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60 Sao Zhu And Erke!

 "Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed FLYhigher with frag grenade!"

The next second, the image on screen changed.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Upon seeing that, Li Muqiu was startled. He cried out in dissatisfaction, "F*ck! You're the one who fragged him! This is unscientific!"

Liu Zilang replied lazily, "What's so unscientific about it? I think it was destined to be this way. Life is truly as lonely as snow... I've got 29 kills, how about you, old friend Qiu?"

"I..." Li Muqiu looked at the 15 kills he had and was too embarrassed to mention his total kill score. He responded unpleasantly, "Never mind, let's not talk about that!"

Upon seeing Li Muqiu's behavior, the viewers in his live streaming channel became speechless.

"F*ck, is scoring 15 kills and winning a chicken dinner an embarrassing thing to talk about now? Am I the one who has changed? Or is it the world?"

"MD, how can a snake like me who gets chicken dinners with zero kills have any self-esteem to live in this world anymore!"

"Guru Qiu is very strict! Win, win, win!"

"It's not Guru Qiu who's too strict, it's his friend who's too perverted!"

"Oh GG! The two of them killed almost half of the total players altogether!"

"Speaking of which, who exactly is Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit?"

"I don't know... I don't think there's a guru in our country who uses such an awesome ID."



A bedroom apartment in the University of Jianghai.

In the afternoon, Chen Zhifei, Ran Maotong, and Pu Taizhuang returned from the eSports Association and went back to their bedroom.

Pu Taizhuang poured himself some water as he said, "MD, that trash team that killed us just now was too cunning. As soon as I entered the toilet, I saw three people crouching there! F*ck! I was so shocked that I almost didn't take my gun out."

"I told you not to fight with them for positions, you just didn't listen!" Chen Zhifei responded with a bitter smile. He then turned to look at Ran Maotong. "Mantou, how did you die just now?"

Ran Maotong had just turned on his computer to watch live streams through Panda TV but when he heard Chen Zhifei's question, he could not help but feel indignant. "I lost in sniping! The fellow bullied me since I didn't have a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet! What a d*ck!"

Upon hearing that, Chen Zhifei subconsciously coughed awkwardly.

That was because the only Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet in the team was with him.

Therefore, he quickly concluded everything. "Mmm, it's really nothing, don't feel dispirited. I think the main reason we lost is because we lacked another person in our team. It would've been great if Langzi was with us."

"Eh! Guru Qiu is streaming live." Ran Maotong who had opened Panda TV browsed through the home page and then clicked into Li Muqiu's live streaming channel.

"Is Guru Qiu streaming live?" Chen Zhifei quickly joined in after he heard Ran Maotong. "Is he in the final circle? I'd like to learn something."

Ran Maotong took a look at the screen. He laughed as he mentioned, "Haha, he has already gotten chicken dinner, 15 kills! That's Guru Qiu indeed!"

The next instant, a familiar voice came from Ran Maotong's computer.

Ran Maotong was stunned for a while, he was puzzled. "The voice of Guru Qiu's teammate sounds quite familiar."

Chen Zhifei's eyes widened as he looked at the screen. He rubbed his eyes before taking a closer look.

He uttered with a weird look, "Look at the ID of the person who was playing with Guru Qiu, why does it look like Third Brother's?"

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit?" Ran Maotong read the ID shown on the screen and gasped in shock. "My d*ck! It really is! Even the symbol in the middle is the same, it really is Third Brother's ID!"

Ran Maotong turned to yell at Pu Taizhuang. "Quick, come and take a look, it looks like your account has been hacked!"

Unable to make head or tail of the situation, Pu Taizhuang asked in confusion, "My account has been hacked? It can't be, I lent my account to Langzi."

After hearing what Pu Taizhuang had said, Ran Maotong and Chen Zhifei looked at one another. They listened carefully again to the voice of Guru Qiu's teammate in the live streaming channel.

On the spur of the moment, they were both dumbfounded.


"Are we still playing, if not I'll be leaving."

Liu Zilang took a look at the time, and he reckoned that Zhang Xiaotong was about to be out of school soon.

"Wait up! Wait up! Why are you in such a hurry? Somebody is joining us, wait for a while," Li Muqiu said to Liu Zilang as he replied a message on his phone.

"Who? Master Ze?" Liu Zilang became anxious. "Alright, I'll be leaving first."

"It's not Master Ze!" Li Muqiu quickly stopped Liu Zilang. "It's PDD. PDD asked if there were any more open slots, he told me to count him in."

Right after Li Muqiu had finished his sentence, an alluring voice was heard in YY. "Hey, hey, hey! Is Guru Qiu here? Are you here, Guru Qiu?"

"I'm here, I'm here. Teacher Piao, share your ID to the public screen and then I'll add you in," Li Muqiu answered.

"Alright, I'll send it to YY." While PDD sent his ID, he exclaimed, "Wow! Guru Qiu, I was watching your live stream just now. The brother who played duo with you is still here, is he? His sniping skills are truly awesome! I have the urge to acknowledge him as my master."

Li Muqiu laughed. "He's here. Teacher Piao, don't compliment him, he's actually just my apprentice. Am I right, Langzi!"

Liu Zilang quickly replied, "Apprentice your *ss! Teacher Piao, this fellow is scamming you. He wants you to become an apprentice's apprentice."

"Ah? Are you that daunting, Guru Qiu? I didn't think that you were someone like that!" PDD chuckled as he responded.

Subsequently, he said to Liu Zilang, "Brother, how should I call you? How about this, I think we can skip the part where I acknowledge you as my master, what do you think about making a deal?"

"Just call me Langzi." Liu Zilang then asked as he was baffled, "A deal?"

"Yes! Hehe, Guru Lang, teach me how to snipe, and I'll teach you the Snakeskin Movement. There's no loss in this, is there?" PDD replied.

Liu Zilang was speechless.

When the viewers in the live streaming channel heard what PDD said, they burst out laughing one after another.

"There's no loss, no loss! He'll learn something this round!"

"Haiya! Sao Zhu is really coy!"

"Hahaha, Guru Lang, just agree to it! Teacher Piao's Snakeskin Movement is the ultimate snakeskin!"

"Speaking of which, why do I feel like Teacher Piao's addition to the squad is making this tricycle less stable?"

"The best OB seat in the house, Mediocre Player Piao is online."


Followed by that, after Li Muqiu added PDD into the squad, he asked, "Teacher Piao, do you have anyone else on your side? If there's no one, then get ready."

PDD took a look at the list of his friends who were online and then quickly replied, "Wait up! Wait up! There's one more person, I've sent her a message through YY. She's probably logging in to her account."

Just as PDD finished talking, a rather bubbly voice was heard in the YY channel.

"Oh ho ho! Your princess express delivery has arrived!"

When Li Muqiu heard that voice, he held his chin and then said, "Who's this? Her voice sounds quite familiar."

PDD exaggerated as he replied Li Muqiu, "No way, Guru Qiu! This is Erke, we've played together with her last time, have you forgotten?"

Li Muqiu managed to recall playing with her. He then said cheerily, "Oh! It's Erke! That's right, I was thinking why her voice sounded so sweet."

PDD giggled and pretended to be helpless as he mentioned, "Guru Qiu, didn't you say don't add her in anymore after the last time? I really have no choice, there's really no one else..."

"Wah! Guru Qiu, you..." Zhou Erke was surprised when she heard that.

Li Muqiu quickly denied it, "Don't, don't, don't! Erke, I've never said that before. Teacher Piao is framing me! Langzi knows me well, he can testify."

Liu Zilang responded calmly, "Mmm, I swear by Master Ze's character, he's that kind of person."

Li Muqiu was at a loss for words.

...Sao Zhu if directly translated to Chinese means 'a coy pig'. This is the nickname of a player called Liu Mou from China who was famous for playing top lane for Invictus Gaming in LOL. He's also known as PDD, Teacher Piao, which were mentioned above.