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73 This Is What A Brother Should Do!

 "F*ck! Are bots in Douyu that intelligent now? They can even send bullet screen messages!"

Liu Zilang was startled for a while. He could not help but lament.

A brief moment later, another bullet screen popped up.

"F*ck you! You're a damn bot, what an idiot streamer. I thought I'd pay attention to you since you played quite well. I'm leaving, I'm leaving."


'Was that a real person?'

Liu Zilang watched as his originally low popularity dropped by one, and he instantly felt like crying.


Honestly, if Liu Zilang were to expose himself, he would certainly gain huge fame and popularity.

After all, PlayerUnknown's Battleground was quite a popular game that had the highest number of views on all platforms. If he were to do that, not only Douyu but local platforms that were more well-known like Panda TV and Huya would definitely try to contact him.

With that being said, Liu Zilang did not want to do that.

Half a year ago, his failure had become a huge stain in his professional career. What made him feel the most guilty was that Shen Zeyan had passed the team captain's spot to him, and he had high hopes in him.

The ones he felt most apologetic to were actually his fans who supported him.

Liu Zilang no longer wanted to return to his fans in that identity.

If that day were to come, he would rather leave his past behind and prove himself again through his skills to gain the approval of others.

He wanted to let those fans who paid attention to him know that he was still himself.

However, he was no longer his past self.


On the next day, when the sky turned slightly bright.

At that time, Liu Zilang had not been waken up by his alarm. Instead, he woke up naturally.

The last night, he tried to stream a few games live but other than a few viewers who were seeking novelty, nobody really watched him play. In the end, his popularity remained the same.

Even so, he felt that it made sense since he had just passed the checking yesterday, and he was not a signed streamer.

He guessed that the people who watched him play were those who were attracted to the familiar name "Vic123". Hence, they clicked into his channel out of curiosity.

Under such a situation, Liu Zilang was not very motivated to stream live anymore. Thus, he logged off and then went to sleep after he washed up.

Truthfully, his thoughts were one thing.

Whether he could stay firm when faced with reality was another thing...


That morning, perhaps it was because Liu Zilang slept earlier the previous night, he was not sleepy anymore after he woke up.

Therefore, he quickly went to wash up.

It was still quite early in the morning and Zhang Xiaotong's bedroom door was tightly shut.

'That lassie isn't awake yet.'

Liu Zilang sparked an idea as he recalled what she told him on QQ the other day, regarding what she wanted from her brother.

When he thought about it, Liu Zilang rubbed his hands together.

'Didn't that lassie complain that her brother doesn't care about her?


'Let me care for you today!'

Liu Zilang crept past Zhang Xiaotong's room and then pushed open a door quietly.


Of course, it was the kitchen's door.

He started the fire, cracked some eggs and then tossed it in a frying pan...

Not long after, an aroma came from the kitchen.

When it was a little past 7:30 am, and the sky above Jianghai was bright and clear during that season.

Movements could be heard from Zhang Xiaotong's room.

A moment later, she walked out of her room in brown koala pajamas and slippers.

The little girl yawned, rubbed her sleepy eyes and then was dumbfounded by what she saw next.

On the table in the living room, two sets of fried eggs were laid out.

She heard some sounds coming from the kitchen, and soon, Liu Zilang who wore an apron walked out with two bowls of porridge.

When Liu Zilang saw Zhang Xiaotong, he quickly smiled as he greeted her, "You're awake? Quickly come over for breakfast."

Clearly, Zhang Xiaotong looked blank as her ears turned red. Evidently, she recalled something.

She pinched the corner of her shirt as she lowered her head. She looked both bashful and timid.

"Ke ke... Uhm, you should go wash up first." Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang coughed a bit and then continued, "I have no classes this morning, I'll send you to the bus station after breakfast. You're in Jianghai Junior High School right?"

When Zhang Xiaotong heard Liu Zilang, she had lifted her head up. However, her eyes were looking everywhere. She replied with a soft "Mmm" and then turned around immediately as she ran away into the washroom in her slippers.


In front of the basin.

Zhang Xiaotong held a Pegga Pig cup as she stiffly squeezed some toothpaste onto her toothbrush. She stared blankly at herself in the mirror.

She recalled the things she mentioned on QQ that night and thought about Liu Zilang's behavior this morning...

All of a sudden, Zhang Xiaotong's face that was already reddish became even redder than it was.


She screamed to herself internally and splashed some water onto her face.

When she looked up again, she saw that her little face in the mirror was now drenched in water but still flushed red.

Zhang Xiaotong felt both embarrassed and mad.


In the living room, by the table.

The two of them sat quietly as they ate their breakfast.

Although the two of them were well aware of Liu Zilang's alternate account on QQ, both of them did not bring it up.

A while later, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly remembered something.

She put her bowl down, bit her lips and then uttered softly, "Can you not tell mum and dad about my live streaming thing?"

"Ah? Live streaming?"

Liu Zilang pretended to scratch his head. "What live stream?"

Zhang Xiaotong was startled. She stared at him snappily as she pouted her lips and then continued eating her porridge.


After breakfast, the two of them returned to their rooms.

Once Zhang Xiaotong was done packing for school, she was in a daze as she walked out with her backpack.

She saw Liu Zilang standing by her door. He looked at her with a "Mona Lisa" smile on his face.

When Zhang Xiaotong came closer to him, Liu Zilang said happily, "I'll send you to the bus station."

" need for that." Zhang Xiaotong panicked, and she did not know where to look.

"Don't be so polite, this is what a brother should do." Liu Zilang struck his chest proudly.

As soon as Zhang Xiaotong heard what Liu Zilang said, she lowered her head and then walked past him with her backpack.

Liu Zilang was stunned. However, he then chuckled, closed the door behind him and then quickly followed after her.


In the morning, on the road.

On both sides of the road, there were office workers who walked hastily, and groups of students who laughed as they conversed with one another.

At that time, the Sun had already risen from the east and was shining with golden yellow rays.

Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong walked on the walkway, one in front of the other as the sunlight shone brightly on them. This was a nostalgic feeling for Liu Zilang who barely woke up early.

It was warm...

On top of that, there was a comforting aura.