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81 The God of War Among the Newbies?

 Inside the eSports Association Arena, the crowd was bewildered as they could not believe what they had just seen!

"What the f*ck! The Fantastic Four is amazing!"

"Is that the second team from our University of Jiang Hai? I thought they were great? Why the hell are they dropping here and there like flies after taking a bullet?"

"The enemy aims with just the iron sight on his Kar98K. It's astounding that he's able to land headshots!"

"It seems like there's only one person left in team two. Will they be wiped off by a single player?"

"I doubt so, the last man standing has a shotgun!"


Inside the game.

Yet another teammate had fallen after a gunshot.

Tong Ansun, who had been taking a detour from the back took the opportunity to rush to the scene as Liu Zilang reloaded his gun!

He fired his shotgun and a loud bang was heard!

It was the sound of an S1897. Countless bullet shards were shot out in a concentrated spread!

Liu Zilang, who was by the staircase, had climbed up hastily when he heard footsteps behind him.

However, he was still shot by the enemy and had half his health points instantly chipped off.


"Hang on Langzi! We're coming!"

Chen Zhifei yelled through the voice chat as he saw Liu Zilang's health points drop. "Quickly quickly quickly! Stop searching for weapons, Langzi is dying."

"I only have a f*cking Pan!" Pu Tai Zhuang who had ransacked three to four rooms was beyond frustrated.

Ran Maotong said, "Just go in with that Pan! There's only one enemy left."

"Ah? There's only one left?" Pu Taizhuang who had been searching ever since he entered the building was shocked as he was rather slow in picking up the situation.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang who had reached the building's rooftop had finished reloading his Kar98K.

He noticed from his field of vision that his enemy was racing up behind him. He swiftly turned to his side and then fired a shot before withdrawing.

Tong Ansun had his sights up as he climbed up the staircase. He was swift in taking action as well as he immediately fired his weapon the moment a figure flashed in front of him!



Two different shots rang simultaneously!

Since Liu Zilang's actions were extremely fast and Tong Ansun was moving, Liu Zilang was not able to hit Tong Ansun at the head. His shot landed on Tong Ansun's Level Two Police Vest and chipped half of his health points away.

At the same time, Liu Zilang's swift actions had caused Tong Ansun to miss despite the fact that the latter's reactions were not slow at all.


On the commentary stage.

Lord Rong inhaled deeply as he looked at the big screen from the spectator's view. "Oh my god! The player who has the Kar98K is extremely skilled! He's almost an equal to Tovelo. Do you know what makes him so terrifying?"

"Ah? What?" Meng Yeqing asked curiously by the side.

Lord Rong watched the tournament in amazement. "He made it seem as if he was using a shotgun at close range when in fact he was using a Kar98K!"

The skirmish was reaching its end as Lord Rong commented.

Tong Ansun who was halfway through climbing up the staircase immediately reloaded his S1897 with 12 Gauge Ammo as he realized that he had missed his shot. He took the opportunity to rush to the rooftop quickly as Liu Zilang was reloading his Kar98K there.

If they were to exchange blows head-on at that distance without any obstacles around, even a God would feel threatened by his S1897.

Tong Ansun kept his eyes on the entrance of the staircase as he kept moving forward.

Suddenly, a black figure was seen jumping over the rails from the rooftop. It was falling directly from above him!

Tong Ansun who had been focusing at the entrance of the staircase was caught by surprise!

He heard a loud bang in his ear before he even had the time to pull the trigger!

What Tong Ansun felt next was blood erupting from his head as the monitor in front of him turned black and white.

The match's result popped up.

Better Luck Next Time!

Team Rank 25...

All four players from the second team of the University of Jianghai were dumbfounded...

Better luck next time?

What did it mean better luck next time?

Meanwhile prompts appeared at the bottom left corner of Liu Zilang's screen.

"Vic123 killed JD-Medium by headshot with Kar98K!"

"Vic123 killed JD-ASman with Kar98K!"

"Vic123 killed JD-Emotion with Kar98K!"

"Vic123 killed JD-Han with Kar98K!"


Zhao Xiaotong had not left Liu Zilang's live stream ever since she entered it.

At first, many people were trying to persuade her to check out the other streamers or to continue singing songs.

However, those bullet screens messages gradually disappeared as the match progressed.

The viewers from the live stream were astonished as Liu Zilang had wiped out an entire squad on his own with just a Kar98K!

"What the f*ck! Wiping out a squad on his own? Is this really a tournament?"

"The opponents are quite skilled but Vic is amazing with his Kar98k!"

"What do you mean that's a Kar98K? That's obviously a shotgun version of it!"

"He's incredibly great at instant sniping! The drop shot he did at the end was so amazing that I think I got an erection just by watching it!"

"Tell Xiaotong-chan I'm not going back..."


Meanwhile, in a room somewhere in Jianghai.

Zhang Xiaotong who was sitting in front of her PC had her jaw wide open. She could not believe what she had seen.

She felt that Liu Zilang was quite skilled as well when she played with him in the past.

However, she did not know how good Liu Zilang was as she was not his perspective.

As Zhang Xiaotong watched Liu Zilang play from his perspective, she who could be considered as a veteran player was able to tell instantly that Liu Zilang's actions were beyond any normal player. This was in terms of firing accuracy, positioning, and reacting to a crisis.

It was only then that Zhao Xiaotong's impressions of the lazy, introverted and sloppy Liu Zilang began to change.

Zhang Xiaotong started to think that the Liu Zilang she knew back then was not the real Liu Zilang...


At the University of Jianghai's eSports Association Arena.

Ping Haoyu, the free-positioned player from team one of the University of Jianghai burst into laughter after seeing the chain of prompts at the bottom left corner of his screen. "A squad has been exterminated so soon? People these days have no patience."

Qin Xuanxuan squinted as she looked at the system prompts. She was shocked upon realizing what had happened. "Huh? Isn't that Yao Ran and his squad?"

"Team Two lost?"

They were shocked as they took a second look at the prompts at the bottom left corner of their screens.

Soon, their expressions changed.

"Their entire squad was wiped out by a single player?" Ping Haoyu took a deep breath. "Who's this Vic?"

Ping Haoyu knew how skilled team two was even though they were slightly weaker when compared to his team.

However, it was a little bit unrealistic for them to be wiped out by a single player in an official tournament.

Ping Haoyu admitted that he was not able to achieve such a feat. As for Jiang Xinou...

Ping Haoyu peeked at Jiang Xinou from the side of his vision. He shook his head in his mind as he saw Jiang Xinou's facial expression. Jiang Xinou was trying to conceal his shock.

"Vic123? This ID looks familiar."

Then, Qin Xuanxuan recalled something. "That's it! He's that one-man squad player who won a chicken dinner after killing 35 players last weekend!"

"He had a chicken dinner with 35 kills while playing in a one-man squad? Do you mean that incredibly skilled sniper?" A bell rang in Ping Haoyu's mind after Qin Xuanxuan spoke. "I didn't watch the clip but I've seen people discussing it on the forum. Everyone thinks that he's playing at a lower field despite having some skills. No one could gauge how good he was, and he was thought to be the God of War among the newbies at best. Who would have thought that he's from our school..."

Ping Haoyu and Qin Xuanxuan stared at each other in awe as they discussed.

Although Jiang Xinou was shocked, his lips started curling up.

The God of War among the newbies?

It seemed that this tournament would be more interesting than anticipated.