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79 Who Screamed?

 At the University of Jianghai's eSports Association.

"Contestants please finalize your gear, the competition shall commence in three minutes."

Meng Yeqing was on stage beside Lord Rong explaining the rules of the competition when she was called by a staff member. Then, she smiled as she informed the contestants to be prepared as the competition was about to start.

The sweetness of her voice was different than of Zhao Mengyu's. Her's was distinct and detailed, it gave off a pure and clean vibe.

Those standing around Liu Zilang had no choice but to put away their doubts aside and focus on the competition that was going to begin...


Three minutes later, everyone's monitors inside the designated room turned black as they entered the game.

After a while, everyone was at the spawn area beside an abandoned airplane.

The training matches during the past few days had bonded everyone rather well. Everyone was much more open toward each other as compared to a few days ago.

Naturally, it was very unlikely for players to be open with each other in a random game. However, every contestant at that time was speaking through their microphone happily.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xinou had switched on his live stream on Panda to stream the competition in real time.

This time around, not just his regular fans joined the live stream. He had also gathered many viewers who were interested in Lord Rong and some viewers who were generally interested in the tournament.

His view count at that time was at its all-time highest as he had reached around three hundred and fifty thousands views.

"Woah! Lord Rong is doing the briefing?"

"Lord Rong, will you be playing Duo with Tutu tonight?"

"Hey, what competition is this? It looks rather glamorous."

"I heard it's the on-campus qualifier for the University of Jianghai. Brother Haiou was the president of the said university's eSport Association."

"Why is there a qualifier? There's no need for one if they have Brother Haiou."


In the respawn area.

The caster's perspective had been given to Brother Haiou who was in a green Panda uniform and a white short skirt.

He stood on top of the abandoned airplane while a group of players surrounded him from below. They joked that they wanted his short skirt and panda uniform.

Brother Haiou was generous as he took his clothes off and then threw them away without hesitation. This caused the crowd to stampede over in an attempt to loot them.

After he had taken off his clothes, the view below the abandoned airplane was much more chaotic.

Qin Xuanxuan from his team noticed this and grumbled. "Can't you take care of your image? We've got a lot of viewers watching this."

The cool and mighty Jiang Xinou who was on top of the airplane jumped down as he heard those words.

However, the spawn area's timer ended before he landed onto the ground.

In an instant, everyone in the area was teleported into the airplane.


"Alright, the airplane has taken off."

Lord Rong who was at the casting stage looked at the huge screen as he commented, "Let's look at the flight route and see where each team is landing."

Everyone was able to see the airplane enter the map from its bottom left corner through the eSports Association Arena's huge screen.

Meng Yeqing nodded. "Looks like the flight route for this match will be from southwest to northeast. Since it's more biased toward the east, it will be a little bit more deserted in the north. Since the Sosnovka Military Base is right under the flight route, this match might be more aggressive than usual.

Meng Yeqing finished her commentary in one swift go before curling her lips and smiling. As a female role model, and as someone who seemed to have great understanding of the game, Meng Yeqing was definitely not an ornament that was invited on short notice.

Lord Rong nodded in agreement as he listened to her explanation. He then smiled. "It's exactly as Yeqing has said. However, in reality, the Sosnovka Military Base is a place where few people will choose to land during a competition because of its risks. A drop in confidence occurs as a team fears the loss of a player or the probability of total annihilation. This is because such a situation would place them in a disadvantageous position in terms of ranking. Hence, most players often choose to avoid the Sosnovka Military Base."

Meng Yeqing added on after Lord Rong finished speaking, "Yes. However, I believe there are players who intend to land and sneak in there. This is because they think that no one else will choose to land there."

At that time, the airplane had reached the part of the map where players were able to jump down.

From the spectator's view shown on the big screen, countless black dots could be seen jumping out of the airplane at an instant.

"Ah! Everyone has jumped out of the airplane!"

Lord Rong was shocked as he quickly continued his commentary. "It seems like the majority of players have chosen to land between Primorsk and West Bridge. Are there any players who dare head for the Sosnovka Military Base? It seems two teams have chosen to land there."

Meng Yeqing looked at the names on the monitor and a smile started to appear on her face. "Yes, and it seems that I'm personally acquainted with one of them. They're our University of Jianghai's eSports Association's second team. They're all skilled but I'm not entirely sure about the other team."

"Let's look at the other team's name." Lord Rong smiled. "Hehe, their team name is Fantastic Four. It seems that there's a hint behind their name."

Many spectators started laughing as they heard Lord Rong's remark.

From their point of view, the team that had gone after the Sosnovka Military Base together with team two of the University of Jianghai's eSports Association would, without a doubt, turn into crates.

It was an extremely fitting name!


Inside the game where Liu Zilang and the trio were descending.

Chen Zhifei stared stupidly at the ground as the distance between them lessened.

It took him a while to react as he lost his cool. "F*ck! Who was the one that told us to jump just now?"

"Not me!" Pu Taizhuang did not want to be a part of any of it. "I jumped because everyone else jumped."

"F*ck me! I really want to go back into the plane!" Ran Maotong looked at the airplane in extreme remorse as it flew toward the horizon.

The trio soon shifted their gaze onto Liu Zilang.

Liu Zilang looked at the glaring sun above them as he grinned. "I heard that the Sosnovka Military Base is the best spot on a clear day!"

The trio was speechless...

What was done, was done and they definitely could not sneak out of the Sosnovka Military Base to try their luck in the wild.

It would have been fine if they had not yet jumped out of the airplane.

However, since they had already decided to land at the Sosnovka Military Base, it would be embarrassing if they were to run away.

They gritted their teeth and decided to fight it out! They wanted to keep their dignity intact as there were many spectators observing them.


Meanwhile, focusing on team two of the University of Jianghai's eSports Association.

Chief Song Guang scanned his surroundings and then swiftly reported to his team. "There's a team landing in the Sosnovka Military Base and another team heading toward Novorepnoye. We'll have to be careful if the circle shrinks to the east."

"What do we do with the team at the Sosnovka Military Base?" The team's sniper Han Chang asked.

Song Guang pondered for a moment before he made a firm decision. "Keep an eye out and stay close to them. We'll wipe them out the moment we land."

"I was waiting for you to say that!" The team's assaulter Yao Ran rubbed his fists. "I'll take care of that team as long as we don't encounter the others."

"Hehe what's wrong? Are you afraid of the female devil and her team?" Han yang smiled as he teased.

"Yes! Exactly!" Yao Ran nodded without holding himself back. He questioned in return, "Don't tell me you're not afraid of her."

"I'm afraid of her too," Han Yang said with fear lingering inside him. "It was my first time dying to an assaulter who had jumped down from a floor above me. She punched me to death, that lady is nuts."

Yao Ran replied immediately after hearing Han Yang's words, "Shh! Lower down your voice. She's wild outside of the game as well."

Han Yang kept quiet after Yao Ran warned him.