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77 A Pianist’s Hand!

 As Liu Zilang entered the competition room, he looked at the participating teams around him.

Perhaps they all had a common goal, most of them looked rather relaxed and were not as anxious as they were during previous competitions.

Only those teams that were more competitive looked rather anxious. They, of course, thought that they could win against the two University of Jianghai's eSports teams.

Each team's players gathered together as they discussed their battle strategy among themselves softly.

Liu Zilang and the others went toward their corner after receiving their entry numbers from the eSports community staff.

Perhaps it was because many spectators had come to see the PlayerUnknown's Battleground tournament, that the atmosphere was quite boisterous.

However, since all participants were provided with high-quality noise cancellation earphones, they did not have to worry about external noises affecting their communications. They would be able to detect footsteps in the game without problems.


Liu Zilang and the others then saw Zhao Mengyu, the class monitor who was responsible for their registration, walk up to the stage.

She grabbed hold of a microphone and then tested it by saying hello twice before continuing with her sweet voice, "To all participants who will be live streaming later this afternoon, you may now turn on your live stream. However, in order to maintain the fairness of this competition, please set a five-minute delay for your live stream."

Liu Zilang was tempted to stream live upon hearing Zhao Mengyyu's words and was deciding if he should do it.

Although he did not have much popularity in his live stream, he might be able to attract a wave of people that were interested in PlayerUnknown's Battleground tournament.

Meanwhile, a familiar voice came from the opposite of them.

"Hehe, our Mengyu's voice sure is sweet! She sounds so gentle."

Liu Zilang and his team took a peek as they heard the voice. All they saw was a sour face.

It was Feng Yanzu whom they had encountered during the registration. He was staring at the stage with an idiotic look on his face.

The three people beside Feng Yanzu nodded quickly as if they were afraid that he might do something that attracted everyone's attention.

"What a coincidence Brother Gou!"

Chen Zhifei greeted Wu Yu as he saw him.

Wu Yu who nodded in response to Chen Zhifei's voice almost slammed his head onto his keyboard upon recognizing him.

Despite Wu Yu putting in a considerable amount of effort to become a henchman, he was still recognized by someone he knew. It seemed that his image as a professional player had been washed down the drain...

Wu Yu raised his head as he put on a smile on his face reluctantly. "Ah, what a coincidence."

Feng Yanzu looked over as he overhead their conversation. He looked at Liu Zilang and the other three frustratingly as he noticed them.

The four of them looked at Feng Yanzu as he began to take out something rather precious to him. He carefully took out a rectangular dustbag from his backpack and then opened its zip gently.

Next, he pulled out a dark gold gaming keyboard, mouse, and headphone.

Coincidentally, an event staff passed by Feng Yanzu and noticed his setup. He walked over and said politely, "Excuse me, according to our competition's rules and regulations, all keyboards and related setup personally brought by contestants must be approved of by the community."

Feng Yanzu was stunned. "What?"

"Pfft!" Liu Zilang, who was sitting calmly opposite him, burst into laughter upon hearing their conversation.

That guy did not know a single thing...

Wu Yu who was sitting beside Feng Yanzu felt embarrassed and came over to explain to him softly, "Brother Feng, they're required to check our gear to prevent people from cheating."

"Cheating?" Feng Yanzu felt insulted as he grumbled. "I'm a person who loves eSports with passion. I'd never cheat in any competition."

Feng Yanzu put his keyboard back into his dustbag and then passed it to the staff. "Fine fine fine. Check all you want. I'll eat sh*t if there's anything wrong with it."

However, he felt the need to add on, " Please be careful with it, they're all limited edition Vic models and there are only a thousand of them in this world. They're no longer for sale and you guys wouldn't be able to repay me if you break it."

Feng Yanzu sounded rather arrogant as if the Vic set was something to be proud of.

Chen Zhifei and Ran Maotong kept glancing at Liu Zilang after they overheard the three letters, VIC.

Pu Taizhuang did not understand the situation as he shook his head and asked confusedly, "Why does that b*stard's keyboard model sound similar to Zilang's in-game name."

Meanwhile, Chen Zhifei sighed emotionally. "You'll feel different when you use Vic gaming gear."

Ran Maotong nodded as he explained, "Third Brother, Vic gaming gear was designed by an infamous German gaming gear company called MAVIS. When the black masked captain, Victor led his team Se7en to victory in the PGL Professional League two years ago, MAVIS released a limited edition gaming gear set and named it based on the black masked captain's ID."

Chen Zhifei glanced at Ran Maotong after the latter's explanation. He leaned over and then whispered, "Mantao's right. I recall reading about Vic gaming gear from a magazine when I had just entered my freshman year."

"Rumor has it that Vic himself is using the handmade model, whereby each key would produce a different sound when pressed, just like a piano. This is where the nickname Piano Keyboard came about. It was the gaming gear that every FPS player dreamed of owning in the past."

"Victor's nickname, the Pianist's Hand, came about because of that very keyboard."

Chen Zhifei shrugged. "Then again, I'm not entirely sure if that fellow's gaming gear is something special."

Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang shifted their attention toward Liu Zilang once more after hearing Chen Zhifei out.

Liu Zilang had goosebumps as the trio stared at him. He could not help but roll his eyes. "Quit staring at me, I don't know anything."

"Pfft." The trio gave showed their middle fingers to him simultaneously.


After some time, Feng Yanzu's keyboard was returned to him since it was only right that nothing was wrong with it.

It was only logical if one were to put more thought into it.

Although this guy looked rather stupid on the outside, he was not dumb enough to attempt to cheat in a tournament with his gaming gear since he had already hired three professional players to carry him. After all, Tencent's anti-cheating system was not something to be messed with.

Half an hour later.

As the staff members finished setting up the live stream and examining gaming gear that had been brought by players, two people walked up onto the last-minute stage that was set up in the middle of the eSports arena.

A young man who looked like he was twenty-five years old with average height led the way on stage. He had his hair dyed in a trendy milk grey color and had it paired with his checkered shirt. As he walked onto the stage, waving his hand, he was welcomed with an uproar of cheers.

Following behind him was the well-known Meng Yeqing, who majored in the art of broadcasting and hosting at the University of Jianghai's faculty of communication and media studies. She had shoulder-length hair to pair with her tall height and beautiful face. She, who was in her third year, was known as the apple of every students' eye in the school of communication and media studies at the University of Jianghai.

The crowd clapped and cheered when Lord Rong walked up onto the stage.

However, the crowd started howling when Meng Yeqing went upstage, giving the impression that she had entered a wolf's lair.