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80 All I Need Is A 98K!

 On the huge screen at the center of the eSports Association Arena.

The casters focused on the Sosnovka Military Base.

Since the rest of the teams were all spread out when they landed, the winner of the game would only be decided later. Furthermore, it seemed that the two teams in the Sosnovka Military Base were about to fight it out from the get-go.

On the commentary stage.

Lord Rong commented as he observed the match's development, "Oh! It seems like the Fantastic Four has landed first. They have landed on the first building of Building C."

Lord Rong was surprised once again the moment he finished his sentence. "Hold up! Looks like team two of the University of Jianghai has landed on Building C as well. They've landed on the second building."

Meng Yeqing, who had been watching the match from one side analyzed the situation calmly. "It seems that team two came prepared when they landed on building C. They're planning to wipe the Fantastic Four off the map the moment they land so that they can have the Sosnovka Military Base all to themselves."

Lord Rong nodded in agreement as he heard Meng Yeqing's analysis. "This is indeed a battle strategy used in the Sosnovka Military Base during competitions. However, there are cases where players loot the area without fighting each other. They would then find a car and go their separates. Nevertheless, since team two of the University of Jianghai's eSport Association is confident in wiping out the other team the moment they land, I believe the first team to obtain a gun will decide the outcome of the match."


On the rooftop of Building No. 1.

Ran Maotong looked to his side and had the shock of his life. "What the f*ck! The other team is following us to building C as well."

Chen Zhifei, the leader of the squad, forced himself to calm down as he ordered the others, "Don't panic! They're at building No. 2. We'll search for guns inside our building if we can't find one on the rooftop."

"F*ck! I think the enemy has picked up an M4! I'm leaving!" Pu Taizhuang panicked as he swiftly jumped off Building No. 1 with five bandages.

Ran Maotong and Chen Zhifei were no better as they both had a shotgun and pistol respectively.

If they were to fight the other team across the building at that distance, they would definitely be at a disadvantage since their enemies had better weapons.

Hence, the two jumped off the building when they heard Pu Taizhuang's words.

They went into a room and started searching around anxiously.

Then, Chen Zhifei realized that something was amiss. "Where's Langzi?"

Liu Langzi responded calmly, "I'm on the rooftop. I've found a weapon."

"Be careful." Chen Zhifei was relieved. "Oh right, what weapon did you find?"

"Kar98K." Liu Zilang replied.

They were speechless when they heard him.

One must admit that although Liu Zilang sounded very cool when he said he had found a Kar98K the moment they landed, the gun was practically useless in most cases.

This was especially true right after landing. Obtaining a shotgun was a much better option to most players.

On this notion, Chen Zhifei was about to tell Liu Zilang to meet them downstairs.

However, a gunshot came from the rooftop before he could voice out!

It was the sound emitted from a Kar98K!

'Have they started fighting?'

Chen Zhifei was anxious and he wanted to gather everyone to support Liu Zilang.

However, a prompt appeared on the bottom left corner of his screen.

"Vic123 downed JD-Asman by headshot with Kar98K!"


On the rooftop of Building No. 2.

"What the f*ck, is he that accurate?"

Yao Ran who had picked up an M4 and was about to rush in to wipe Liu Zilang's team out was stunned.

Liu Zilang had managed to headshot him in one shot as he rushed to the stairs.

Chief Song Guan frowned. "What happened? Why are you downed?"

"The enemy picked up a Kar98K. I was running and he managed to headshot me." Yao Ran looked extremely unhappy.

The sniper Han Yang laughed as he overheard the conversation. "How unfortunate, did you wash your face this morning?"

It seemed that Han Yang saw Liu Zilang's weapon as a luck-based weapon. After all, it was true that luck was involved when it came to firing at a moving target.

"Stop the chatter and come save me."

Yao Ran crawled over to an obstacle to take cover. "His teammates have gone down and he seems to be alone on the rooftop. He only has a Kar98K and isn't coming to finish me off..."

Yao Ran's eyes widened as he was about to finish speaking. "F*ck! He's coming! Isn't he trying too hard?"

"Don't panic, I'm coming." Song Guang picked up a UMP9 after searching two rooms before going out through a window on the ground floor.

Yan Rao reported his whereabouts as he crawled behind another obstacle. "Be careful, I think he's behind Building No. 1's railing on the rooftop."

Song Guang entered the garden at the center of Building C as he jumped out of the window. He aimed cautiously at the rails above him but no one was seen.

"He's not coming, right?" Song Guang doubted. "Whatever, I'll come and save you for now. Everyone, gather up once you've picked up weapons."

Song Guang commanded as he rushed toward Building No.2's staircase by the side.

Then, a figure appeared on top of Building No. 1!

A loud bam was then heard.

The familiar sound of a Kar98K sounded once more!

The strong momentum from the rifle's large bullet penetrated Song Guang's side, he was knocked out in an instant.

"Vic123 knocked out JD-Emotion by headshot with Kar98K!"

His actions were lightning fast!

Song Guang's eye twitched as he was downed.

Without any hesitation, he immediately warned his squad, "The enemy with the Kar98K is really good! Be careful. Try and kite him for now and don't forget that he still has his team members."


Meanwhile, Lord Rong who was by the commentary stage said in excitement, "This Vic is a professional. If Tovelo were the one who fired the two shots with the Kar98K, he wouldn't be able to perform better than Vic."

"But he didn't kill them." Curiosity had completely filled up Meng Yeqing's gaze. "Is he trying to wait for his teammates?"

Soon, Meng Yeqing realized that she was wrong.

Through the commentator's point of view on the big screen.

Liu Zilang put away his Kar98K as he ran on the rooftop, preparing to jump. He stood on the rails of the rooftop and then jumped, leaping onto the staircase by the side of Building No. 2.

Yao Ran, who was on the rooftop, screamed immediately as he heard his footsteps. "Quickly! Quickly! He's here!"

The sniper Han Yang who was on the ground floor panicked as he climbed up the staircase by the side of Building No. 3 with an M16 in his hand.


Han Yang halted his advance as he was about to reach the rooftop.

He scouted the area with his vision and then immediately told his remaining team member. "He's still at the staircase. I'll keep him occupied here while you flank him from the other side. Be careful of his teammates."

"No problem." The free-positioned Tong Ansun who was still inside the building nodded as he quickly jumped out of a window with an S1897.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang peeked and then fired a shot without warning at the downed Yan Rao who was on the building's rooftop. He then took cover in an instant.

No one was entirely sure if it was intentional.

Liu Zilang landed a shot on Yao Ran's leg and did not kill him immediately.

However, this shot chipped off more than half of Yao Ran's maximum health points. Yao Ran was shocked by this and began shouting, "Quickly quickly! End this quickly! I'm almost dead!"

Han Yang frowned. "I'll pin him down while you crawl further in. I'll keep him busy if he dares fire again."

As Han Yang finished speaking, Liu Zilang had reloaded his Kar98K. Liu Zilang then revealed himself from the staircase and aimed at the crawling Yao Ran who was taking cover.

Han Yang who was at the opposite staircase revealed himself at the end of the building. He was attempting to push Liu Zilang back.

However, Liu Zilang surprisingly shifted his aim to the right the moment Han Yang revealed himself. Liu Zilang then pulled the trigger faster than Han Yang despite the latter being the last one to reveal himself!


"Vic123 downed JD-Han by headshot with Kar98K!"

Han Yang was in disbelief as he looked at his character crawl by the staircase.

He blurted out without restraint, "This is f*cking ridiculous! Why do I get the feeling that I'm fighting against Master Ze?"