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66 Isn’t It Good To Stay Alive?

 While the few of them were immersed in the jolly moment, right then, the map turned red!

"Mother! It's the red zone!" PDD who sat in Li Muqiu's car was startled. He quickly yelled, "Drive out of it! Guru Qiu, quickly drive out of it!"

"It's alright, as long as we're fast enough, the bombs and loneliness won't catch up to you!" Although Li Muqiu spouted nonsense, clearly, he dared not test his character at that moment. He immediately turned the car's wheels around and drove toward the outside of the red zone.

After all, if they were to be sanctioned by "Heavenly Justice" in the car, they would just end up as crates.

Upon seeing Li Muqiu's actions, Liu Zilang followed suit as he was not that confident with his character too.

At that moment, they had already arrived near the big warehouse north of Shelter. Who knew, that a series of rapid gunshots would be heard.

Liu Zilang listened and identified the source of the gunshots. He then looked toward their direction and saw two people at the entrance of the big warehouse firing at them with rifles.

In that situation, the UAZ that Li Muqiu and PDD were in was the first to bear fire. "Ding ding dang dang" sounds were heard as sparks of fire ignited on the body of the vehicle.

As a result, blood splattered out from PDD's body and his health bar was noticeably reduced by a small section.

"Eh! F*ck! I've been hit!" PDD wailed in grief.

When Li Muqiu realized that, he quickly shouted, "Hold on, Teacher Piao! Once we're on the hill, we'll stop to fire back!"

Currently, their UAZ was too close to the big warehouse. Since they were unclear of the number of players in the opposing team, they could easily be taken down if they were to stop abruptly. Thus, they needed to drive away to a relatively safer location.

"I'm alright, I'm alright! Hehe! Watch my Ultimate Geoduck Pigskin Show!" While PDD said that, he changed his position in the car.

He was seen changing from seat number three to seat number two, from seat number two to seat number four, and it kept going on.

However, just as he changed from seat number three to seat number two again, blood suddenly splattered out from his head.

A headshot!

On the spur of the moment, PDD's health bar decreased by a whole lot!

PDD quickly changed his seat again as he was totally appalled.

Nonetheless, when he changed back to seat number three again, another bullet shot him.

A "thump" was heard!

In the blink of an eye, PDD was knocked out and had fallen off the car.



The four of them were stunned when they saw what happened.

All along, Li Muqiu and PDD sat in the same vehicle.

With that being said, from beginning till the end, Li Muqiu was never hit while PDD suffered three hits.

However, in all seriousness, when PDD took a shot to the head in seat number two, he had blocked the shot for Li Muqiu...which was truly quite amazing as PDD had really put on a show.

The next second, the couple of them quickly came to their senses again.

Given their situation, they could not think about strategies positions anymore. If they were to reposition to any other location, they would be basically giving up PDD and sending him to their opponent's chopping board.

"Teacher Piao, hold on! We're coming to save you!" Zhou Erke called out earnestly.

Liu Zilang stepped on the car's accelerator and charged all the way to where PDD was.

In order to prevent the opponent's killing shot onto PDD, the best thing they could do was to drive over and revive him with the vehicle acting as shelter.

When PDD heard Zhou Erke, though he was absolutely flustered, he forced himself to sound calm. He replied, "Don't rush it, don't rush it! Don't panic! Everyone, don't panic! I'm alright, I'm..."

Before he could finish his sentence, a "boom" sound from an explosion was heard!

PDD who was crawling on the ground felt his sight suddenly go up and then drop back down without warning.

His screen turned monochrome in an instant. Then, he could clearly see that his dead body had been bombed in a way that it completed a 360-degree turn in the sky before landing on the ground as a crate.

Heavenly Justice!

"I..." All of a sudden, PDD's face flushed red. He swallowed back his words - "I'm alright".

A brief moment later, he was furious as he uttered, "I'll spit on your mother!"

When the viewers in his live streaming channel witnessed this, they laughed so hard that they almost snorted like pigs.


At that moment, Liu Zilang's car was being enveloped by "Heavenly Fire".

"Hong hong hong hong!"

Sounds of explosions were continuously heard and the landing point of the bombs was so close that they could even see the soil of the meadow being bombed out in all directions.

"Quick, quick! Drive further away!" Li Muqiu immediately reminded them in the voice chat.

Zhou Erke who initially wanted to enter the car again was so shocked that she ran like a rabbit right away.

As for Liu Zilang, he had long disappeared from their vehicle and had run swiftly into a toilet by the roadside.

When Zhou Erke arrived near the toilet, she saw that its door was closed.

It was then when another deafening sound of a bomb was heard again. The bomb landed on where she had just run past.

She shook uncontrollably, shocked by the bomb. She hurriedly said, "Hey, hey, hey! Quickly open the door, I want to enter too."

"Are you sure?" Liu Zilang continued, "This is the men's toilet."

Zhou Erke's face turned black as she replied madly, "I'm going to throw a grenade then!"

The moment she said that, she took out a frag grenade and then aimed it at the window of the toilet.

A creaking sound was heard!

The door had been opened.

"Welcome," Liu Zilang said politely.

Zhou Erke was speechless.


After about thirty seconds, the Heavenly Fire finally ended and everything became silent.

Without notice, hurried gunshots came from the big warehouse!

"Da da da da da da...!"

The familiar sound of an AK's full auto-firing mode came into picture.

At the same time, Li Muqiu mentioned, "Langzi, I've crept my way to the back of a tree. There are two people aiming at me, I can't get up there, can you clear one of them for me?"

Liu Zilang exited the toilet, scoped in with the 98K in his right hand and then replied casually, "It's not a huge problem, they're not peeking, make them peek."

When Li Muqiu heard Liu Zilang, he equipped his AK and then walked out from behind the tree.

The two people camping on both sides of the big warehouse's entrance saw that Li Muqiu was dashing toward them. They peeked one after another.

From Liu Zilang's perspective, when he saw that the person who was peeking on his left side had a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet on, he quickly scoped out and then scoped in on the person on his right side instead!

As expected!

There was another person's head there too and he had a white Level Two Military Helmet on.


With the sound of that gunshot, a bullet swept past the sky above the plainland at an exceptional speed and then hit right at that person's head!

In the blink of an eye, blood was seen splattering out of that person's head as he collapsed to the ground.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked out HAwake by headshot with Kar98K!"

"I've settled it." Liu Zilang immediately stowed away his gun without taking a second look at his opponent.

When PDD who was killed by the Heavenly Fire witnessed this by spectating Liu Zilang, he was dumbfounded too!


'Do you have to be so confident?'

Afterward, he recalled his missed shots and his friendly fire with his M24...

PDD had the sudden urge to burst into tears.

In the live streaming channels, the viewers were also left in awe by Liu Zilang's act of "stowing away his gun confidently". They spammed the screen with "666666".

After some time, Li Muqiu settled the remaining person in the big warehouse.

Since the remaining person died right away, Liu Zilang received a kill feed too.

Obviously, they were a two-man squad.

There was a high chance that these two players ran over from the wild area near Lipovka, failed to find any vehicle, and happened to notice Liu Zilang's team driving past in two UAZs.

Due to their itch, in the end, they brought death upon themselves...