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85 Treasure Chest Under the Sea!

 The remaining two members of the Four-wheel Drive Brothers were in trouble.

It was not because they had lost two members, it was because they had lost their boat!

Although they had looted the airdrop, what would their next step be?

They had lost their boat. Although they would not be hit as long as they hid under the water, they would not be able to attack the others as well.

After all, those two airdrops in the sea were located far away from land.

Could they possibly swim all the way back?

The remaining two members of the Four-wheel Drive Brothers were torn by grief. They felt their blood boil as they noticed Liu Zilang's team not far behind them.

What happened to the promised ultimate battle in the sea after competing for the airdrops?

F*cking hell!

They blew up their boat when they were at a disadvantage?

Did they not have any honor?!


Inside Jiang Xinou's live stream of the tournament on the Panda platform.

Many viewers were shocked upon seeing the explosion from that naval warfare through the spectator's view.

"GG! The fantastic four is seriously dope! They even blew up their enemy's boat! They're indeed not to be messed with!"

"Hahaha! This is true comedy. The four-wheel drive has become a two-wheel drive in an instant. To make it worse, they sacrificed a boat and two members only to gain a ghillie suit, and a Groza. Would they rage quit if they knew what was inside the other airdrop?"

"Compare yourself with senior Lee before you compare yourself with them."

"I feel bad for the two brothers in the water. I wonder if they'll be able to swim back in time later when the blue circle shrinks."

"I think it'll be hard unless the other two squads are willing to send them back."



Inside the game, Liu Zilang switched to the driver's seat once the boat in front of them exploded.

Liu Zilang stopped beside the airdrop and then turned around to look at Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang. "Guard the boat, I'll head into the water."

It was as clear as day that Liu Zilang's intention was to loot the crates.

As he was worried that the two enemies in the water would get into the vacant seats of the boat, he ordered Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang to wait inside the boat.

They would be the ones suffering in the end if their boat was to be stolen at that time.

Liu Zilang swam toward the two crates floating in the sea without wasting a single second after he entered the water.

In the water, the Two-wheel Drive Brothers who recovered from their sorrows began to swim toward the crates as well in an attempt to loot them.

Both of them were shocked when they noticed Liu Zilang had jumped into the water.

"F*ck! Quickly!"

"Don't let him take it!"

The two moved their limbs as they swam as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, the three of them reached the two crates at the same time!

This had turned into a contest of who had the faster hand!

One had to know that Liu Zilang was able to give Asia's Killing God, Li Muqiu a run for his money when it came to looting items!

When the two brothers in the water opened up the crates, the energy drinks, painkillers, 4x scope, and 8x scope...

They did not even have the time to drag the items with their cursor into their inventory. The items mysteriously disappeared right before their eyes!

Whenever they attempted to drag an item, it disappeared even quicker than the previous one.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye!

The loot inside the two crates was completely gone.

It took everything the two brothers had to obtain seven bandages, fifty-five rounds 9mm Ammo, forty-six rounds of 7.62mm Ammo, a Red Dot Sight, and a Holographic Sight. However, they already had all of those.

They were not able to obtain the items they did not have!

The two brothers in the water lamented as they looked at the two crates that were only left with useless clothes. They then saw the Level Three Backpack on Liu Zilang's back.

It was obvious where the energy drinks and first aid kits had gone.

They knew that their two teammates had two 4x scopes, an 8x scope, and around four hundred rounds of 5.56mm Ammo with them.

Was Liu Zilang's backpack capable of storing that many items?

Did he come here with an empty back?

It should not be enough even if he did!

What the f*cking hell was going on?


The two commentators and the viewers in the live stream were stunned as they witnessed the great looting war through the spectator's view.

This was because they could clearly see many items being dropped into the sea directly below the crates that the three of them were looting.

There were 4x scopes, an 8x scope, rounds of 5.56mm Ammo, and even a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet...

What was the situation?

Was the ocean looting items as well?

It was very loaded!

Lord Rong was an experienced man. It took him just a while to realize what was going on as quickly commented, "Someone's doing this! There's someone throwing those items into the sea."

The viewers in the live stream caught on upon hearing Lord Rong's words.

Under such circumstances, only "Vic123" had the intention to do so.

Since his backpack was not as voluminous as two backpacks, all he needed to do was throw the items into the sea if he had no space left, right?

The crowd was speechless after they understood his intentions.

If he couldn't have it, he'd throw it away.

His reasoning was very sound.

However, it was a very cheap move!

"Cough cough..." Lord Rong gave out two dry coughs on the commentator's stage as he tried to hold back his laughter. "Looks like contestant Vic of the Fantastic Four isn't just skilled with his weapons, even his battle strategy is... is..."

Lord Rong started stuttering before a word popped up in his head. "Is very witty!"

The viewers in the live stream burst into laughter after hearing Lord Rong's words!

"Hahaha poor Lord Rong. It's not easy to think of such a word on the spot!"

Lord Rong remarked, "F*cking hell. I almost blurted out the word cheap! Luckily I didn't blurt out that word!"

"23333, I'm guessing those two brothers in the water are still frustrated."

"They couldn't even inherit what was inside their teammates' crates. Must be painful."



Inside the game, the two brothers in the water were extremely frustrated.

They turned around to look at Liu Zilang who was swimming back since he had finished looting everything. One of them could not control himself and asked, "Wait up! I just want to ask, how did you keep all those items in your backpack?"

Liu Zilang halted as he heard the voice behind his back. He turned around and then smiled. "I didn't put them into my backpack."

The other person questioned back, "Where did you put them?"

Liu Zilang laughed and then said sincerely, "You two, have you heard of the item called the storage ring?"

The duo's lips twitched upon hearing Liu Zilang's words...

He was f*cking fooling around with them!

This was PlayersUnknown's Battleground, not a locally-made fantasy MMORPG!

A storage ring...

Store my d*ck!


Liu Zilang who had bid farewell to the two brothers in the sea suddenly heard the sound of an engine roaring.

His team's boat was stationary at that time.

That meant that the sound was coming from the boat of the other team who had gone for the first airdrop!

He was right!

Liu Zilang turned around and saw a boat cutting across the waves. It was heading toward them.

"Da da da!"

A series of intense shots could be heard before the boat had even arrived.

In an instant, the boat carrying Liu Zilang's team was covered in countless sparks.

Ran Maotong who was in the boat's driver seat immediately started the engine.

Liu Zilang thought that they were attempting to pick him up and immediately shouted, "Leave! Don't worry about me!"

That was because the boat opposite them was fast approaching. If the enemies were able to close the distance between them when they picked Liu Zilang up, they would likely meet the same fate as the Four-wheel Drive Brothers.

The next scene made Liu Zilang's eyes twitch...

He stared at Ran Maotong as he reversed the boat and retreated in full speed in the other direction.

Ran Maotong did not even turn his head back to look at him throughout the entire process.

Ran Maotong was f*cking cruel!