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82 Charge In Head On!

 At the entrance of Building No. 1.

Pu Taizhuang looked at the screen flabbergasted as he ran out of the building with a pan.

"Do you even need me out here?" Pu Taizhuang was dumbfounded.

Both Chen Zhifei and Ran Maotong felt the same as they followed Pu Taizhuang out of the building. Both of them were speechless, and they looked at each other in the eyes.

Chen Zhifei finally spoke after some time, "I'm convinced Langzi! I'm utterly convinced!"

Ran Maotong muttered frustratingly by the side, "Second brother, it would've been great if you left one of them for us. It's embarrassing if all three of us do nothing but loot them up."

"Oh. If that's the case..." Liu Zilang contemplated solemnly for a while before he replied them, "You guys should just search around and not loot them then."

Their expressions changed the moment they heard Liu Zilang.

Pu Taizhuang said instantly, "It's fine it's fine! It'd be a waste of time if you loot them alone."

Chen Zhifei agreed as well. "Precisely, Mantao is the only one feeling embarrassed here and we're actually fine with it. What is there to be embarrassed about when looting a player's crate is part of the game and a means to clean up the field?"

Ran Maotong was speechless...


They spread out across the Sosnovka Military Base as they ransacked the entire area.

Meanwhile, the first circle of the match had appeared.

"The sole ruler of the Sosnovka Military Base is none other than the Fantastic Four. Let's have a look at their equipment. Woah! Incredible! Two out of four squad members have Level Three Spetsnaz Helmets."

"Looks like the Sosnovka Military Base was packed with items. If this trend continues, I believe the Fantastic Four will be the most loaded squad in the match!"

"That's right. Furthermore, we're still unsure of where the first safe zone will be. Although it's definitely toward the east side of the map, both the Sosnovka Military Base and the northern regions are equally covered."

"Yes. It's hard for us to predict if the match will end up at the Sosnovka Military Base or the northern region as of now."

The commentators then shifted their attention toward Mylta.

Lord Rong focused his gaze as he remarked shockingly, "Oh! Looks like they're fighting over here. Let's have a look. What a shot! Brother Haiou has landed an amazing shot!"

"It seems that a squad from the University of Jianghai is engaged in battle with another squad." Meng Yeqin was able to immediately determine the two squads just by looking at the screen. "It seems that the squad from the University of Jianghai has finished scouring Mylta and has begun clearing players around the area."

"He fired again! Brother Haiou has already killed two people from the opposing squad, giving his team a huge advantage."

"That's right! Brother Haiou is an incredible deterrent at the moment. The two remaining players from the opposite team don't dare reveal themselves at all. This has halted the situation to a stalemate."

Just as Lord Rong finished speaking.

Through the screen, a UAZ could be seen charging violently from team one of the University of Jianghai. It was charging toward their enemies who were hiding behind trees opposite them.

"Screech screech screech!"

The UAZ braked immediately, causing it to drift as its tires grinded against the grassy field.

Then, a woman with a brown afro who was without a helmet jumped out of the car.

As her enemies shot at her with their automatic rifles, she immediately got down from the car through the passenger seat. That way, she was able to survive their intense attack by using the car as cover.

Then, as soon as they stopped firing.

She, who had lost half of her health points immediately peeked out from behind the car. She raised her SCAR-L up and then started shooting at the two players who were hiding behind a tree. The two parties exchanged gunfire, and she managed to kill one of them. As soon as the last enemy retreated to take cover, she immediately crouched down behind the car and then took out a grenade.

She pulled its pin!

The grenade started cooking!







Then, she stood up and threw the grenade toward the area of trees from behind her car before getting back into it confidently.

The player who was hiding behind the tree, healing himself, wanted to fire at her as he realized that she dared enter the car.

As he was about to pull the trigger, he saw that an enlarging black dot was flying toward him...

By the time he reacted, a bright light flashed in front of him and he was blasted away from the tree!

Meanwhile, prompts started appearing at the bottom left corner of the screen.

"JD-XuanXuan killed XiaoXuanAreYouHere with Scar-L!"

"JD-XuanXuan killed ToyRemoteControlCar with a Frag Grenade!"

Many of the University of Jiaghai's students who were watching the game in the eSports Arena cheered loudly upon witnessing that scene.

"What the f*ck! Senior Qin is so cool!"

"Senior's bold charge was seriously cool! I like it! Hehehe!"

"Haha! My sympathy toward that squad! I can't believe they ran into Team Jiang."

"The two assaulters from Team Jiang are super duper cool! They aren't Asia's top 100 assaulters for nothing!"

"Since Team Jiang is toward the north, I think players around the Prison, the Shelter, and the villa should flee while they can."


On the commentary stage.

Lord Rong asked curiously as he noticed the crowd going wild, "I wonder who's the guy with the afro. He seems to be quite popular among the crowd."

Meng Yeqing smiled. "She's the assaulter of team one of the University of Jianghai. She's very skilled even though she's a woman."

"Oh? She's a woman?"

Lord Rong was shocked but he continued with a smile on his face, "She must be a genuine tomboy. As far as I know, very few female players play this game and most of them play as healers in their squad. This is my very first time seeing a woman whose playstyle is as aggressive as a tiger."

Inside the game, Jiang Xinou frowned lightly as he ranted frustratingly. "Why did you rush in alone? We wouldn't have been able to save you had you been knocked out back then. Next time..."

Qin Xuanxuan had already driven the car to loot the crates behind the tree. She laughed as she cut off Jiang Xinou. "I heard you my honorable leader of Team Jiang. I understand! Stop complaining and come loot them. I wonder who's the woman here, you or I?"

Ping Haoyu and Jiang Qing burst into laughter after hearing what Qin Xuanxuan had said.

Jiang Xinou turned around and then glared at them sharply. "Stop laughing! What's so funny about it?"

Ping Haoyu's lips fluttered and his smile dropped altogether. "Alright, I'm done laughing and will head over to loot the crates. We're actually pretty cool-headed most of the time."

"Yes yes." Zhang Qing nodded in agreement swiftly. "That's if we don't hold ourselves back."

Jiang Xinou had no words...