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71 The Old Ape Has Fled, One Punch Man!

 In Ruins.

Now that Li Muqiu was knocked out, Liu Zilang was the only one left on their side.

When the viewers in the live streaming channels witnessed this, they became nervous as well.

"Didn't Guru Qiu say that he's Asia's Number One Boxing King? Why is he knocked out?"

"Did you really believe that? I can even say that I'm North America's Number One Boxing King!"

"Haha, this match is quite an awful one for Guru Qiu, he was actually killed by his own fan."

"Guru Lang is the only one left now, he's everyone's hope!"

"Hehe, do you think Guru Qiu's squad will be totally destroyed?"

"Impossible! But now that you say it, I suddenly am hoping to see it, what's going on?"



In the game, once his opponent restored his health fully, the two of them stood still on some ruins.

All of a sudden, a light breeze whooshed past the ground.

The two of them moved at the same time!

Just like before, the opponent played the same old trick whereby he ran a few steps, leaped up into the air, and launched a fist!

"Came at the perfect time!" On the other hand, Liu Zilang crouched at the speed of light the instant the person threw a punch at him. Liu Zilang then blasted a fist at his opponent's testicles.

"F*ck! Monkey steals the peach?" PDD was dumbfounded as he watched.

After dodging the hit, Liu Zilang quickly stood back up.

By then, his opponent had already landed so he would suffer a headshot if he were to still crouch on the ground.

Subsequently, Liu Zilang cast a punch at his opponent's chest and then quickly turned around before his opponent could throw a punch at him.

'Running away after you hit me?'

Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang's opponent was startled but immediately chased after him.

However, right after a quick sprint, Liu Zilang suddenly jumped and made a turn in the air!

Turn Back To The Moon!

The next second, it felt as if a strong wind brushed past their faces.

Liu Zilang hurtled a punch at his opponent's head!


"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed NWChoppingKing by headshot with fist!"

Quickly after, the screen changed.

The same words appeared on the screens of his teammates.

"Winner winner chicken dinner!"

Looking at that, the countless viewers in the live streaming channels were dumbstruck!



'Isn't this an FPS game? Why did its genre suddenly changed into local martial arts?!'

It was at that instant when Liu Zilang's voice was heard.

"Martial arts.

"Two words.

"Horizontal, and vertical."

The others were speechless.


After that round, both PDD and Zhou Erke had sufficient understanding of Liu Zilang's skills.

In actual fact, the two of them were curious as to when and where did a pro like him emerge from?

How was it that none of them had heard of him?

All along, they thought that Li Muqiu was only joking when he said that Liu Zilang was a "weakling that had only played the game for less than 50 hours". However, it turned out that Li Muqiu was telling the truth.

Of course, as curious as they were, it did not stop them from clinging on to him!

Under the lead of Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu, the four of them played five matches in a row and got "five consecutive chicken dinners".

Throughout the process, Li Muqiu often mentioned some details and techniques as if it was unintentional. For example, he stated that all big resources on the ground had their own rhythm when they landed and that even if they were to play in a certain way for that round, they could not do so in a real competition...

Initially, Liu Zilang was mentally prepared to be fooled by Li Muqiu as just a "playing companion" for the afternoon.

Much to his surprise, Li Muqiu was just like he was before. Although he seemed unreliable most of the time, he still carried out his promise no matter what.

Hence, even if he did not say a word, he was still grateful.


It was around six in the evening, and Liu Zilang was in his bedroom as he was immersed in the game with the others.

A sound was heard from the door, by which it was opened a while later.

It turned out that Zhang Xiaotong had come back after her classes.

After entering the house, she changed into a pair of slippers and then walked by the living room. She was about to get a bottle of water from the refrigerator when she vaguely heard sounds coming from Liu Zilang's room.

'Why is he back?'

Puzzled, Zhang Xiaotong tilted her head.

After all, Liu Zilang was in university. Though its distance was not too far, he usually came back only on weekends and long holidays; he spent most of his time in his university's dormitory and was rarely back. Thus, it made sense that Zhang Xiaotong felt it was odd for Liu Zilang to be at home.

Right then, scornful remarks were heard from Liu Zilang's room.

He and Li Muqiu were lashing out at each other at that moment.

Zhang Xiaotong who was outside shifted nearer to his room, and her little ears twitched.

All of a sudden, she heard a voice that was rather familiar as if she had heard it before.

The thing that was familiar to Zhang Xiaotong was not Liu Zilang's voice but his speaking manner as he played the game.

Zhang Xiaotong's heart skipped a beat.


'That uncle!'

Next, Zhang Xiaotong's face changed.

That was because she recalled talking to that person on QQ about her brother.

If that person was Liu Zilang himself...

When Zhang Xiaotong thought about this, she became both embarrassed and mad.

She bit her lips as she hesitated but she still walked toward Liu Zilang's room.


Inside the room, Liu Zilang who was sitting in front of his computer said helplessly, "Don't, don't! We're from the same team, don't fire! I'll just share some with you..."

Earlier on, he had looted quite a number of items sneakily which caused the others to be mad.

At that moment, "dong dong dong" sounds came from his door.

It was soft and slow but Liu Zilang still heard it.

'Who's knocking on the door?'

Liu Zilang who was about to share his items with the others was stunned.

Despite the fact that Zhang Xiaotong and himself were the only ones home most of the time, Zhang Xiaotong barely took the initiative to knock on his door.

'Could it be dad?

'Wait a minute!

'That doesn't seem right too!

'Wouldn't he have just kicked on the door?'

Just in case, Liu Zilang informed the others of his "emergency situation" and then changed his computer screen back to his desktop background. He stood up to open the door.

After opening the door, Zhang Xiaotong appeared before him with her backpack behind her. She had her gaze fixed on him.


'What's going on?'

Liu Zilang was bewildered.

"You.. Are you playing games?" Zhang Xiaotong said abruptly.

Her tone sounded somewhat bashful.

It made sense since the two of them had little interaction, and the number of times she started a conversation with him was countable.

Liu Zilang was in a daze as he nodded. "Yes? What's wrong?"

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's reply, Zhang Xiaotong's eyelashes twitched a little. She suddenly lowered her head as she stammered, "What...what game was that?"


'Did she find out?'

Hearing Zhang Xiaotong's unusual questions, Liu Zilang came to a realization even though he was still slow at it.

It was very likely that he was exposed for adding her on QQ with an alternate account!

Looking at Zhang Xiaotong who lowered her head silently as she waited for an answer, Liu Zilang was flustered.

Then, a bright idea popped up in his mind, and he blurted, "Playful Blue Moon!"


Zhang Xiaotong looked up at him blankly and seemed rather lost.

Liu Zilang put on a warm smile as he continued, "I've been playing Playful Blue Moon recently, it's an awesome game!"

"You only need to experience it for three minutes, and you'll fall in love with the game just like I did!"

Upon hearing what Liu Zilang said, Zhang Xiaotong clenched her tiny fists together.

Afterward, she glared at Liu Zilang expressionlessly and then returned to her room without saying a word.

Liu Zilang was dumbstruck when he saw Zhang Xiaotong lock her door.

'Did I manage to fool her?

'What does this mean?

'She's throwing me that look, and asking me to figure it out myself?'

Liu Zilang who was frustrated went back to his computer. He then stared blankly at the screen as he noticed that he had turned into a crate in the game.

He saw the others proning near his crate as they looted his items in excitement.

"What freaking happened here?" Liu Zilang put on his earphones and then asked through his microphone.

"Ah, Langzi, you're still here?" Li Muqiu asked, "Didn't you say that you had something urgent to attend to?"

Liu Zilang was speechless.

...A martial art technique where one distracts an opponent with one hand and seizes his testicles with the otherThe name of a movement technique which is exactly what Liu Zilang didA China role playing online game