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76 Momentous!

 Liu Zilang returned to the game to dominate the Sosnovka Military Base after he glanced at the bullet screen.

Hence, he had overlooked those who had recognized him in the bullet screen.

Liu Zilang was shocked by the time he had finished the game.

This was because his popularity had risen to nearly a thousand.

One had to know that a thousand points of popularity in a platform such as Douyu was not little to a new streamer.

Furthermore, those who relied on bots did not last long.

Liu Zilang did not know how long this would keep on going.


What was going on?

Perhaps he, a remarkable man who had hidden his past, would still be able to attract others like a firefly in pure darkness.

Liu Zilang cracked his brain but still could not clear the confusion in his mind.

He looked at the bullet screen and found out that he had been thinking too much.

In his live stream channel, some viewers commented "666," some called him "Great Guru Vic," and some even asked him why he did not play with Xiaotong-chan the previous night.

Liu Zilang looked at his ID and instantly understood the situation.

He had exposed himself since he was using the exact same ID to play with Zhang Xiaotong.

He could not help but ponder in curiosity.

'Is that girl really so famous in Douyu?'

If she was not famous, why would he encounter her fans in such a tiny live stream, early in the morning?

Liu Zilang did not know all of that because he did not watch live streams often there.

If he were more involved in the live streaming community, he would know the most popular streamer in Douyu. That streamer was none other than the streamer with a beautiful voice who had never revealed her appearance before...


No matter how one looked at it, Liu Zilang had the skills to play the game and Zhang Xiaotong's popularity had carried him along as well.

Liu Zilang's stream gradually built up as keyboard warriors disappeared.

His popularity had exceeded 3000 by the time he was about to stop his stream.

Liu Zilang who had been receiving criticism the entire time was shocked when he noticed it.

He felt ashamed as he had relied on Zhang Xiaotong's popularity to achieve what he had that day.

However, he recalled making Zhang Xiaotong breakfast that morning, and his shame and thoughts were quickly dismissed.

It was an eye for an eye, so he did not owe her anything.


Since Liu Zilang had classes that afternoon, he ended his live stream and rushed to school.

However, he was restrained the moment he entered his dorm.

Inside the dormitory.

Chen Zhifei gave Liu Zilang a cold smile as he sat on a chair.

The two men who were restraining him from both sides were none other than Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang.

"Boss, what are you guys doing?" Liu Zilang was shocked.

Chen Zhifei, who had been sitting on a chair, smiled. "Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit..."

"Pfft! Were you the one who played using third brother's account yesterday afternoon?"

Liu Zilang was stunned but he regained his senses quickly. He looked at the people around him as he whispered softly, "Uhm... Perhaps... Maybe..."

Chen Zhifei signaled with his eyes as he heard Liu Zilang's response.

Ran Maotong and Pu Taozhuang who were restraining Liu Zilang from behind did not respond at all.

Realizing that they did not get his signal, Chen Zhifei signaled once more.

"Why are you twitching your eyes?"

Pu Taizhuang asked curiously. "I have eye drops on my study desk. let me get them for you."

He spoke and was about to release Liu Zilang to retrieve the eye drops.

Chen Zhifei waved his hand as he spoke rudely, "Hit him!"

Liu Zilang suffered pain in his balls the moment Chen Zhifei gave the order.

They had planned an interrogation prank before Liu Zilang returned to the dorm.

Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang had acting skills when it mattered the most. However, they were a little bit too into the moment.

All they could hear was Liu Zilang's screams. "Ouch ouch ouch! It was me! It was me!"

Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang frowned behind him. "What do you mean it's painful? We hardly used our strength."

Liu Zilang replied immediately, "Pain will come by the time you guys use your actual strength."

Both of them were speechless upon hearing his words.

Chen Zhifei was extremely curious. "Liu Zilang, how did you meet Guru Qiu?"

"I met him a long time ago," Liu Zilang answered.

"So you know Master Ze and even Guru Qiu..." Chen Zhifei muttered to himself before examining Liu Zilang closely. "Langzi, are you really the black masked captain of team Se7en?"

Liu Zilang replied innocently, "I already told you guys but you wouldn't believe me."

Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang who were behind Liu Zilang had already released him by then.

Ran Maotong walked toward Liu Zilang as he rubbed his chin. He glanced at Liu Zilang and with his utmost sincerity, he spoke, "To be frank with you second brother, I still don't believe you even if you say it again."

Liu Zilang adjusted his wrists as he walked toward his study desk to take out books he would be using later. He shrugged. "I'm the real one."

"How did you get into Jianghai University?"

Chen Zhifei's question was straight to the point. "Did you come in through special privileges or through an eSports recommendation?"

"What are you talking about... I'm the same as the rest of you, I got in through application." Liu Zilang laughed. "But that was three years ago. So technically speaking, I'm your senior."

"Three years ago?" The trio was stunned as they could not grasp the situation quickly enough.

"How old are you second brother?" Ran Maotong asked in disbelief.

"Eighteen," Liu Zilang responded naturally.

He then took his books and walked out of the dorm. Liu Zilang shook his head as he sighed. "Stop fooling around and head to class. We're different."

"What do you mean different," Pu Taizhuang said unhappily from behind.

Chen Zhifei and Ran Maotong stared at each other. They said in unison, "Indeed we're different..."


Previously, their excitement built up day by day as the upcoming training competition drew closer. It was to be held on Saturday.

They had signed up for the on-campus qualifier and were focused on participating together since they knew each other extremely well.

However, once the trio found out that Liu Zilang was the legendary black masked captain back in the FPS days, they no longer had the mindset of participating together.

Liu Zilang had told them to not reveal his identity temporarily.

However, his attempt in hiding his identity was similar to covering fire with a piece of paper. It was simply impossible to keep it hidden forever.

Once his identity was revealed, people would definitely question them if they had played together with the black masked captain, Victor.

If they were to reply with, "Yes we did but we turned into crates."

That would be extremely embarrassing!

Hence, Chen Zhifei and his team were trying their best to avoid becoming players who always ended up as crates.


Three days passed by in the blink of an eye.

Saturday was fast approaching.

Although the Jianghai University on-campus qualifier was on par with the national college eSports league, it was still a competition behind closed doors where two seeded teams were chosen to participate in.

However, not only had the University of Jianghai's eSports Association used Jiang Xingou's Panda live streaming platform as the official live streaming platform. They had also allowed participants who were live streamers to stream live during the competition to attract more people.

Furthermore, Jianghai University had invited one of the founders of IBTV to the on-campus qualifier. The founder, who was known as Lord Rong, was a famous player nationwide in the FPS community in the past. He was going to be casting along with one of the university's representatives that afternoon.

One must admit that among all on-campus qualifiers in Jianghai, the University of Jianghai's on-campus qualifier was the most momentous.

As Liu Zilang and the other three stepped into the competition venue, which was the eSports arena located in the university's activity hall, they overheard students discussing the upcoming competition and the teams that were going to participate in it.

"F*cking hell. Our on-campus competition is seriously exciting!"

"This is all thanks to Team Jiang's broad network. I heard that Lord Rong came at Team Jiang's request."

"Don't be ridiculous. Isn't the university the one who sent out the invitation?"

"It's insider news I got from the eSports Association. It's your choice to believe it."

"Rumor has it that Team Jiang knows Guru Qiu as well. It would be awesome if Guru Qiu were to pay a visit today."