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67 The Hexplosives Expert?

 After they were done killing the two players, seeing that the circle was not closing on them yet, they began looting.

Liu Zilang drove Zhou Erke to the warehouse to loot the two crates before the three of them gathered at PDD's crate, which was the result of him being bombed by Heavenly Fire.

It belonged to their teammate. Thus, they all appeared to be "mournful".

Li Muqiu tossed two smoke grenades to represent the burning of incense. He then mentioned heavily, "Although Teacher Piao has left us, he gained eternal life through blood and fire. We must get chicken dinner this round!"

Once he was done, he immediately proned on PDD's crate.

On top of that, Zhou Erke's acting skills went online as well, she said in a 'sobbing' tone, "Wu wu wu, no! If it's a chicken dinner without Teacher Piao, I'd rather not have it!"

Similarly, she proned on PDD's crate after she finished.

As for Liu Zilang, he remained silent throughout the process. However, he was the first to lay prone on the crate before them.

The silence displayed by Liu Zilang at that moment was not him being ruthless, instead, he vaguely expressed that "despair was the greatest sorrow".

While he swapped his gun with PDD's M24, he sounded both guilty and at a loss as he mumbled repeatedly, "Why...why...why is it so!"

At that very moment, Liu Zilang's voice sounded somewhat hoarse...

It was just like held resentment toward the Heavenly Fire!

A roar at unjust destiny!

When Li Muqiu and Zhou Erke saw Liu Zilang's "real expression" and then looked back at their poor, exaggerated acting, they were impressed yet bashful. Subsequently, they subconsciously slowed down their looting speed.

In the end, PDD could not help but force a smile as he comforted them. "It's alright, it's alright, I'm okay. Everyone, don't be upset! All the best! We'll definitely..."

Who knew that before he could finish his sentence.

Liu Zilang who muttered "why" repeatedly as he proned on the ground to loot abruptly questioned in sorrow, "Why...why are you so well equipped!"


PDD was instantly startled as if he had burped.

"Pfft! Hahaha!" On the other hand, Zhou Erke immediately dissolved into laughter.

Li Muqiu held in his laugh as he commented, "Teacher Piao, don't worry! We're all very strong!"

"Wow! B*tch, all of you are little coy pigs..." PDD was taken aback. He was so speechless that he had nothing else to say.

When the viewers in his live streaming channel witnessed this scene, they burst into waves of laughter.

Never in their lives have they seen PDD in such a situation...


"Hahaha, looting with tears in his eyes, this is too real!"

"When can I be as outstanding as you!"

"GG! This time, Sao Zhu is the silly one while Guru Lang is the one who's showing off! What he did simply got my danders up!"

"Wait a minute, I'm feeling a bit dizzy. This is the show of Li Xiuqin, who is the wife of Li Yunlong, the independent regimental commander of the Eighth Route Army's 129 Division, 386th Brigade!"

"I can't take this anymore, I can't! I'm laughing my *ss off right now. I really want to know how big the area of Sao Zhu's shadow is right now."

"Answer: Three bedrooms, two halls."



In the game, the remaining three looted PDD's crate "tearfully", reequipped themselves and then set out again.

Earlier on when the Heavenly Fire caused explosions, the UAZ that Liu Zilang and Zhou Erke were in became wrecked. Hence, the three of them could only sit in Li Muqiu's hard top UAZ that had half its durability left.

When the second circle refreshed, the three of them happened to be entering it near the puzzle buildings which were dormitories beside the School.

At that time, the next safe zone had refreshed to the area where Rozhok, the Ruins, the Shooting Range in the north, and Severny were.

From time to time, Zhou Erke peeked out from the vehicle to scan her surroundings. "Where are we heading to?"

Li Muqiu chuckled as he marked a high hill, south of Rozhok, on the map. "Since everyone is so well equipped, we'll have target shooting on the high hill at the edge of the circle."

"That's great! That's great!" Zhou Erke agreed excitedly.

Usually, as a snake and a player who always ended up as a crate, she rarely had the opportunity to shoot.

However, at that time, since Zhou Erke had two gurus to carry her, she could take more shots without fear to practice her marksmanship.

Nonetheless, just as they were about to set out from behind the dormitories, a yellow sedan suddenly drove out from northeast of the circle.

Clearly, the people in the sedan car did not notice Liu Zilang's team. As soon as they entered the circle, they drove to a toilet by the road.

Followed by that, four people were seen exiting the car, whereby they entered the toilet in a single file and then shut the door.

When the three of them saw this, they looked at each other.

"How should we do this? Do we camp at the edge of the circle to hold them there, or do we just finish them there now?" Li Muqiu asked.

"I...I'll listen to you guys!" Zhou Erke expressed that she would just act according to whatever instructions were given.

As for PDD who was watching through the spectator's screen, he encouraged and goaded them. "Charge! What are you afraid of? Guru Qiu, you're not terrified now, are you?"

Surely many people who have died say this when they spectate their teammates.

WIth that being said, the intentions of their words are unknown...

In actual fact, Li Muqiu had nothing to be afraid of, and he only asked to seek Liu Zilang's opinion on the situation.

Nonetheless, when he heard what PDD said, he replied eagerly, "No problem, we'll take them out too!"

All of a sudden, Liu Zilang who had been eyeing the toilet called out, "Wait a minute..."

"What's up?" Li Muqiu was startled.

"You mentioned that this game is very realistic, am I right?" Liu Zilang asked meaningfully.

"Mmm, yes, it is." Li Muqiu nodded but was clueless as to why Liu Zilang raised such a question.

Next thing he knew, Liu Zilang entered the UAZ and then instructed after he started the engine, "Provide covering fire for me, don't let those players in the toilet come out."

"What are you going to do?" Li Muqiu was in a daze as he asked.

Liu Zilang did not answer him.

He hit the accelerator and reached top speed in an extremely short time. He then headed straight for the toilet.


Inside the toilet.

Four people crouched as they healed themselves.

One of them asked, "Who still has bandages? Spare me some, I only have one first aid kit, and I'm reluctant to use it."

"I have some, I have some, I'll give you five," another person replied.

Right then, the thundering sound of a car engine was heard.

'Somebody's outrunning the blue circle!'

That was the first thought that appeared in the minds of the four people in the toilet.

After all, they were located right by the circle and had just come out from the circle. Thus, it was not unusual for others to be getting into the safe zone at that time.

The person with the most health suggested, "Heal yourselves first, I'll go out to take a look."

Once he was done, he stood up to leave the toilet.

To his surprise, as soon as he opened the door, he heard "bang bang" sounds that came from an SKS!

At once, blood splattered out from his body. However, he managed to "swoosh" back into the toilet at the speed of light. He closed the door and then cursed, "F*ck! A b*stard is aiming at us. Wait for me to heal, we'll go kill him together..."

As he said those words, he felt that the sound of the car engine was getting closer to them as if it was right beside them.


'They're charging toward us!'

Just as the couple of them realized what was going on, they heard a loud "boom" at the toilet door!

It was like something hit the door.

The person nearest to the door quickly pressed his "F" key as he wanted to go out to face the battle. However, he was terribly stunned when he realized that the door could not be opened no matter what!


Outside the door, Liu Zilang stopped the UAZ right in front of the toilet's entrance to block the way.

He pulled the handbrake, jumped out of the car and then threw a frag grenade inside the toilet with all possible haste.

The second the four people in the toilet heard the sound of a frag grenade's pin being pulled, their hearts instantly stopped as they panicked!

"F*ck! Quickly open the door!"

"F*ck you! I can't open it!"

"Let me d it!"

"Quickly, quickly!"

"F*ck! It really can't be opened!"

"Da da da da!"

An outbreak of rapid gunshots was heard as somebody in the toilet shot at the toilet's wooden door as a desperate measure.

Sawdust was seen flying in the air and the front of the UAZ appeared through the big hole in the door.

On the spur of the moment, a "boom" was heard!

The toilet's little window's glass shattered as if something had been thrown inside.

It hit the wall and then bounced to the ground.

When the few of them lowered their heads to take a look, they were dumbfounded!

A frag grenade was seen laying quietly on the floor of the narrow toilet.

The next instant, an explosion was heard!

Flames were seen inside the toilet and smoke spread into the air!

Followed by that, a big kill feed popped out on the bottom left corner of their screens.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed COC-King with frag grenade!"

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed COC-LaoA with frag grenade!"


"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed COC-Duoyun with frag grenade!"

Looking at the feed that had suddenly appeared on the bottom left corner of their screens...

Zhou Erke was stupefied!

Li Muqiu was confounded!

As for PDD who had been observing Liu Zilang, he was so shocked that the cigarette in his mouth fell onto his keyboard...

'Four kills with one grenade!

'He's freaking possessed by Ziggs, isn't he?'