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62 Hit And Run!

 "Brother, have they killed you yet?"

"I...f*ck you! Is this guy a brute?"


That person's three teammates were startled. Then, a "boom" sound was heard.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed RooftopPrince with frag grenade!"

Quickly after, that person screamed in indignation and grief. "Quickly come over to finish him! They're still here, that little bastard only has a small pistol with him."

Initially, when his teammates heard him screaming in rage, they were fearful of Liu Zilang's inhumane actions. They felt that he had a "ruthless character".

However, the moment they heard that Liu Zilang only had a small pistol with him, the three of them charged over angrily.

"Kill him! Kill him!"

"Kill that little bastard!"


Who knew that the next second, a series of "bang bang bang bang" gunshots would be heard.

At that time, a fleeting vision of a figure at the corner of the wall was seen.

The teammate that was running ahead with a shotgun fell to the ground on his knees as soon as he made a shot.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked out 7aNight with P1911!"

His other two teammates were somewhat in a daze. "F*ck! What's the situation?"

The person who was knocked out yelled, "Don't care about me first! Quick! Now that their teammates have no guns, go kill him!"

"Brother, hold on!"

The person's teammates immediately leaped over his head and chased Liu Zilang.

As the two of them chased after Liu Zilang, the bush beside their knocked out teammate shook all of a sudden, and a person crawled out.

This person who carried a machete, and was carefully walking over, was of course PDD.


PDD walked over to that person and then asked, "Brother, how may I address you?"


When the person who was knocked out looked at PDD who had a machete with him, he was a little exasperated.

'Finish me if you want to, why are you still asking for my name?

'What is it?

'You're thinking of chopping me through the Internet?'

At that moment, PDD giggled. "I'm sorry, I don't kill nameless ghosts with my knife!"

Right after PDD said that, he wielded his sword and then slashed it at the knocked out person.

"ClashRoyale_ killed 7aNight by headshot with machete!"

The person who had been finished by PDD was instantly bewildered!

'F*ck you!

'Didn't you say that you don't kill nameless ghosts?

'I haven't even told you my name!'


Back at Liu Zilang's side.

Liu Zilang held his pistol as he ran circles around the four walls of the house.

Whenever he reached a wall corner, he would run to the next corner to escape the two players' vision.

Nonetheless, those two players were not idiots. They knew that they could not continue playing chase.

Hence, the two of them quickly split ways; one chased Liu Zilang from behind, while the other went the other direction to block him.

With that being said, they would have never thought that Liu Zilang was waiting for that exact moment.

The P1911 pistol in Liu Zilang's hands used .45 bullets; its damage and bullet speed was more outstanding than most pistols. However, it had a fatal weakness which was it had a small magazine size that could only hold seven shots.

Of course, seven shots was more than enough to face one person. However, if he were to face two at the same time, it would be insufficient.

Therefore, as soon as the two of them split ways, Liu Zilang halted at once and then turned sideways to shoot at the person who was chasing behind him.

"Bang bang bang!"

Behind the corner, Liu Zilang tilted his head and made three shots at magnificent speed before quickly hiding again.

"Da da da...!"

Countless bullets flew past Liu Zilang, whereby some hit the edge of the wall too.

The person who was chasing behind Liu Zilang had a SCAR-L with him, and he went into full auto-firing mode when he saw Liu Zilang's head.

Nevertheless, without an extended magazine for his rifle, his magazine only had 30 bullets. This was obviously not enough for him to squander.

Seeing that he was about to finish his magazine of bullets, he quickly retrieved his gun and then turned his body to the side to take the opportunity to reload.

Liu Zilang who was camping at the foot of the wall had been waiting for this moment. The second the rhythm of the enemy's gunshots stopped, he peeked out again with all possible haste.

"Bang bang bang bang!" The gunshots of his P1911 pistol were heard again!

Liu Zilang almost never aimed at all, he finished his remaining four bullets at the speed of light.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked out 1Day=OneDay with P1911!"

Concurrently, Liu Zilang's ears twitched slightly as he heard hurried footsteps coming from his right.

Unrushed, he took a stride toward the turning in front of him and reloaded his P1911.

On the other side of the wall, the person who went the other way round dashed toward him right away.



Liu Zilang held his pistol firmly as he changed its magazine!

At that moment, it was unrealistic for him to camp at the corner of the wall. That was because when he was reloading, the enemy was running toward him and was roughly a turn away.

As long as that person took another step forward, the two of them would face each other.

Passively waiting to attack was not Liu Zilang's style at all!

Seeing as it was about to happen, he simply jumped out.

"Bang bang bang bang!"


Liu Zilang switched positions in a flash as he shot madly with his pistol at the person who held an S1897. The quickness of the pistol's shots was displayed thoroughly and vividly.

At such a distance, logically, the damage caused by a shotgun would be much better; one shot could knock a person out right away.

However, it was preconditioned by who the opponent was.

At that very instant, when Liu Zilang took the initiative to jump out, his opponent was taken aback. On top of that, Liu Zilang constantly moved to different positions when he fired.

When his opponent saw blood splattering out of himself, he shot in a hurry. He did not even hit Liu Zilang's hair at all!

For a shotgun like the S1897, it was known that under the situation where one had no cover and there were no more bullets in it...

The consequence was apparent.

"Bang bang bang!"

After Liu Zilang firmed his stance, he fired three shots in a row. That person collapsed to the ground instantly.

Followed by that, two system prompts appeared on the bottom left corner of his screen.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed OneDay=1Day with P1911!"

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed 1Day=OneDay with P1911!"


In a house in the Farm.

Finally, after Li Muqiu found a shotgun in the toilet on the second floor, and PDP looted the dead player's crate, they ran over to Liu Zilang excitedly. They asked eagerly, "Where's the guy! Where's the guy! I have a gun! I'll kill him!"

Zhou Erke who returned to the toilet to loot the crate could not help but shout as well, "Wait for me! I found a gun too! Let's go together!"

Right then, Liu Zilang was seen walking out from the back of the house after he was done looting the two crates. "Don't go over there, each of them only has one gun. Is there nothing else?"

"Ah?" PDD was stunned.

Li Muqiu subconsciously took a glance at the bottom left corner of his screen and then uttered, "F*ck!"

Liu Zilang mentioned calmly, "They're all dead."

"They're all dead?" PDD felt so puzzled.

Back then when he saw Liu Zilang being chased after, he was worried if Liu Zilang could escape.

Who knew that in the blink of an eye, just as he had gotten a gun, Liu Zilang would have told them that the two players were already dead. Furthermore, Liu Zilang still had a full health bar...

PDD swallowed his saliva and then replied in disbelief, "Brother! You're not kidding, are you? If I'm not mistaken, you were only holding a small pistol."

"Mmm, P1911." Liu Zilang had already entered the house by now to search for items. When he was done, he added on, "It's quite nice to use."

"F*ck! With just a small pistol, the two players... Oh no! It's the four of them, you killed them all?" PDD instantly felt uneasy.

When the viewers in the live streaming channel witnessed this, they were absolutely shocked too!

"F*ck! Did he eliminate the whole team with a P1911? His health bar is still full too!"

"Damn...are we playing the same game? Why can't my P1911 hit anyone at all?"

"Do you know who's the proxy of this game? How can you hit anyone if you don't top up any credits? Mmm?"

"Brother! Is your game really bought from 98? Is it an enhanced version of the 298VIP collection? If you've got any connections, please let me know! I'll buy it! I'll buy it, alright!"


"Speaking of which, has Guru Lang started a live stream? This match is really getting my dander up!"

"Same, requesting for Guru Lang's live streaming channel! If this guru isn't a professional player, he must be a streamer?"


In the game, PDD spared some time to look at the live streaming channel's bullet screen. He could not help but ask out of curiosity, "My live streaming channel's viewers asked if you've started streaming live? What's the number of your chat room?"

After Liu Zilang was done looting a house, he turned to reply PDD. "Live streaming? Why? They'd like to learn some skills for free?"

When PDD heard Liu Zilang's reply, he scratched his head and was somewhat stunned. He was at a total loss for words.

'This brother...he's not saying the right thing at the right time.

'I can't talk to him! I can't talk to him!'

"Pfft!" Zhou Erke who was beside them laughed out loud as she could not hold it in. "Haha, you're too..."

She had no idea how to describe the scene.