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65 All The Way North!

 When Zhou Erke who was looting noticed this, she instantly dissolved into laughter. "Hahaha, Teacher Piao, I think you should just throw that gun away."

Right then, rapid fiery gunshots came from the UAZ!

"Da da da da da!"

It turned out that Li Muqiu had already crept all the way to their opponent.

"Guru Qiu, I'll assist you!"

As soon as PDD heard the gunshots, he quickly picked himself up again and scoped in to aim at the UAZ.

At that moment, a person appeared in his vision.

PDD did not give a second thought about it, he instantly fired!

Next, everyone was dumbfounded.

"ClashRoyale_ knocked out Lech321 by headshot with M24!"

"Friendly fire!"

With great effort, Li Muqiu had gotten rid of the two people behind the UAZ. Just as he was about to loot their crates, he noticed that he had suffered a headshot.

When he saw the red words on his screen, he was stupefied on the spot!

In both their live streaming channels, innumerable viewers roared with waves of laughter when they witnessed it!


"F*ck! Sao Zhu's shot was awesome! As expected, Master Ze possessed his body."

"A painful attack on a teammate! Hahaha, please forgive me for my nasty laugh!"

"F*ck, it wasn't easy for him to kill the enemy so he ganked his own teammate. I feel sorry for Guru Qiu."

"Sao Zhu, please stop showing off! Put that gun down!"


In the game, after being in a daze for a short while, PDD rushed over in a car. "Guru Qiu, I'm here to save you!"

"Teacher Piao!!" Li Muqiu was torn by grief when he finally came to his senses.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm really sorry, Guru Qiu!" PDD was embarrassed but a bright idea popped up in his mind. "Haiya! You won't believe me if I said it, I was smoking just now and the cigarettes' ashes fell onto my mouse. Just as I was going to brush it away, I accidentally clicked my mouse and made the shot. What a coincidence, right? Hahaha..."

An awkward laugh was heard...

Zhou Erke glanced at Liu Zilang who was busy looting the crates and then whispered to him, "Should we laugh a little too?"

"Hehe," Liu Zilang replied.

"Ah?" Zhou Erke was startled.

"I'm done laughing." Liu Zilang was very collected.

When PDD heard Liu Zilang, he brought his awkward laughter to a halt...


Although the process was rather crooked and bumpy, the ending was beautiful.

Once Liu Zilang and the others were done collecting both rounds of "express deliveries", they instantly gave up the thought of moving along the highway and seaside to look for small skirmishes.

Right now, they were fully equipped with basic items like guns, ammunition, attachments, medicine and so on.

Did they even need to go around isolated areas for quick battles anymore?

As Li Muqiu looked at the safe zone, he proposed, "Let's go to the bridgehead to see if we can block the bridge. If nobody comes, we'll enter the circle."

That time, the circle refreshed to the east side of the map. Thus, there was a higher chance that players from the Sosnovka Military Base would cross over through the West Bridge.

At the East Bridge, it was not entirely right to say that nobody would cross over, but the possibility of that happening was relatively lower.

When Zhou Erke heard Li Muqiu's suggestion, she was excited. She put forward a suggestion. "Let's drive four cars then, one for each of us."

"Mmm?" Li Muqiu was puzzled. "Why are we driving so many cars?"

"Didn't you say that we're going to block the bridge? Four cars are just nice to block the bridge!" Zhou Erke replied proudly.

Instantly, the others were at a loss for words when they heard Zhou Erke's explanation...

She literally thought that blocking the bridge meant obstructing the bridge whereby nobody could pass through!

In the end, obviously, Zhou Erke's suggestion was not employed. The four of them set out in two UAZs that had higher durabilities. The pairs were Liu Zilang and Zhou Erke, Liu Muqiu and PDD. They headed toward the petrol station at the bridgehead of the East Bridge one after another.

After all, they were a four-man squad and it was unnecessary for them to drive so many cars. With that being said, if the four of them were to drive one car each, it would be easy for enemies to gather gunfire on them and kill them.

Hence, it was safer for them to travel in two cars.


Nonetheless, it was a pity that they were unable to block anyone at the bridgehead.

Clearly, the "lucky survivors" from the Sosnovka Military Base did not have plans to take an alternate trail and chose to just cross through the nearest West Bridge.

As for whether they could cross it successfully, it was still unknown to them as they were on the East Bridge.

Seeing how things were going in this direction, Liu Zilang made a mark on the map. "Let's just drive north, it's closer to the airline. For all we know, there might be people trying to outrun the circle."

"Alright." The others had no objections.

In due course, as the four of them drove into the safe zone.

Out of nowhere, PDD chuckled. "How meaningless it is for us to outrun the circle like this, let me turn on the car speaker."

As he said that, he was about to play some songs through NetEase.

On the other hand, Li Muqiu laughed and then said, "Teacher Piao, you don't have to make yourself busy. Erke is here, is there even a need for you to turn on the speakers?"

PDD was staggered for a while, he then quickly realized what was going on. "Oh right! Erke, what do you think? How about you sing a song?"

Though Zhou Erke appeared to be elegant, she had a generous character.

When she heard them, she giggled and agreed to it. "Alright, I'll sing a song. I'll be playing a music accompaniment later or it'll be quite awkward for me to just sing like that."

Liu Zilang who was driving subconsciously asked, "Is Erke's singing very good?"

"Langzi, look at you, Erke is one of the top three female singers among all live streamers!" Li Muqiu was kind in complimenting her. "In PlayerUnknown's Battleground, she's basically a walking stereo."

At that moment, an accompaniment was played and then singing was heard.

"The world through a rear view mirror.

"Like saying goodbye, it gets further and further.

"You turned your back, but still that beautiful side profile of yours.

"I pursued you with my eyes, yet all I hear is your tears."


The moment Zhou Erke's singing was heard, the viewers in the live streaming channels became thrilled too.

"Wow! All The Way North!"

"Nice, nice! Erke's singing is the best!"

"Oh my gosh! I didn't think that playing with Erke had this benefit."

"Wu wu wu, my teammate likes to sing when he drives too, but every time he sings, I freaking want to jump out of the car!"


After one verse, Zhou Erke turned off the accompaniment and then asked cheerily, "How was it? Teachers, give me some comments."

PDD instantly exclaimed, "Wow! It was nice! I've never heard such angelic singing in my entire life! I'm afraid you're a descended fairy..."

Zhou Erke pouted her lips as she interrupted. "Teacher Piao, you're exaggerating, you're disqualified from being a teacher."

Upon hearing that, Li Muqiu pondered and then remarked, "The beautiful remnants of your voice linger around for three days!"

"Eh! Guru Qiu, you're not being sincere at all, you'd say that to anyone, right?" Zhou Erke pursed her lips again to express her ddissatisfaction. She then looked at Liu Zilang with expectancy.

Liu Zilang who was driving fell silent for a while before attempting, "You make kingfishers pregnant...and wild dogs sleep soundly?"

When Liu Zilang uttered the first part of his sentence, the three of them were a little stunned.

With that being said, when they heard the second part, they burst into peals of laughter.

"My d*ck! Brother! Your comment is really one of a kind!" PDD laughed so hard that he kept slamming his keyboard. "I think The Voice of China should invite you as a teacher for its next season!"

Li Muqiu held in his laughter and pretended to speak with emotion. "Langzi, you're a cultured man! This proves that it's useful for one to study more in school."

As for Zhou Erke who was the direct person involved, she turned into stone!

From Douyu to Panda TV, to signing a contract with "Project Banana", she successfully progressed from being a streamer to being a celebrity.

She who was the idol of countless fans had received many comments on her singing and had heard all kinds of remarks.

However, this was the very first time she heard a comment like Liu Zilang's.

'You make kingfishers pregnant...and wild dogs sleep soundly?

'What's that supposed to mean...'

Looking at the person in the driver's seat, Zhou Erke had a sudden urge to pull her gun out.

...These are the translated lyrics of Jay Chou's song, 'All The Way North'