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75 You Looked Familiar!

 Liu Zilang was shocked as he saw those IDs. He then quickly opened up North America's ranking board.




They were top FPS players in the past. Real genius FPS gamers. They made use of their talents and stood at the pinnacle of the ranking board even in PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

Liu Zilang continued looking at the IDs on the ranking board. Some of them were friends while some were foes...

Liu Zilang felt his adrenaline rush as his heart started racing unexpectedly.

He let out a sigh after some time and then started laughing as he looked at the North America Server.

It was where he had fallen. Perhaps...

That would be where he started again!

That thought itself motivated Liu Zilang as he went to his live stream and changed its headline to "Live Streaming to become the first in North America!"

After waiting for Douyu to approve the changes, Liu Zilang went back to his live stream on his computer.

He nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the headline of his live stream.

It was good!

A suitable return for the king.


Since there were not many streamers in the morning, a hundred or so viewers arrived in Liu Zilang's channel not long after he changed his headline.

Perhaps the majority of them had nothing better to do in the morning and entered his live stream after seeing its ambitious headline.

As Liu Zilang opened his ranking statistics for them to view, they noticed that he only had 1,200 points in the North American Server, ranking him at around 1,500,000.

He was heaven and earth apart from the top players in the North American Server, where all of them had around 3,000 points.

One had to know that a player would start with 1200 ranking points. Moreover, the higher one's points were, the harder it was for them to gain more.

Newbies averagely had around 1000 points while legendary trash players had around 600 points.

To the live stream viewers, Liu Zilang was merely a player who wished to soar in the sky when he had not yet learned how to walk.

At that instant, many viewers teased him through the bullet screen.

"And here I thought we had someone amazing streaming in Douyu. Aiming to be the first in the North American Server? Are you dreaming, streamer?"

"Streamers nowadays sure talk big."

"F*cking clickbait headline. Don't waste my time!"

"Stupid streamer, all you know is how to attract attention with big statements."


Liu Zilang made an effort to look at the bullet screen and saw that his viewers were not friendly towards him. He had been playing solo all that while.

Liu Zilang's lips curled up as he finished reading everything on the bullet screen...

It was fated that with his personality, he would not be a streamer who welcomed hate speeches and angry viewers.

Liu Zilang said in an unfriendly tone, "I don't care if you like it or not. F*ck off if you don't like it."

Those who teased him in the live stream were the usual keyboard warriors in Douyu.

Any normal viewer who had entered Liu Zilang's stream that morning would have switched to another stream the moment they felt that they had been fooled. Who else would have the time to tease a streamer?

From those keyboard warriors' experience, smaller streamers with little views would often welcome all kinds of criticism and hate texts in order to maintain their view count.

It was only natural that one had to start small in order to become big.

However, Liu Zilang had a different approach as he immediately retaliated back.

Those keyboard warriors were stunned the moment they heard Liu Zilang's words.

"F*ck you idiot streamer. How dare you show that kind of attitude despite having a low view count."

"I'm here because I don't want you to feel lonely. I'm leaving!"

"You only have 1200 points and you have the dignity to do a live stream? To make it worse, you're trying to aim for the top in North America? I can kill you by playing with my feet!"

"If you're able to reach the top of North America with your skills, I'll do a handstand while taking a sh*t."


Liu Zilang had nothing better to say upon seeing them retaliate back.

He fired up his game and played Solo Mode in the North American Server.

Liu Zilang had to admit that the western players from Europe and America loved excitement as many of them descended toward the Sosnovka Military Base.

Liu Zilang landed on Duga and proceeded to kill two players by the building's staircase with an S686. He then proceeded to make his way up the hill as it was impossible to be detected and attacked by players when at the top of Duga

However, as Liu Zilang made his way past the staircase of building C, a group of people began to shoot at him.

Fortunately, there was some distance between the two of them. Most of them did not have any scopes yet as they had just landed.

All their shots fired at Liu Zilang did not hit, and they soon began to fight among themselves on the rooftops of the three buildings.


Liu Zilang picked up a VSS Vintorez at the top of Duga.

He had never used that gun before.

Nevertheless, he picked it up and then loaded it with ammo. Liu Zilang fired a shot at one of the players on building C only to realize that its bullets dropped extremely quickly!

The bullets trajectory path had lowered significantly despite him shooting from higher ground. One could imagine the situation if he were to shoot toward higher ground from lower ground.

However, just as Li Muqiu said, there were people who were born with great talent. Li Muqiu was envious of Liu Zilang, a genius who had immense talent in FPS games.

It only took Liu Zilang 3 attempts to familiarize himself with the bullet's flight path and the trick to aim with the VSS Vintorez's scope.

The markings of the scope were there to assist players to achieve a better aim.


Liu Zilang's live stream viewers were stunned as they witnessed his extraordinary performance.

Liu Zilang, who was at the top of Duga, had picked up the VSS Vintorez that no one would usually pick. He then aimed at the players on building C and shot a few rounds rapidly.

Prompts appeared at the bottom left corner of his screen, one after another.

"Vic123 killed Military by headshot with VSS Vintorez!"

"Vic123 killed Jamal_ with VSS Vintorez!"

"Vic123 killed AMbush by headshot with VSS Vintorez!"

"Vic123 killed Dasher by headshot with VSS Vintorez!"


He had landed headshots on 3 out of 4 players.

His headshot rate was at a high seventy-five percent!

The keyboard warriors and viewers who were still in Liu Zilang's live stream were shocked upon seeing that scene!

"What the f*ck. This streamer seems to have some skill!"

"This streamer's VSS Vintorez is probably bugged. Why can't mine hit anyone?"

"Is he a Xinyue member? Perhaps he's using an aimbot?"


There were people who were skeptical of Liu Zilang but there were also people who supported him.

"Hey you guys are crossing the line. Bunch of newbies who can't accept that people are better than them."

"This streamer is pretty precise with the VSS Vintorez. Is there a trick to it?"

"This streamer isn't half bad. Subscribed."


Liu Zilang came out to look at his live stream after killing the players on the rooftop of building C.

Liu Zilang scoffed as he saw the arguments on the bullet screen. "I'm not sure if Xinyue members use aimbots, but I know that they're all trash."

The keyboard warriors were furious upon hearing Liu Zilang's words. However, those who supported Liu Zilang felt the blow as well.

They had the vibe that Liu Zilang was the kind of person who would trash talk anyone he liked...

Which other streamer would dare flame mediocre gamers and say that they were newbies?"

Did he still want to continue with his live stream?

However technically speaking, those keyboard warriors were not really mediocre players.

Unexpectedly, there were people in Liu Zilang's live stream supporting him as they praised him in the bullet screen.

"Haha this streamer has attitude. Subscribed!"

"Well said, we can't let these people do as they please!"


Then, a message appeared on the bullet screen.

"Hmm? Have you realized that this streamer's name looks rather familiar?"

Then the viewers were stunned.

"F*ck! Isn't he the expert who played with Xiaotong-chan the other day?"