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58 Stop Typing 6, All Of You Sit Down!

 At that moment, Bai Shaobin who had turned into a crate started pondering.

He muttered to himself in the voice chat, "This voice is very's not Master Ze... Old friend Qiu, he isn't using a voice changer, is he? ... I'm sure I've heard his voice before, who is it? ... Old friend Qiu, I've definitely heard his voice before, am I right!"

"You're really a Shao Bing!" Li Muqiu uttered abruptly.

Bai Shaobin was startled for a while before he yelled back angrily, "You're scolding me S.B. again!"

"I said, Shao Bing!" Li Muqiu replied innocently.

"Isn't Shao Bing S.B?" Bai Shaobin questioned.

"You're the one who said that, I didn't." Li Muqiu immediately chuckled.

Instantly, Bai Shaobin felt the corners of his eyes twitch, he knew that he had been tricked by this fellow again.

Nonetheless, it was at this time when Liu Zilang mentioned in YY, "Wait for me a while."

"Huh?" Li Muqiu was stunned as he thought that Liu Zilang was going to revive him, he quickly called out, "Don't! I'm about to die! Guru Lang! Please!"

Liu Zilang did not bother about Li Muqiu, he took a grenade out.

He pulled the pin and cooked it. With a small sprint, he ran-up the car and then jumped up before tossing it far behind the car.

Upon seeing that, Bai Shaobin's face changed, he quickly shouted in the voice chat, "Er Gou, don't revive him anymore, he threw a grenade!"

"What?" Er Gou was dumbfounded as he thought that Liu Zilang was going to revive his teammate, just like what he was going to do.

As soon as he looked up, he heard a "clang". A grenade had rolled to his side!


Er Gou was appalled, he made a firm decision to give up on saving his teammate and ran speedily toward another direction.

Right then, he heard a giant "boom"!

All of a sudden, he was thrown into the air due to the huge impact from the frag grenade.

The next second, Er Gou was still seen hanging in the air after the explosion.

Followed by that, three-burst shots from an M16 were heard from the bridge!

"Da da da!"

"Da da da!"


Due to Liu Zilang's combo of his grenade and his shots, Er Gou instantly "landed into a crate" after being bombed at.

At the same time, spam appeared on the bottom left corner of his screen.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed Tyloo-Feith99 with a frag grenade!"

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed Tyloo-TwoDog with M16A4!"

After a a "battle of wits", Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu succeeded in eliminating the mixed four-man squad, which was also Tyloo's professional team.

As millions of spectators from Li Muqiu and Bai Shaobin's live streaming channels witnessed the last scene, they instantly widened their mouths, and were absolutely surprised!

"Guru Qiu and his friend...the two of them eliminated Tyloo?"

"Even if it's a mixed team, this is too sick! If I didn't witness it myself, I'd certainly think that someone is joking with me."

"Mmm, speaking of which, why do I feel like Guru Qiu's friend is more threatening than Master Bai! His two snipe shots really turned the tables around."

"That's right, the one-man combo at the end was also quite a thievish move!"

"I can't learn it! I can't learn it!"

"Everything becomes steady now! It feels like there'll be no pressure at all for Guru Qiu's team to get chicken dinner!"


In Tyloo Club's base.

Looking at the black and white screen on their computers, a few of them had awful looks on their faces and were slightly embarrassed.

Although Li Muqiu was in the other team, they had Bai Shaobin with them as well. On top of that, they were a four-man squad!

In the end, Li Muqiu who had joined hands with an unknown player managed to eliminate their team!

How humiliating it would be if other people were to hear about this!

Right then, Bai Shaobin who was thinking hard to recall that voice was sparked with an idea!

He slapped his thigh as he said agitatedly, "I know! I know who he is!"

"Who's it?" Hou Dongfang went over to him, and asked curiously.

Bai Shaobin gritted his teeth and answered with hatred, "A shameless person."


In the game.

After Li Muqiu was revived, the two of them had an enjoyable time looting crates.

In actual fact, there was nothing much to loot since they had insufficient bag space, and there were too many items.

To describe it in one word, it was vexing!

At that instant, Li Muqiu turned off his microphone in his live streaming channel and then giggled. "If Shao Bing knows that it was you just now, what will he think?"

"What can he think?" Liu Zilang replied calmly. "I've only whipped his dead body a few times in the past, right? Let bygones be bygones."

"You make it sound like it's so easy." Li Muqiu was rather speechless. "Imagine if he were to make the letters 'S.B' on the floor everytime he whipped your dead body?"

"Hehe, I'm not Shao Bing."

"Mmm, that's true..."

Afterward, the two of them tittered together.

To tell the truth, in the very beginning, it was Liu Zilang who had secretly given Bai Shaobin this nickname. Later on, Li Muqiu the big mouth, accidentally blurted it out once. It then began spreading among the FPS professionals.

Currently, the next safe zone had been refreshed.

The circle enclosed the area around the mountain to the south of the Sosnovka Military Base, which included some open spots near the highways, and a part of the Ferry Pier at the seaside.

Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu reorganized themselves on the bridge, got in the vehicle that was "sent" to them and then set out again before the circled began to shrink.

After the car had been started, Li Muqiu who sat in the third seat turned and peeked out of the window. He threw three smoke grenades at Bai Shaobin's crate.

"What are you doing?" Liu Zilang was puzzled when he saw that.

Li Muqiu laughed quietly. "Shao Bing... Oh no, I meant Master Bai, he was an honorable man when he was alive, I'm burning joss sticks for him."


When Liu Zilang heard Li Muqiu's reply, the corners of his eyes twitched a little.

Now, he finally understood why Bai Shaobin was so unforgiving toward this fellow in competitions...


Presently, there were 38 alive in the match.

While the two of them charged all the way from the Sosnovka Military Base to the bridge, Liu Zilang's kill count had reached 16.

On the other hand, Li Muqiu's fell short a little, which was only Liu Zilang's remainder, 6.

With that being said, the two of them were fully armored with level three equipment and had plenty of ammunition.

Therefore, subsequently, the two of them never camped around the edge of the blue circle. Instead, they drove around in the safe zone and fought anyone they encountered. They faced every battle even when they were surrounded by enemies, it was a standard "wild sheriff" play style.

In the YY voice chat, their conversations were basically as below...

"Further, behind the tree, a shot at the Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!"

"Somebody is drawing near us from the left."


"Right side, right side, I'm throwing a grenade!"

"Hold on! I'm healing up, drive the car as bait."

"Don't go anymore, I just killed that player with a shot, he's the last one."


Just like that, the two of them drove around and stopped wherever to fight. After every battle, they changed their armor, their helmets, and their car. Next, they healed themselves and continued to fight.

In the beginning, when other players saw that the two of them were being so haughty in the safe zone, they were all triggered as they were all players who were ranked around the top 1000 on the Asia server.

Hence, at almost every location they passed by, "ding ding dang dang" sounds were heard as the two of them were fired at!

Nevertheless, as time passed, there were gradually fewer and fewer gunshots.

At last, inside the big circle, everywhere became quiet such that only the sound of the UAZ's engine was heard.

As for the number of players alive, after the circle had shrunk, it had dropped to 13.

When the spectators in the live streaming channel saw this, they were thoroughly shocked!


"F*ck! They're like bandits!"

"Strong! They're too strong!"

"Is this PlayerUnknown's Battleground: Battle Royale? This is freaking PlayerUnknown's Battleground: Hunt Down!"

"Emmmm, why are they fighting Guru Qiu? Isn't it good to just stay alive?"

"Have you seen a match with only 13 people left in the big circle?"

"I noticed that Guru Qiu and his friend are both perverts!"

"Stop typing 6, it's just basic operation, all of you just sit and watch."



In actual fact, not only the spectators in the live streaming channel had those thoughts, even the remaining players who were lying prone and "shivering" in the safe zone were thinking the same too.

That was because, from the previous circle onward, they heard that the gunshots around them became much more aggressive.

On their screens, "Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit" and "Lech321" began spamming kills.

However, even until the last killfeed that popped up, the two of them were still not dead yet...

Which meant that all the squads before this had been battling these two players, and had all lost.


'Are they even humans?'

...On the web, S.B is an abbreviation for 'Sha Bi' in Chinese, which actually means 'stupid c*nt'