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78 Prank!

 Douyu, the two-dimensional platform.

There was a live stream called "Xiaotong-chan Shall Sing For You", which had gathered around eight hundred thousands popularity points.

That live stream could be considered the peak for Douyu's singing and entertainment genre.

"Encore! Encore!"

"Xiaotongchan's voice is amazing!"

"I have a song request, I would like to request a song from Guilty Crown for everyone here. Xiaotong-chan is mine!"

"Perhaps I should request something that will disappoint everyone."

"Xiaotong-chan, when are you going to play a game? Are you going to play with Guru Vic today?"

"Oh speaking of that devil, rumor has it that Guru Vic has been streaming on Douyu for the past few days."

"Really? I want his ID, wait no! I want his room number!"

"I went there just now. Guru Vic has started streaming as well but his microphone is not switched on at the moment. He said something about participating in a competition."

"Xiaotong-chan, go check him out!"


Zhang Xiaotong poured herself a cup of water as she finished a song. At the same time, she scrolled through the bullet screen.

At first, she wanted to ignore everything as everyone was busying searching for someone's room number. However, she was shocked upon realizing something.

She found out from the bullet screen that Guru Vic had been live streaming in Douyu as well. To make things worse, some of her viewers were spamming his room number while saying he was participating in a competition.

Zhang Xiaotong knew deep inside her heart that Vic was Liu Zilang and Liu Zilang was without a doubt Vic.

Live Streaming?

What made him decide to live stream in Douyu?

Curiosity started blooming inside Zhang Xiaotong.

However, she had a feeling that Liu Zilang was incredibly skilled since the latter had carried her to victory last time. He was on par with the other live streamers that she occasionally watched.

Zhang Xiaotong read about Liu Zilang participating in a competition. She bit her lips as she sat in front of her computer. She could not resist moving her mouse and highlighting the room number on the bullet screen to search for Liu Zilang's live stream.

"National High School eSports League, University of Jianghai's on-campus qualifier"


Rewinding time backward.

Inside the University of Jianghai's eSports Association Arena, Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing explained the rules and regulations of the competition.

The University of Jianghai on-campus qualifier would use standard point distribution. Furthermore, there would be a total of four matches.

For each match, the first place, second place, and third place would be awarded 500 points, 365 points, and 310 points respectively. The points gradually decreased as the ranking decreased. In addition to that, participants would be awarded 15 points for each player they killed.

It was obvious that with the competition's rules in place, PlayerUnknown's Battleground was not a game that could be won solely by the number of kills they had accumulated.

After all, the core theme of the game was survival. The chances of winning chicken dinner as the number 1 player and obtaining 500 points would be higher as long as one stayed alive until the very end.

The overall results of the competition would be determined after all four matches had concluded, whereby the scores for each team would be calculated.

The top two teams would represent the University of Jianghai whereas the team that ranked third would be the substitute team.

The participants were already informed beforehand of the rules of the competition.

Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing's narration of the competition's rules were meant for the spectators.

At the competition's area under the stage.

Since the competition stated that they were not allowed to use their microphones in their live streams during the competition, Liu Zilang had no choice but to respond to his viewers' questions by typing. He did this while waiting for time to pass.

Chen Zhifei noticed Liu Zilang's live stream from the side and could not help but ridicule him. "Tsk tsk. Langzi you're still far from Master Ze and Guru Qiu when it comes to streaming in Douyu."

As Liu Zilang was about to open his mouth, Feng Yanzu who was sitting opposite them had unknowingly appeared beside them. It seems as if he was shocked as he said, "Hey! You're live streaming on Douyu as well?"

Liu Zilang curled his lips as he believed that it was none of Feng Yanzu's business.

However, Feng Yanzu did now know how to read Liu Zilang's mood. He swiftly took off his headphones and went over to Liu Zilang before the competition began. He cheerfully said, "What a coincidence, I didn't know we had the same interest."

Feng Yanzu then looked at Liu Zilang's popularity points. The smile on his face became stiff as he asked skeptically, "You have the nerves to live stream despite having so few viewers?"

Feng Yanzu then proceeded to pass down his knowledge onto Liu Zilang arrogantly.

He talked about registering smurf accounts to attract more viewers by spamming fireworks. Furthermore, he mentioned something along the lines of buying a popularity set and so on...

Liu Zilang was extremely irritated upon hearing those things and replied Feng Yanzu botchedly. "Thanks, I've learned a lot."

Then, Chen Zhifei butted in shockingly. "Zilang, did you really buy that set?"

"I'm not an idiot. I'd rather spend that money on a huge treasured sword..." Liu Zilang did not hold back his thoughts.

Feng Yanzu who was talking endlessly on one side was stunned as he heard Liu Zilang's words. He stopped talking as he felt that the latter's tone sounded rather off...

Meanwhile, Chen Zhifei pointed at Liu Zilang monitor. "Look look! What's going on with your view count? Did you..."

Chen Zhifei wondered if Liu Zilang had exposed himself and signed a contract with Douyu.

Liu Zilang, too, looked at his view count suspiciously upon hearing Chen Zhifei.

Perhaps it was because it was in the afternoon that it took a long time for Liu Zilang to gather a few hundred viewers. Moreover, it had been some time since he last streamed.

However, the view count on the upper right corner of his screen had shot to ten thousand without him doing anything at all. What was more surprising was that it was still increasing by the second.

In the blink of an eye, it had crossed over the twenty thousand milestone.

That b*stard was like a cow going bullish to the moon as he soared right into the sky!

Feng Yanzu who stood on one side was in disbelief as well.

One had to know that Feng Yanzu had conveniently used a smurf account to fire fireworks once he turned on his live stream in order to achieve a view count of ten thousand people. He never thought that Liu Zilang would have surpassed him in such short notice.

Feng Yanzu seemed rather frustrated. "Which set did you buy? It seems very effective."

Suddenly, Liu Zilang's bullet screen showed a huge text message.

"Xiaotong-chan's army has raided the room!"

Then, his live stream became unresponsive for a slight moment.

It was as if a tsunami had crashed into his bullet screen from the right to the left. His entire live stream was blocked by it with a very clear message.

"Xiaotong-chan's army has raided the room!"

They were stunned as they saw what happened.

"Xiaotong-chan? That Douyu's singer?" Pu Taizhuang was shocked.

Although he only watched female casters who live streamed on Douyu, he was not into Zhang Xiaotong's genre. However, he had heard of her in the past.

Ran Maotong, on the other hand, was in disbelief. "What the f*ck? Why has my Xiaotong-chan raided Liu Zilang's room? Do you guys know each other?"

"F*cking hell... I heard that Xiaotong-chan is only thirteen years old!"

Chen Zhifei gave Liu Zilang a resentful look. "You animal!"

Ran Maotong nodded as he glared at Liu Zilang sincerely as well. "That's right, second brother. You have to put more thought into this if the two of you really know each other.

"A minimum of three years in jail and the worst is a death sentence!"

Liu Zilang's face became gloomy upon hearing their words.

'That was f*cking ridiculous, a f*cking death sentence!'

Meanwhile, somewhere in Jianghai, in front of a computer.

Zhang Xiaotong squatted on her chair as she hugged her legs.

She stared at the countless bullet screen messages on her monitor while laughing softly and discreetly.

It was as if a young girl had pranked someone successfully, and she revealed a faint but proud smile.