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83 The King Of Pirates!

 Toward the southern region of the Sosnovka Military Base.

"Perfect! Just perfect!"

Chen Zhifei had finished scouring Sosnovka Military Base. He stood beside a UAZ and admired himself, covered with a complete set of level three equipment.

Happiness was written all over Ran Maotong's face as well when he spoke, "Goodness me! It's truly easy to obtain items here! Wow! I have an additional 4x ACOG scope, do you guys want it? I'll hide it in the bushes if you nobody wants it."

Pu Taizhuang's lips curled as he teased. "Look at you! If you see the 4x ACOG scope as treasure, how should I feel about the 8x scope fitted on my SKS?"

Liu Zilang's eyes started twitching as he listened to them bragging.

Ran Maotong ignored Pu Taizhuang as he questioned, "This circle isn't bad at all since half of the Sosnovka Military Base is still within the safe zone. Where should we head to next?"

They shifted their gazes onto Liu Zilang in unison as he finished speaking.

Chen Zhifei was officially the squad leader. However, even he had recognized Liu Zilang's skills.

Chen Zhifei's title as squad leader had to be amended with the words "by-name" added on to its back. It would then promote himself as a "squad leader by-name".

Like the rest, Chen Zhifei shifted his attention toward Liu Zilang when Ran Maotong questioned them.

Liu Zilang shrugged after realizing what was going on. "Don't look at me. It's my first time playing in a tournament too."

"But you've got experience!" Ran Maotong laughed.

Both Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang nodded in agreement by the side.

As the trio stared at him waiting for commands, Liu Zilang had no choice but to pick up the role as the squad leader.

This meant that from then on, Liu Zilang would decide their fates as the "four grim reapers in a car" or the "express delivery team".

Liu Zilang pondered for a while. "I remember seeing a team land at Novorepnoye. Let's go check out the East Bridge?"

He then continued his chain of thoughts, "We can't gain any insight from the circle since it covers both the island and land equally at the moment. However, we'll know where the battle will be the moment the circle refreshes. Let's head to the East Bridge for now. We'll wait it out at Novorepnoye if the circle refreshes to the north and ambush others by the bridge if it refreshes to the Sosnovka Military Base."

After listening to Liu Zilang, the trio pondered on his idea and felt that it was an idea worth trying.

The four of them got into four vehicles. Liu Zilang found himself a motorcycle, Ran Maotong found a buggy, and Pu Taizhuang and Chen Zhifei had a UAZ each. They then drove toward the East Bridge.

The commentators had shifted their spectator's view to Liu Zilang's team. It was shown on the huge screen in the eSports Arena.

After all, Liu Zilang had left a deep impression toward the commentators and the crowd when he wiped out an entire squad with just a Kar98K. The commentators felt that Liu Zilang's team was the underdog in the competition and would occasionally pay attention to them.

"Oh? The Fantastic Four has finished scouring the Sosnovka Military Base."

On the commentator's stage, Lord Rong smiled as he looked at the screen from the spectator's view. "Just as we've predicted, these four are incredibly loaded at the moment. Each of them has a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and all that's left is Level Three Military Vest, and Level Three Backpack in order for them to be fully equipped."

"That's right, and they've four vehicles as well." Meng Yeqing could not hold her laughter in as she watched. "It seems that they really have ransacked the entire Sosnovka Military Base. They even took all the cars away. They're now heading toward the East Bridge. Are they attempting to intercept others at the bridge?"

"I think it's still too early to intercept people at the bridge." Lord Rong shook his head. "That's because we're still unsure where the circle will be until after it refreshes."

Lord Rong continued his explanation, "They can only be on one side of the bridge. If the circle refreshes to the other side, they would be the one being intercepted instead. Using this thought as a foundation, I'm guessing they're heading there to temporarily occupy the area."

Then, the spectator's view shifted to another team in the blink of an eye.

Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing on the commentator's stage were stunned as they were not sure why the scene had been shifted while they were having a great discussion.

Lord Rong reacted swiftly. "Oh! Looks like it's the Seal Assault Squad in Novorepnoye. It seems that they've finished scouring the area and are preparing to leave since someone is heading toward a vehicle."

"Huh? If that's the case..." Meng Yeqing blinked as she commented while analyzing the match. "These two team might very well encounter each other at the bridge. Will a fight breakout soon?"


Back in the game.

Liu Zilang's team had almost reached the bridge. They hid their vehicles and crouched down at the bridgehead as they waited for the circle to refresh.

Then, a plane started roaring above them in the sky.

They looked up and noticed a plane flying through Mylta from the north. It had entered the airspace above the sea to their east.

"There's a plane!" Pu Taizhuang was excited as he looked up.

"Sigh! Do you think the airdrop is still inside the plane?" Ran Maotong sounded rather tempted.

"I'm not sure, perhaps it has already dropped in the north." Chen Zhifei looked at the plane that was flying toward the ocean, entering the horizon. He turned around and then asked, "Langzi, what do you think?"

"Me?" Liu Langzi held up the Kar98K in his hands as he aimed at the plane. "Let me have a look with my 8x scope."

Chen Zhifei was speechless.

Then, Ran Maotong pointed at the plane. "Oh my god! It's dropping! It's dropping!"

As the plane was about to disappear into the horizon, two airdrops could be seen falling down from the sky at a distance.

There were two golden eggs!

The three of them were extremely excited upon seeing this.

Then, Liu Zilang who had been scoping in with his Kar98K shouted, "Someone's going after it! They're by the shore in direction 285."


Someone was trying to beat them to the crate?

The three of them were shocked. They immediately looked toward the direction Liu ZIlang mentioned through their scopes.

A UAZ could be seen driving along the shore. It was headed toward a yacht beside Novorepnoye.

The squad's intention was very clear since they were rushing toward the yacht.

"F*cking hell! How dare they steal our airdrops from us!" Pu Taizhuang's eyes were filled with fire. "Let's go! Let's wipe them out!"

"There's a boat there!" Ran Maotong found a boat under the bridge. "Let's fight them in water!"

"What are we waiting for! Let's go!" Chen Zhifei waved his hand. "Let's show them what it means to be the king of pirates!"

Liu Zilang wanted to voice out his opinion but he stopped himself. Just a moment ago, he was stressed out about bearing the same responsibilities he had two years ago. However, it seemed like he did not need to lead them in that situation.

The trio's excitement was off the charts the moment they saw the airdrops!


On the commentary stage.

Lord Rong laughed as he watched the game progress. "It seems that our conclusion is spot on but we were wrong about how the fight would occur. The Seal Assault Squad from Novorepnoye and the Fantastic Four from the Sosnovka Military Base were fated to fight each other. However, we didn't expect them to fight because of the airdrops."

Then, the commentator's view flicked and focused on a team from Mylta. They had discovered a boat by the beach located southward of Mylta.

"Woah! Another squad has joined the fun too! It's the Four-wheel Drive Brothers." Meng Yeqing was somewhat surprised as she continued watching the game progress. "The Seal Assult Squad is currently in the lead as they've already entered the sea."

"However, the Fantastic Four and the Four-wheel Drive Brothers have found boats as well." Lord Rong analyzed the location of the airdrops. "The airdrops are not close to each other. I believe that even though the Seal Assault Squad is in the lead, they can only choose one airdrop since they only have one boat. The other two teams still have a chance."

In the game, Chen Zhifei drove the rest in a UAZ as he charged straight toward the sea. Before they crashed into the ocean, they swiftly abandoned the vehicle and headed toward the boat.

The thrilling battle for the airdrops in the open sea was about to begin...