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68 A Pursuit On The Hills!

 When the viewers in their live streaming channels witnessed the "exciting" scene, they were utterly shocked.

"GG! This is too awesome, isn't it?"

"Note it down! Note it down! I'd like to try that next time."

"Haha, I'd like to know the mental activity of the four players in the toilet when they saw the grenade."

"Have you ever experienced despair? I have!"

"That squad looked like they were in a certain team. Speaking of which, now that they've been killed like that, do you think it'll leave some kind of trauma in their professional careers?"

"I think that it's very possible. 2333, forgive me for my malicious laughter."



In the game.

Once Li Muqiu and Zhou Erke came to their senses, they hurried over to Liu Zilang to loot the crates.

However, the two of them were in a daze when they arrived.

Other than ammunition that they did not need, items like first aid kits, energy drinks and so on were nowhere to be found in all four crates.

Upon seeing that, Li Muqiu was speechless. "F*ck, Langzi, you're too fast. At any rate, you should leave some for Erke and I."

"Mmm, that's right, that's right!"

Zhou Erke nodded quickly like a chick pecking on food as she joined Li Muqiu in his protest.

Liu Zilang explained, "Actually, I didn't loot much, this squad was poor."

"Do you think we'll believe that?" Li Muqiu scorned.

"It's true," Liu Zilang replied innocently and then sighed. "Alright, I'll sell you some of the pills that I prepared for the final circle."

"Ah?" Zhou Erke was struck dumb.

"Well, it's not like the wind sends us pills just like that," Liu Zilang added firmly.

Followed by that, he lowered his tone and announced with a smile, "How about this, since we're close, I'll give you a discount. The energy drinks are three dollars each, and ten dollars for three, whereas the first aid kits..."

"Wait!" Li Muqiu interrupted him. "Three dollars each, and ten for three? Is this even a discounted sale?"

"This is daylight robbery!" Zhou Erke pouted her lips to dissent.

"Honest price tags are displayed on them, it's a fair trade!" Liu Zilang responded in a way where they could either take it or leave it.

Suddenly, Li Muqiu turned to say to Zhou Erke, "Hey! Erke, I remember that you can kill players to make them drop their equipment in this game."

Initially, Zhou Erke was startled but she quickly realized what was going on so she nodded her head as she replied, "Mmm, it doesn't matter if one is a friend or an enemy."

As they said that, they aimed their guns at Liu Zilang as if it was accidental.

"Uh...hehe." Upon seeing their guns, Liu Zilang cleared his throat and then waved his hand. "Don't! I'm just cracking a joke to enliven the atmosphere, who said I was really selling them? We're from the same squad. Erke, what are you lacking, I'll give you three painkillers and two energy drinks, is that enough? Old friend Qiu, is your SKS short of any attachments? I just picked up a sniper's extended magazine..."

Looking at the pile of items that suddenly appeared around Liu Zilang's legs, Li Muqiu and Zhou Erke's eyes twitched at the same time.


As the couple of them conversed, they arrived at Rozhok by car.

Li Muqiu suddenly proposed, "Rozhok has a garage. Looking at the airline, I suppose nobody landed in Rozhok. Let's go change to a new vehicle, this one will explode too easily."

Originally, the UAZ they used to outrun the circle had half durability. After Liu Zilang used it to block the toilet, it was shot at by the players inside, and had its durability decreased to less than half.

In a squad match, should they encounter another team that gathered all fire at them, unless they jumped out of the car immediately, they would be instantly killed by the car's explosion.

With that being said, the consequence of jumping out of a vehicle at normal speed...

It was not much different from dying from a car explosion.

After hearing Li Muqiu's suggestion, as a matter of course, Liu Zilang and Zhou Erke agreed to it.

PDD who was observing the match was the only one who commented with "ulterior motives"; that it would be more exciting to keep the UAZ, and changing their vehicle meant that they were afraid...

Of course, his words were simply disregarded by the three of them.


Facts showed that Li Muqiu had guessed right.

As expected, there was a vehicle in the garage located south of Rozhok, it was a yellow sedan car.

After taking a look at the blue circle, they still felt that it was better to camp at the edge of the circle for target practice. They intended to wait on the high hill situated south of Rozhok where a tower could be seen.

However, just as the three of them drove up the slope in the yellow sedan, an orange sedan emerged from the east side of the circle.

That car had just entered the circle and happened to notice Liu Zilang's team from afar.

Liu Zilang immediately turned the steering wheel and took a turn toward the road between the School and the puzzle buildings which was southward of them.

Li Muqiu attempted to fire a few shots with his SKS, all of which hit the orange car. Soon enough, his vision was blocked by the School's buildings.

He stowed away his gun and then glanced at Liu Zilang. "It seems like there's only one person in the car, what do you say? Are we going to chase after him?"

Liu Zilang replied calmly, "Those who run away from us will only end up dead."

"Wow! That's so cool!" When Zhou Erke heard that, her eyes glimmered like little stars. "We're actually that formidable?"

PDD who was spectating the match said, "You little coy pigs, stop talking. He'll vanish from your sights if you don't chase after him now."

As soon as they heard him, they hopped into their car.

Liu Zilang was the driver while Li Muqiu was in seat number two, and Zhou Erke was in seat number three. The three of them chased after that person like a flash of light.


On the hill south of School.

The person who had previously come out of the circle stopped after hearing gunshots behind him. He quickly parked his car halfway on the hill to heal himself.

Since he had suffered damage from the blue circle, he was left with little health.

However, once he had used a first aid kit and was about to consume a painkiller.

He heard the rumbling sounds of a car engine!

When he looked toward the source of the sound, his blood ran cold. He cursed furiously, "F*ck! They're still chasing me!"

At that time, he was powerless since he was alone. Thus, he gave up healing himself without second thoughts. Instead, he entered his car as he planned to escape and avoid the battle.

Nevertheless, in PlayerUnknown's Battleground, sedan cars were the worst when going uphill.

Even if one were to accelerate, it would feel even slower than the time needed to wreck a car.

Seeing that the speed of his car was still not increasing, that person was quick-witted to drive the car horizontally for a certain distance to speed up before he quickly fled in the opposite direction.

With that being said, this gave Liu Zilang's squad an opportunity to catch up to him.

In the blink of an eye, the distance between both cars shortened.

As Li Muqiu noticed that, he peeked out of the window and then yelled through the "All" voice chat, "The car in front, please stop, you're speeding! Quickly stop, cooperate with us for an inspection!"

"Stop your f*cking *ss!" An outraged curse was heard from the car in front of them.

Evidently, that person had turned on the "All" voice chat too.

"Da da da da da!"

Without delay, Li Muqiu fired at that car with his AK.

However, their vehicle was shaking vigorously due to movement, and his AK was a shaky gun as well.

As good as Li Muqiu's marksmanship was, under such circumstances, he could only fire at a rough position and was unable to aim at the enemy's head.

"I'll help too!" Zhou Erke peeked from seat number three and then fired at the car in front of them with her fully kitted out M4.

At that moment, the two cars were involved in a pursuit on the hill and flew from hill to hill from time to time. Throughout the process, gunshots were continuously heard and muzzle flashes sparked everywhere. The scene appeared to be like a deja vu of a Hollywood film.