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72 A Quality Streamer, I’m Paying Attention!

 At night, the housekeeping aunty prepared dinner on time and then left after that.

When Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong went to the kitchen to take their food, as soon as their eyes met, they looked away. The atmosphere was inexplicably awkward.

Speaking of which, this lassie seemed to have noticed that he had used an alternate account to add her.

Previously on QQ, it was like a dream she had in her second year of secondary school, whereby she mentioned a lot of hopes she had for her brother.

Back then, the premise was that they were both strangers to each other and were only two individuals among the mass of people online who would never be connected in any way.

However, now that she found out this person was right next to her, and he was her own brother.

Indeed, it was rather awkward...


As Liu Zilang ate in the living room, he casually took his phone out.

Initially, he had thought that Zhang Xiaotong would have removed his alternate account from her list after finding out his secret. To his surprise, after he logged in, he noticed that she was still in his buddy list. Thus, he could not help but feel startled.

'What's going on?

'Did she not find out about it?'

Liu Zilang scratched his head and was absolutely clueless even after much thought of the matter.

Nonetheless, when faced with things that he could not comprehend, he had a strength not possessed by many. That strength was that he could simply not think about it anymore.

After finishing his food, he was his plate and then returned to his room.


Sitting in front of his computer, Liu Zilang suddenly had the urge to open his Douyu account.

In the MAG section, before he even searched, he found the live streaming channel with the title "After School Chat".

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin.

'This lassie is streaming live while she's eating, is she that dedicated?'

As Liu Zilang wondered, he moved his cursor over and clicked into the channel.

The live streaming channel's interface was very adorable as many MAG anime characters could be seen.

Through the webcam on the bottom right corner, a girl was seen holding a large porcelain bowl with her fairly white skin. Her fingers seemed delicate and long, just like tips of bamboo shoots after a rain.

Although the webcam did not capture the streamer's face, based on the large porcelain bowl, those hands, and the background of the room, Liu Zilang was certain that she was Zhang Xiaotong.

Indeed, that little girl was quite lively as she streamed. While she took mouthfuls of her food, she paid attention to her bullet screen and conversed with her spectators in her live streaming channel.

"I finished all my homework today in school!

"The dance cover I did with Yumeng previously has been uploaded to Bilibili, go take a look if you're interested.

"Whoo! I'm so full! I'll be singing first at night and then I'll be playing games with everyone."

Right then, somebody asked on her bullet screen, "Xiaotong-chan, where's Guru Vic?", "Xiaotong-chan, are you going to play with Guru Vic tonight?"...

Zhang Xiaotong put her bowl down and then took a sip of her drink.

Looking at her bullet screen, she was obviously startled. She fell silent for a while before she replied, "Vic isn't here, I'll be playing by myself today."

When Liu Zilang heard Zhang Xiaotong's response, he initially thought that the spectators in her live streaming channel would insist she look for him to play a few matches.

Who knew that countless bullet screen messages would have spammed her screen.

"Wow! That's perfect! Xiaotong-chan, pick me!"

"I'd like to get in the car too! Win, win, win!"

"Xiaotong-chan, I'll carry you! I guarantee to give you all the kills!"

"Bring me, bring me!"


Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he read the bullet screen.

These people were simply brutes!

Fortunately, Zhang Xiaotong did not agree with any of them. She mentioned that she wanted to play solo to train her skills. This made her spectators howl in grief.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang "sneered" continuously at those people.


'How dare noobs like you think about carrying girls in a game? On top of that, that's my sister.

'Try in your next lives!'

Once Liu Zilang had those thoughts, he had a sudden urge.

He clicked into Douyu's registration interface, registered an account and then entered the "Application for Live Streaming" column.


'That's right!'

Liu Zilang suddenly wanted to stream live as well.


In actual fact, live streaming was a new thing to Liu Zilang.

Due to his professional career in the past, for some reason, he had to wear masks during offline competitions, let alone during live streams.

Later on, when Liu Zilang retired as he was disheartened, he rarely looked at live streams.

With that being said, after playing with Li Muqiu, PDD, and Zhou Erke for the whole afternoon, Liu Zilang witnessed them gaining attention from their fans and spectators all the time. In the game itself, countless people cheered for them no matter what they did.

At that moment, he felt like he had returned to his professional competitions in the past.

For every remarkable move he made, he was able to share it with his fans.

'This feels quite good...'

Inevitably, this stirred up his heart a little.

Besides, all along, he had been acting without delay. Or else, three years ago, he would not have taken the money given by his father to be a professional gamer without saying a word about it.

Despite all that, Liu Zilang did not see this coming.

Though the registration for a Douyu account was simple, the application for a live streaming channel was complicated.

With all the information requested such as verification for his identification card, it really got his dander up.

He began pondering if Li Muqiu and the others went through the same trouble when they began streaming live...

As a matter of fact, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan did not have to go through such trouble.

As superstar players, not only did they have contracts with whopping prices but they had their own personalized live streaming channels.

Information about their identification cards was directly settled by the platform and they did not have to do things by themselves just like Liu Zilang did.


After going through a hassle, Liu Zilang finally succeeded in uploading everything. What was left was the verification that would be completed "within 48 hours".

Despite the verification time said to be within 48 hours, in reality, it did not take that long.

That night, perhaps the backstage workers of Douyu had nothing much to do, and it only took half an hour before Liu Zilang received a notification that the verification process was successful.

The name Liu Zilang used for his stream was also his username in games, "Vic123". Subsequently, he downloaded a live streaming software according to the steps given.

Once everything was prepared, Liu Zilang who was immensely proud with his progress began streaming live.


After Liu Zilang opened the game, he came out to take a look at his live streaming channel since he had to wait for the game's interface to load.

In the beginning, he thought that he would not have any viewers since he had just begun streaming live.

However, when he looked, he noticed that he had over ten viewers in his live streaming channel.

'What's going on?'

Liu Zilang attempted to speak a little, but he quickly realized that nobody was responding to him.

'They're damn bots!'

Liu Zilang's face turned gloomy, and he tried to comfort himself.

'It's alright, it's alright, all beginnings are difficult.'

Even after one match, when Liu Zilang came out to take a look, his live streaming channel still displayed the same number of viewers he had previously.

"Is anyone alive? Is anyone alive?"

"Hello, hello!"




"F*ck you!"

Right after he cursed, a bullet screen message appeared.

"A quality streamer, I'm paying attention!"


'There's really someone here?'

...Hello in KoreanGood afternoon in Japanese)