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61 We’re Born Of The Same Root!

 After they cracked a few jokes, Zhou Erke was added into the squad.

A "PUBG Four-wheeled Drive" began to set out.

While queuing, as Zhou Erke had heard Liu Zilang speak previously, she had become subconsciously interested in him. "Your voice sounds quite nice. I watched you play in the final circle just now, you're really good! Are you a professional player too?"

Evidently, Zhou Erke spoke a lot because she was quite curious about Liu Zilang's identity.

Who knew that right after she had said that, Liu Zilang would answer her casually. "No, I'm here to play for fun."

Zhou Erke was totally speechless.

When PDD heard him, he could not help but feel elated. "Brother, you're quite awesome! It's the first time I've seen somebody wipe out players so easily..."

"I'm sorry." Liu Zilang noticed that his way of talking was a little off so he laughed a little and then said to Zhou Erke, "The way I played was actually very normal, do you want to learn? I can teach you."

"Wow! Brother! That's not very nice of you! Didn't we agree to a deal?" PDD shouted.

Initially, Zhou Erke was delighted when she heard Liu Zilang's words but she quickly became disappointed. "I won't be able to learn from you well, and I can't be gurus like all of you, I suppose it depends on my talent?"

"No, no, no! Talent takes up only a part of it." Liu Zilang he giggled. "Your efforts are very important too. For example, look at old friend Qiu..."

"F*ck! For what reason are you taking me as an example." Li Muqiu was absolutely displeased so he objected Liu Zilang's statement. "Why don't you talk about yourself?"

"I'm a talented player, there's nothing to take reference from."

Liu Zilang shrugged helplessly, which triggered Li Muqiu and made him mad.

Nonetheless, there was really no way Li Muqiu could retort Liu Zilang's words.

That was because three years ago, from the day Liu Zilang joined team Se7en, Li Muqiu experienced a series of heavy blows.

In the end, he had to admit that talent existed!

Some people were born geniuses in certain areas!

As Zhou Erke listened to Liu Zilang "teasing" Li Muqiu, she laughed happily.

On the other hand, PDD could not help but sigh. "Guru Qiu, your friend is truly talented!"

"Why do you say so?" Li Muqiu asked.

"It's not frightening that he's able to wipe out players on sight." PDD took a deep breath and then exhaled before continuing, "The most terrifying thing is that he's able to revive dead players!"

Li Muqiu was speechless.


In the spawn area, after waiting for some time, the screen changed, and they were all on the plane.

In that match, the airline began flying from the bottom left corner of the map. It would pass by the Sosnovka Military Base, and its final stop was probably Lipovka on the right side of the map.

"Jump where? Jump where? Where are we jumping?"

After boarding the plane, Zhou Erke's tone became extremely lively. She sounded like she was really looking forward to the unknown future.

"Sosnovka Military Base!" Li Muqiu immediately became high-spirited.

"Ah... Sosnovka Military Base..." As soon as Zhou Erke heard him, she quickly sounded droopy.

That was because Sosnovka Military Base was not unknown to her.

It was known.

PDD quickly suggested, "How about we don't jump at Sosnovka Military Base? It's not because I'm timid! I'm just afraid that Erke will turn into a crate as soon as she lands, It wouldn't be nice if she had to watch the three of us play for the rest of the match."

Liu Zilang nodded as well. "Mmm, Erke doesn't know too well, I'll have to teach her slowly. Old friend Qiu, I agree that we shouldn't go anywhere with a lot of people."

"Come on, you're only a weakling who has played for 50 hours and yet you're thinking about teaching someone else?" Li Muqiu exposed him without holding back. "I'm guessing that Erke has played longer than you!"

"Eh, your words are quite hurtful," Liu Zilang responded.

"Ah?" Li Muqiu was startled as he did not understand.

"Don't care about me, I need some time alone..." Zhou Erke replied with a gloomy face.


Since there were three votes against one, Li Muqiu's idea to jump at the Sosnovka Military Base was instantly rejected.

At last, they chose a location with neither few or many people as their landing point. They landed at the Farm. It was just under the airline, and there was only one squad when they jumped.

The advantage of this landing point was that once they were done looting the area, they could move south along the seaside and the highways, looking for small fights to gain more loot. Afterward, they could move on to block the East Bridge.

However, clearly, there were others who had roughly the same idea as them in that match.

"Look for guns! Look for guns! Clear them out first!"

As soon as they landed, Li Muqiu quickly yelled.

Liu Zilang landed on a warehouse. The moment he entered it, he found a magazine and a Level Two Backpack on the ground. However, unfortunately, those two items could not be combined.

When he was done looting the warehouse, he was equipped with a pistol and a frag grenade.

Right then, Zhou Erke screamed abruptly, "Ah ah ah! Somebody is also looting the house I'm in, he has a gun already!"

Li Muqiu said helplessly, "I don't have a gun yet and there's somebody in my house too. I can't go over."

"Oh my god, I have a machete here!" PDD was rather fearless. "Erke, hold on for a while, I'm coming!"


Inside the room.

A person with a UMP9 aimed at Zhou Erke and then turned on his microphone. "Don't move, don't move! If you run, I'll shoot!"

As he said that, he made a few shots at the wall beside Zhou Erke who was just about to run away through the door. A series of shots that went "Da da da" were heard.

Zhou Erke was completely appalled so she crouched by the corner of the wall pitifully.

That person continued, "Looking at the panda suit you're wearing, I suppose you're a streamer on Panda TV?"

Zhou Erke turned on her microphone, and replied weakly, "Yes...yes. I'll give you my outfit, can you not kill me?"

"Wow! A little missie!" That person chuckled. "Alright, alright! If you take off your clothes, I won't kill you! Take off your clothes, and I won't kill you!"

Right at that instant, Liu Zilang arrived outside the window.

He held a P1911 pistol and shot twice at that person through the window as he was busy making fun of Zhou Erke.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked out RooftopPrince by headshot with P1911 pistol!"

"Who sneaked an attack on me! F*ck you!" The person who was knocked out was stunned as he knelt on the ground. Nevertheless, he quickly rebuked out loud.

"What did you say?" Liu Zilang opened the door and walked into the room.

From the previous match, he had his "All" voice chat turned on and had not turned it off since.

That person instantly yelled furiously, "I said, f*ck you!! Pretend, keep pretending! Do I have to repeat myself? F*ck you! You little bastard, if you have the balls, fight me straight up! F*ck you!"

"This guy really has a terrible mouth." Zhou Erke furrowed her brows and then wielded her fists at him as she wanted to kill him.

However, that person had quite a strong desire to live. When he saw Zhou Erke wielding her fists at him, he quickly crawled his way into the room's toilet and then continued scolding, "F*ck you! What a nasty couple, I dare you to wait till my teammates arrive."

Evidently, even though this person had an irritable mouth, he was still quite smart.

Clearly, he wanted to infuriate Liu Zilang to buy some time for his teammates so they could come and save him.

At that moment, Liu Zilang said, "Erke, stop hitting him."

"Ah?" Zhou Erke was startled, she asked madly, "He yelled at you like that, aren't you angry?"

Liu Zilang did not answer.

He walked to the toilet door and then said to the person who was crawling inside, "Seeing that we're from the same country, I won't give you the killing shot today."

Right after he said that, he threw a grenade into the toilet.

Afterward...he conveniently closed the toilet door.

Liu Zilang turned around to face Zhou Erke and uttered calmly, "Let's go."

Zhou Erke was at a loss for words.