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70 Through The Gaps Between The Leaves!

 Owing Liu Zilang's, Li Muqiu who was only left with very little health survived miraculously.

He ran swiftly down the slope and quickly crouched to heal himself.

"Wow! Guru Qiu, you didn't die...the two of you are gay!" PDD was utterly shocked and was at a loss for words.

"Langzi, you don't have to say anything else, Hai Di Lao Hotpot! I'll treat you next time!" Li Muqiu struck his chest and promised Liu Zilang as he was extremely touched.

Liu Zilang walked down the slope and then dropped a med kit beside Li Muqiu. "Two meals."

"Uh..." Li Muqiu was stunned. He held back the remaining words he had prepared.

Right then, on the other side of the bridge.

Zhou Erke who laid prone on the ground asked nervously, "Is anybody there? Did somebody shoot at us just now?"

Since there was a big rock between her proning spot and Water Town, she was out of their enemy's sight and was not hit.

Earlier on when she heard the sudden gunshots, she went into a daze. She had just come to her senses.

"Erke, your reflex arc is quite long..." Li Muqiu who was healing himself could not help but roast her.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang comforted her. "It's alright. Erke, throw a few smoke grenades on the bridge later, you don't have to shoot."

From the previous shots, Liu Zilang could hear that there was a sniper in the opponent's team. If Zhou Erke were to find the opponent's location and fired back at them, their medical logistics team would not be able to keep up.

As soon as Liu Zilang finished, he ran along the river terrace to get to where he hid their vehicle.

Once he started the vehicle, he saw that the smoke grenades thrown by Zhou Erke on the bridge had already caused the whole area to be covered in smoke. This blocked the gunsight of the two people in Water Town.

Considering the possibility that there might be more than two people from the squad in Water Town, if they were to stick together when their location was known, it would be too passive of them. There was a high chance that the remaining players from that squad would flank and attack them.

Therefore, Liu Zilang quickly drove up to the bridge when the smoke filled the air. He told Li Muqiu, "I'll bait them to the left for a bit, those two on the rooftop opposite us should've come down already."

After Li Muqiu used his med kit, he became confident as he had restored his health. "No problem, I'll hold them down here. How dare those people attack me so sneakily, I'm afraid they don't know what death is!"

"You just make sure that you don't die." Liu Zilang's request was rather lenient.

Instantly, Li Muqiu gnashed his teeth with anger and was eager to wreck the opponent squad to revive his awe-inspiring title, "Killing God".


Once Liu Zilang drove across the bridge, he immediately stopped the car and used it as cover. He then equipped his M24.

There was quite a number of trees by the road near Water Town and most of them were luxuriant. They were perfect barriers for Liu Zilang.

At that moment, while keeping an eye on Water Town, the pupils of Liu Zilang's eyes shrunk!

PDD who was spectating through Liu Zilang's view yelled as well, "Somebody's there, somebody's there!"

It turned out that somebody from Water Town had ran into Liu Zilang's sights. However, he was soon blocked by tree leaves.

Right then, Liu Zilang was seen holding his M24 up in a trice. He scoped in to aim at that person's direction.

Quickly after, a figure flickered past a gap between the leaves!

As Liu Zilang shifted his scope, a "boom" sound was heard!

A sniper bullet flew out from the M24's dark muzzle as it headed toward a certain direction through the leaves.

The next second, a system prompt appeared on the bottom left corner of Liu Zilang's screen.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked out Luomahua by headshot with M24!"

"F*ck! Seriously?"

PDD who had been spectating Liu Zilang all the while was absolutely shocked.

Previously, he witnessed it himself when that person flashed past the gap between the leaves and vanished from Liu Zilang's sight. There was no way he could have aimed at him.

With that being said, Liu Zilang's shot completely shattered PDD's understanding of sniper rifles in the game.


'What's that?

'It doesn't exist!'

Subsequently, once Liu Zilang knocked that person out, he instantly scoped out, pulled the bolt, and reloaded.

Soon enough, the teammate of the player who was knocked out ran over to him.

From Liu Zilang's view, he could see that person running from his left and then disappearing from his sight, blocked by leaves.

However, it was at that instant when Liu Zilang scoped in with his M24 and found a tiny gap between the dense leaves.

A ray of light refracted to him.

Next, a tiny black spot suddenly appeared in the middle of that light.

In a second, it was like lightning sparked in the sky!

A "boom" sound was heard as Liu Zilang fired yet another explosive shot with his M24.

A system prompt appeared on the bottom left corner of his screen.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked out ImThe Flash by headshot with M24!"

When the viewers in the live streaming channels witnessed this, they spammed the bullet screen with "6666", "Sniper god!", "I won't be able to learn this" and so on.

After all, if Liu Zilang's first shot had been explained by saying it was the luck of "a blind cat catching a dead rat", his second shot totally reflected his individual judgment and reaction speed.


As soon as Liu Zilang knocked out those two players, he was ready to dash toward them with his M16.

"Da da da" Rapid gunshots were heard from the bridge.

Sometime later, two kill feeds appeared on the screen.

It turned out that there were indeed two players from the squad in Water Turn swimming over in an attempt to go around the bridge. However, they were noticed by Li Muqiu just when they were about to shoot.

After a round of shots, Li Muqiu who held an SKS camped between the pier and a rock as he kept dodging sniper shots from his opponent. He displayed some mad body movement.

Other than one shot in the beginning, he managed to knock down the two players without losing any health. He uttered arrogantly, "You're still thinking about sneak attacking me! Haven't you heard that Saint Seiya will never be defeated by the same trick twice?"

As for Zhou Erke who laid prone behind the rock, she asked blankly after Li Muqiu said that, "Were people here just now? Where are they?"

When PDD heard Zhou Erke, he could not help but lament. "I thought that I'd be the only one getting chicken dinner without doing anything, honestly, it's so damn embarrassing but I feel much more relieved now that I see Erke..."

Zhou Erke was speechless,


As time passed, the safe zone became smaller.

By the time the second last circle had refreshed, there were only 6 players alive in the match. The final safe zone ended up at the Ruins where the terrain was more complicated.

In the beginning, the couple of them thought that this match was going to be a 3v3 or a 3v2v1.

However, after clearing the two players, they realized that they were against solo players. Of course, the remaining one was the ultimate solo player...

This really made them look like bullies.

Seeing as the safe zone was getting smaller and smaller, they had no idea as to which corner the last solo player was hiding at.

Li Muqiu turned on the "All" voice chat and then announced, "The remaining brother, settle this yourself. We're a three-man squad, you don't stand a chance."

Right after he finished, another voice was heard.

"Guru Qiu's voice! Are you Guru Qiu?"

Liu Zilang laughed as he mentioned, "Little fellow, you're quite famous, you actually met a fan at a time like this."

Li Muqiu chucked proudly and then continued, "Looks like you know me too. How about this, we won't bully you. Throw away your guns, we'll have a fair fight using our fists. We'll see who's going to be Asia's Number One Boxing Champion!"

As soon as Li Muqiu said that, a camper in a ghillie suit suddenly crawled out from a few shrubs on the right hill not far away from them.

In order to express his sincerity, not only did that player drop all his guns, he even removed his ghillie suit and his clothes. He ran over to them naked.

Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang asked suspiciously, "Your fans like to run around naked?"

Li Muqiu's eyes twitched. He then said to that person, "Why did you remove your clothes? Quickly put them on, don't catch a cold."

"Wow, Guru Qiu really cares for his fans." Zhou Erke giggled.

When that person ran over to them, he was actually quite nervous. He glanced at the three of them carefully and then whispered, "You... won't launch a surprise attack on me, will you?"

"Do we even need to do that to kill you?" Li Muqiu replied snappily.

"Hehe, let's begin then, who's first?" Liu Zilang laughed.

"Me! Me!" Zhou Erke was the first to raise her hand as she was extremely excited.

A brief moment later...

A person knelt on the floor with a hand on their abdomen.

"NWChoppingKing knocked out ExpressPrincess with fist!"

"We we we, save me, save me..." Zhou Erke cried out as she crawled on the ground.

Both Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu's eyes twitched, and they forced themselves to look away.

Li Muqiu smacked his lips before commenting, "Brother, I see you've trained!"

"It's average, it's average, I've learned from your videos, Guru Qiu." That person was quite humble.

Li Muqiu smirked as he suddenly felt that this person was terribly annoying!

Now that his opponent had said that, if he were to lose later on, how could he face others?

Liu Zilang hurried him, "Old friend Qiu, quickly finish it. I've dropped my med kit on the ground, heal yourself in case we all die when the circle refreshes."

Initially, that person thought that Liu Zilang's squad was planning to take turns to fight him to tire him out. Thus, he felt a little uneasy.

To his surprise, it turned out that he was allowed to heal himself after each round. He immediately became cheerful and picked up the med kit on the ground.

On the other hand, Li Muqiu's face turned gloomy.

Just as he had thought of "taking advantage of the person's vulnerability", it was nipped in the bud.


After that person was done healing, the two of them were going to begin.

Liu Zilang said, "Old friend Qiu, why are you wearing that Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet? Are you planning to profit from your fan by unfair means?"

Li Muqiu was at a loss for words.

Afterward, he stared at Liu Zilang hatefully, removed his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and then turned to say to that person, "Brother, my punches are heavy. Let's not overdo it and not let it affect our relationship."

Who knew that person would shout out loud, "It's alright! If I'm able to die from your punches, it'll be my honor."

Upon hearing him, Li Muqiu's eyes twitched.

'An evil fan!

'This must be an evil fan!

'Why doesn't he get my hint?'

Followed by that, the two of them were seen fisting each other in the Ruins, whereby wind whistled in the air and dust was blown about on the ground...

As a matter of fact, this was only what Li Muqiu imagined.

In reality, there was only one jump from the two of them.

At first, Li Muqiu suffered a punch to his head, and he was hit again on his stomach when he landed. He then collapsed to the ground with his hands pressing against his abdomen.

"NWChoppingKing knocked down Lech321 by fist!"

Asia's Number One Boxing King.

The end.