastically, "I've helped many people. You should've told me your little issue sooner. Our boat can fit five people, why don't you head up first and greet them?"

'Greet them?

'I'll probably die if I greet them, right?'

His face turned black.


Meanwhile on the commentator's stage.

Through the spectator's view, everyone could clearly see that Liu Zilang, who had been hiding underneath the airdrop, had started heading toward them.

"What is Vic doing?" Meng Yeqing raised her eyebrows as she looked quite confused. "Shouldn't he take this opportunity to meet up with his teammates on the other side?"

Lord Rong watched the game as he stroked his chin. "I think this is a good opportunity for him to meet up with his teammates. Since Vic is moving in the other direction, perhaps he's trying to steal the enemy's boat?"

Lord Rong immediately shook his head and denied his claim. "No no no it can't be. It's impossible! He wouldn't be able to open fire while he's underwater. Furthermore, he would have to go against 3 to 4 players even if he managed to get on board. He would be instantly killed at such close proximity. How's it possible for him to win?"

Meng Yeqing nodded in agreement.

As she watched Liu Zilang approach the boat, her confusion grew.

What was this man trying to achieve?

This scene showed that not everyone knew the exact situation through the spectator's view.

If they knew that the players on the boat were happily chattering about among themselves, they would not have thought in such a manner...


"Come on up, the blue circle is approaching and we need to leave."

"Are you serious? You're not lying to me, right?"

"Of course I'm serious. Have a look at my pure gaze if you don't believe me."

"You're wearing sunglasses, I can't see your eyes."


The lot on the boat had lost interest due to the response from the player who was underwater

They were thinking of throwing a few frag grenades into the sea to see if they were able to blow him up along with the fish. They would abandon him if he did not die.

Then, a noise could be heard coming from the back of the boat.

A person dressed in black, with a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, appeared in the fourth seat of the boat.

"Tsk! You're super loaded!" The player in the third seat laughed. "But seriously though Liangzi, do you really need to take their clothes when you're looting them?"

The one that was called Liangzi was stunned as he responded frustratingly, "Clothes? What clothes?"

Liangzi was still in the water on the other side of the boat. He was messing with the other player.

Then, the person who had just sat down at the back of the boat took out an M16.



Flashes shot out of the rifle's muzzle without warning!

It took the person less than a second to send the third seated player down into the sea!

Things did not look good!

The remaining two players were shocked as they reacted immediately.

The second seated player immediately took out his SCAR-L to retaliate. As the driver was not able to take out his weapon, he quickly shifted to the third seat where his teammates had just fallen.

In an instant, gunfire was exchanged in the small and packed boat!


From the spectator's view, They saw Liu Zilang kill a player in an instant.

Then, he immediately shifted his line of fire toward the player in the second seat. They were so close that their rifles were literally right in front of each others' faces when they fired.

"Da da da..."

"Da da da!"

Liu Zilang's health points had gone down by half whereas the player in the second seat had been shot in the head and was knocked out.

Without wasting a second, Liu Zilang then shifted his line of fire swiftly to the player in the third seat and shot him in the face!

Everything happened in an instant as Liu Zilang's health points went down once more!

The player in the third seat was knocked out while Liu Zilang had very little health points left.

The crowd and the viewers in the live stream held their breath as they watched Liu Zilang's swift battle on the boat. He had managed to kill three players. They let out a long sigh of relief after everything was over.

Just as they were about to calm down...

Another person appeared on the boat!

It was the player who had been floating nearby the boat. He had immediately boarded it as soon as he realized what was happening.

At that point of time, Liu Zilang's health bar was in the red.

He would die even if a bullet were to graze his ear.

Once again, the crowd and the viewers in the live stream were on their toes!

As the player had just boarded the boat, he was trying to take out his weapon.

Liu Zilang was taking out his weapon as well.

He took out his Kar98K and then slotted in an 8x scope into it in an instant!

When Liu Zilang aimed at such a close distance, the commentators, viewers of the live stream, and the crowd were able to see the person's nostrils through the first person perspective...



It was as quick as lightning cutting through the sky!

Two gunshots rang simultaneously!

In an instant, the player's body in the third seat went soft as he fell into the sea.

At the bottom left corner of the screen, the latest system prompt appeared.

"Vic123 killed CallMeLiangzi by headshot with Kar98K!"

It was a frontal 1vs4!

Liu Zilang had wiped out an entire team by himself!

The arena was completely silent.

Everyone's eyes widened in disbelief. Their jaws were slightly open as they were both mentally and physically impacted by what they had seen!

Was he still human?

Was what he did basically a human hack?