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59 Let’s Throw Some Shade!

 As time ticked away, the blue circle began to refresh again.

After it refreshed, the circle became smaller and smaller such that it could only envelop half a mountain.

However, there were currently only 10 players alive in the circle. Excluding Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu, there were only 8 left, which was not much of a difference compared to the 13 players from the previous circle.

There was nothing that could be done as the trees and bushes on the mountain to the south of the Sosnovka Military Base were too dense and there were too many slopes.

If the remaining players were to lay prone in the grass or crouch in bushes, it would truly not be easy for those players to notice one another. Naturally, it was difficult for them to fight each other, and for Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu to "mediate" in their fights.


Looking at the situation, Li Muqiu was struck with an idea. He could not help but giggle. "Langzi, take the wheel, I'll throw some shade."

"Throw shade?" Liu Zilang gave him a look. "I couldn't tell but you're quite talented, aren't you?"

"Look at you," Li Muqiu said proudly, "Thousands of young girls have a liking for me, of course, I have some individual talent."

Therefore, the innumerable spectators in the live streaming channel witnessed a scene that made them speechless.

Liu Zilang drove the UAZ, whereas Li Muqiu sat on the passenger seat.

Wherever they drove to, a voice that sounded like a broadcast echoed in the sky above the ravine.

"You've been besieged, it's not too late for you to surrender!

"I'll repeat myself! It's not too late for you to surrender! Our squad promises solemnly to treat our captives kindly!

"We'll be buried if we kill you."


"My dear fellows, open your doors, our community is sending you some warmth!"


One must admit, Li Muqiu was quite sharp-tongued in the past.

Nowadays, perhaps his "burden of being an idol" was too heavy, thus many new spectators and fans only saw the free, laid-back side of him.

Nonetheless, once he was together with Liu Zilang, that burden was completely lifted.

When the spectators in the live streaming channel heard Li Muqiu's "shade", after being at a loss for words, they began grieving in silence for the remaining players in the safe zone.

"How humiliating!"

"666, Guru Qiu's shade is awesome!"

"Note this down! Note this down! Today is another productive day."

"No no no! How can my Guru Qiu be such a fool! This is definitely not Guru Qiu!"

"Where have the people in the safe zone gone to? How can they even bear it?"

"Please come out to kill these fools, return me my normal Guru Qiu!"

"The remaining players are so timid, if I were them, I would've shown myself long ago!"

"That's right! If I were them, I'd stand up and die rather than survive by lying prone."

"Hey brother, don't leave yet. Why's your name Ultimate Snake then?"

"Pfft, hahaha!"




In the game, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu drove past a slope.

On a patch of grass on the slope, two players laid prone without moving an inch.

When the vehicle's sound and Li Muqiu's voice were heard, one of them uttered angrily, "F*ck! Don't stop me! I can't stand it anymore! These two are being too pretentious!"

Who knew, that the other player would have acted in concert too. "You should've said it earlier! I was beginning to lose it since a long time ago!"


"F*ck, TMD!"

Right after they finished talking, the two of them crawled up one after another and arrived at the top of the hill in no time.

Seeing that the UAZ at the bottom of the slope had not driven far away yet, the player who was first to arrive at the top turned on his "All" voice chat, and yelled with all his might, "The two of you listen up, I..."

"Zi zi zi!"

All of a sudden, the car made an emergency brake and a person jumped down from the UAZ.

In just the blink of an eye, the long lost "staple gun" came online!

With a "boom" sound, a system prompt popped up on the bottom left corner of their screens.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked down i_fearnoone by headshot with M24!"

Before the person on the hilltop could even finish his sentence, the white Level Two Military Helmet on his head vanished in a flash and blood splattered out of his head!

That person thumped to the ground at once and began pressing on his abdomen.

Upon seeing that, his teammate could not help but shout madly, "Kill if you want to, but why did you turn on your microphone and blabber so much? You're a stupid c*nt!"

The person who was knocked down forced himself to take his remaining words back as he said in grief, "The two of them have been pretending for the longest time, I'd also like to..."

Nevertheless, before he could finish, he widened his eyes.

The vehicle had accelerated and charged up the slope abruptly. When his teammate saw that, he quickly stood up to return fire with his SCAR-L but there was also a series of shots from below which came from a full auto-firing AK.

The next instant, blood was seen on his teammate's body. He then fell backward and hit the ground head first.

"Lech321 killed ObeyOrDie with AKM!"


'A full auto-firing AK while being driven in a car?'

That person was so shocked that his head was left hanging half-open. He could no longer say the words "I'd also like to pretend too".

One with skills would be more awesome if he were to actually pretend.

If one without skills were to pretend, it would be...


Subsequently, as time passed, the blue circle kept shrinking.

Under the circumstance that some people had nowhere else to hide, inevitably, gunshots were heard, and the number of players alive in the circle began decreasing one by one.

When the second last circle shrunk, there were only 3 players left alive in the circle.

One was Liu Zilang, one was Li Muqiu, and the other one was a solo player whose prone location was still unknown at that moment.

"How many grenades do you have left?" Liu Zilang asked.

"5, why?" Li Muqiu replied.

"I have 7." Liu Zilang laughed. "For this circle now, we have no cover behind us, the left and right side are near us and it's impossible for anyone to hide there. We're only left with the area behind the downslope opposite of us."

Li Muqiu came to a sudden realization as he chuckled. "You're saying..."

"Let's begin."

As soon as he said that, the sound of a frag grenade's pin being pulled was heard.

Not long after, the two of them kept throwing grenades at the area behind the downslope.

In the blink of an eye, all their grenades were used up. They formed a comprehensive three-dimensional "manmade red zone" behind the downslope.


Behind the downslope, a person laid prone in the grass as he shifted left and right anxiously. He was extremely nervous.

At that moment, his three dead teammates did not leave him alone. They were spectating him, constantly plotting schemes for him and encouraging him through the team voice chat.

"Don't be nervous! Just lay prone over there and don't go there no matter what."

"That's right. When they come over later, just knock one down."

"Mmm, remember to change your gun to full auto-firing mode, you mustn't panic."

"The next circle will be on our side, you have a shot at chicken dinner."


While that person was being excited about it, something flew over and rolled in front of him.

He who laid prone on the ground switched his view to take a look.

'What's this...this looks familiar...


The next second, that person was so shocked that he immediately stood up and escaped.

However, since Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu were competing for speed when they threw the grenades, they threw all of them without pulling the pins and cooking them.

Thus, even if the grenade was thrown close to him, this gave him time to dodge it.

That being said, subsequently, this person realized that the situation was not as simple as he had thought...

Just as he took two steps back, another grenade flew over.

He immediately dodged to his left but something rolled over to the ground on his left as well.

He inched forward, and moved to his right...

Afterward, a "hong" sound was was like a signal.

Right after that, "hong hong hong" sounds were continuously heard wave after wave, and that area appeared to have turned into a red zone on the map.

A hopeless "manmade red zone"!