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63 Too Righteous!

 After the few of them were done searching the Farm, Liu Zilang was equipped with an M16 and a shotgun.

He had exchanged his SCAR-L with PDD as PDD mentioned that he was not used to a half auto-firing rifle like the M16.

Actually, this was not very odd.

Often times, especially in critical moments, people who held the M16 thought that they were using a full auto-firing rifle. With that said, they would click their mouse without letting go, which would result in a tragedy...

Therefore, this caused people to be more fond of full auto-firing 5.56mm rifles like the SCAR-L or the M4, rather than the M16.

As time passed, the first safe zone began shrinking, and the Sosnovka Military Base was no longer in the circle.

Next, according to their plan that was previously set.

Liu Zilang and the others were supposed to head south toward the highways and seasides, looking out for small skirmishes to gain more loot. Then, they would block the bridge.

Or, they could first clear Mylta in order to prevent being sandwiched from both sides when they blocked the bridge later.

However, it was at that time when the rumbling sounds of a plane were heard from the sky.



With one accord, Liu ZIlang and Li Muqiu stopped and then fired a shot each toward the sky.

Despite that, the plane journeyed away as usual without dropping anything.

Upon seeing that, PDD could not help but giggle. "You wanted to shoot the airdrop down? This is old-fashioned, watch me!"

Right after that, he took a deep breath and then yelled abruptly at the plane.


The other three of them were startled as they looked to the sky.

The next second, they were all dumbfounded!

Just as the plane was about to fly away from the sky above the Farm, something dropped and swayed down slowly.

Zhou Erke rubbed her eyes as she said with her mouth wide open, "Wow! I'm surprised! An airdrop! It really is an airdrop!"

When the viewers in the live streaming channel witnessed this, they spammed the bullet screen as well.

"F*ck! Since when was Sao Zhu the son of airdrops!"

"When Sao Zhu roars, the plane will shake three times!"

"I don't believe it! Clearly, this is a freaking sound-controlled airdrop! If I shout 'grandfather', are there going to be two?"

"You're all too young! Teacher Piao is obviously a super annual member! That's more powerful than Guru Lang!"

"That's right! Super annual members get to enjoy the exclusive privilege of airdrops! A sound-controlled setting that can call for airdrops whenever, wherever! From them on, they get to travel through private transport planes too!"

"2333, I'm this close to believing whatever you say!"



In the game, the couple of them were astounded by the airdrop that came falling down right after PDD called "daddy". They were looking up at the sky like wooden geese.

At that moment, the roaring sound of a car engine was heard from afar.

"F*ck! Somebody's here to steal our airdrop!" Li Muqiu quickly reacted as soon as he heard the vehicle.

Well, considering that the Farm was directly beneath the airline, it made sense.

Although the only teams that landed on the Farm were Liu Zilang's and the other team, it did not mean that there was nobody else around the area.

The plane flew past with "thundering" sounds and dropped such a huge crate from the sky.

As long as one was not deaf or blind, one would have certainly seen it.

"What do you say? Are we still looting it, or not?" Li Muqiu asked.

PDD uttered confidently, "B*tch! Loot! For what reason are we not looting it?! Even if I have to kneel, I must loot it since I called for it. I'm telling you, the moment I took this SCAR-L, I was no longer PDD nor was I ClashRoyale! I'm the freaking ultimate invincible pigskin wolf warrior!"

"What's Teacher Piao blabbering about?" Zhou Erke questioned.

"It's quite complicated," Liu Zilang replied calmly, "But he probably means that we should do it!"

"Yes! Let's do it!"

"Let's do it then!"


The airdrop slowly descended from the air. Its landing point was probably on the patch of grass behind the Farm.

Liu Zilang and the others crouched in shrubs beside the Farm and became "phantom tanks".

At that time, they could see the vehicles that they heard from before, which were two UAZs.

Nevertheless, those people seemed to have known that the Farm was not too safe. They kept circling the area with their vehicles as they waited for the airdrop to land completely.

"Who has a high magnification scope?" Li Muqiu asked.

"Uh...does a 2x scope count?" Zhou Erke responded weakly.

"Mmm, leave it for yourself then." Li Muqiu turned around and then took a glance at Liu Zilang's M16 which had a red dot sight attached on it. "I'd like to sneak forward a little, Langzi, can you cover me?"

"It won't be a big problem." Liu Zilang nodded calmly.

When PDD heard the two of them, he quickly suggested, "Guru Qiu, I'll join you! I love being a camper!"

"We might die." Li Muqiu reminded.

"I'm a wolf warrior, I"m not afraid of death!" PDD raised his tone, he seemed extremely impassioned.


Subsequently, the two of them proned out on the lawn that was filled with dense weed. They then crawled silently to the low hill in front of where the airdrop landed.

In the bush behind them, as Zhou Erke saw PDD and Li Muqiu move further and further away, she could not help but ask softly, "What do I do..."

"Let's chat." Liu Zilang asked, "Erke, how big are you?"

"Ah? Chat?" Zhou Erke was in a daze. She asked subconsciously, "What do you mean?"

Liu ZIlang shifted the topic so much that she was unable to keep up.

Even so, Zhou Erke quickly realized that she was...asking something unnecessary.

As expected, she heard Liu Zilang chuckle. "What else could it be? Of course, I meant your age. Erke, what did you think I meant?"

"I, I, I..." Zhou Erke stuttered, she then said snappily, "Wow! I'm surprised! I didn't think that you were a guy like this, Guru Lang."

Li Muqiu's voice was vaguely heard after that. "Erke, don't bother about him, he's not a nice fellow."

PDD clicked his tongue as he mentioned, "Guru Lang, I think this isn't very right. We're trembling at the frontline of the battlefield, and you two are chatting behind us?"

PDD sighed and then a "thump" was heard on the lawn in front of them.

The airdrop had landed!

The next instant, the two UAZs that had been circling around the area charged over at once and then stopped by the airdrop.

At the same time, gunshots were heard from Mylta and countless bullets were heard "crackling" over the airdrop and the vehicles.

Evidently, another team was watching the airdrop with high magnification scopes.


With that being said, the team that was looting the airdrop seemed to be quite professional.

While one of them looted the airdrop, one of them provided covering fire, and the remaining two players threw smoke grenades around them.

Who knew, that the instant the two of them were about to throw the smoke grenades, a series of hurried gunshots would be suddenly heard from behind the hill that was near them.

In the blink of an eye, before the smoke grenades left their hands, they collapsed to the ground with their hands on their abdomens.

Followed by that, Li Muqiu who carried an AK took the lead to charge forward. He knocked out the person who was providing covering fire before he could fire back at him.

As for the remaining person who was looting the airdrop, it was simply a tragedy.

When all of that happened, that person was changing guns and was dropping some items as he realized that he had insufficient bag space.

When PDD went around the airdrop and pointed his SCAR-L at his face, that guy held his gun up frantically in an attempt to shoot back. However, he was stupefied.


'The gun hasn't been reloaded!

"Da da da..."

After a series of shots, the player was killed by PDD unsurprisingly.

"Chi chi!"

Right then, the smoke grenades that had not been thrown by the two guys from before triggered themselves.

It did not take long for the area around the airdrop to be covered in smoke.

"These brothers are truly righteous!" PDD exclaimed. He looted while laying prone on the ground.

Li Muqiu who was also prone on the ground nodded when he saw the smoke around them. He lamented while looting. "Mmm, too righteous!"

Not only did they send an express delivery to their door, they even covered them as they received the package.

Their quality of service...

A five-star rating would still be too low.