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57 Deadman, Shut Up!

 "Have you heard? Guru Qiu and Master Bai crashed cars!"

"F*ck! For real?!"

One was an extremely popular professional star player with superb skills, while the other was one of "Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods" who was also known as "Nighthawk Eyes".

As big streamers who were exceptionally popular in PlayerUnknown's Battleground, the hottest game in the whole world, if they were to crash cars in the game it would certainly cause an uproar. Immediately, news of it would spread through all PlayerUnknown's Battleground live streaming channels.

On the spur of the moment, countless spectators and mediocre players swarmed into their live streaming channels after hearing the news.

Quickly after, they saw the man with an M24 behind Li Muqiu, who provided covering fire so brilliantly that the three professional players from TyLoo dared not show their faces...


'Who's this?'

In an instant, everyone was in a daze.


In the current game.

Upon seeing that Bai Shaobin had been knocked down, and with Liu Zilang providing covering fire behind him, Li Muqiu charged over with his AK without any worry despite not having any cover to protect him.

Behind the UAZ was Bai Shaobin who had no helmet on him as it was previously shattered by Li Muqiu. Currently, he was "torn by grief"!

Nonetheless, he collected himself very quickly and then gave instructions through his team's voice chat in a hurried tone, "Don't revive me first, the three of you shoot together, don't peek one by one! The one with the M24 on the opposite side is very accurate!"

Since Bai Shaobin himself was a sniper too, he knew very well how terrifying it was for an M24 to be in the hands of a top-notch sniper!

If his teammates were to revive him, and peek one by one.

Unquestionably, they would be killed just like in a game of whack-a-mole!

Hence, the first thing he did was to stop Hou Dongfang from reviving him and asked him to fight their opponents first.

Right then, Liu Muqiu who had run into the middle of the road was seen pulling a grenade out!

When Hou Dongfang who was behind the vehicle saw this, his eyes twitched. He momentarily took over the leading position, and quickly yelled in the voice chat, "Fight!"

The next second, three guns came out from both the front and back cars at the same time.

"Da, da, da...!"

The moment the muzzles were seen, before Li Muqiu even had the time to pull the pin or cook the grenade, he threw it directly behind the UAZ where Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang were hiding.

Subsequently, he made a "ZZ slide" and then lied prone immediately. He then slid like a snake toward the thin smoke on his left. Next, he stood up swiftly, took his AK out and then turned his hand over to shoot with the auto-firing mode at Hou Dongfang who was closest to him!

Seriously, the AK had the highest damage among all rifles. As long as one could control its recoil, it was undoubtedly an outstanding weapon in a near distance shoot-out!

At that very instant, though Hou Dongfang had made the offensive move with his SCAR-L.

Li Muqiu still managed to dodge past Hou Dongfang's teammate's muzzle with his "ZZ slide", control the recoil of his gun, and shot him in the head. Hou Dongfang instantly pressed on his stomach, and collapsed to the ground!

However, at the same time, Li Muqiu had blood splattering out of his body too and did not have much health left.

At that time, if it was not for his Level Three Military Vest, and the fact that his vital points were not hit, he would have been knocked down by now.

Nonetheless, even though Hou Dongfang was down, the other two players behind the car were still alive and well.

With Bai Shaobin's callout, the two of them shot crazily at the smoke with their M4s equipped with 4x scopes.

Immediately, the sound of a "staple gun" was heard!


A bullet pierced through the smoke that was very thin and flashed across the bridge like a shooting star.

The next instant, on the Level Two Military Helmet of one of the players behind the vehicle, blood splattered out!

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked out Tyloo-Feith99 by a headshot with M24!"

With a thump sound! Wang Ziming whose Level Two Military Helmet was ruined in one shot collapsed to the ground.


"Sick shot!"

Li Muqiu was critically low in health and was crawling crazily on the ground when he saw this; he immediately felt elated. He quickly spared some time to give Liu Zilang a like!

Afterward, he immediately hid near the UAZ that Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang were also hiding behind after they had been knocked down. He kept himself out of their vision and crouched while he patched himself up nervously with a first aid kit.

Without any warning, Li Muqiu who had his back facing the UAZ as he healed himself heard a loud "boom"!

Quickly after, he flew uncontrollably and knelt on the ground at once.

"Lech321 was knocked down by a vehicle!"

'F*ck me!'

Looking at his constantly decreasing health, Li Muqiu was absolutely dumbfounded!

Soon enough, he realized what was going on and was so furious that he wanted to slap himself!

It turned out that the frag grenade he threw earlier had exploded unexpectedly and its enormous impact flipped the UAZ over. This caused Li Muqiu who was crouching behind the UAZ while he healed himself, to be knocked away.

Behind the car, Bai Shaobin who suffered a subsequent hit from the frag grenade was totally outraged.

Now that he had turned into a crate, he noticed the system prompt on the bottom left corner of his screen.

After being slightly startled, he began feeling delighted and could not help but make a remark, "Hehe, old friend Qiu, which play are you acting in? You didn't have to present me with such a big gift because I'm dead, did you?"

"Deadman, shut up!" Li Muqiu replied snappily.

Followed by that, he quickly called out to Liu Zilang in his team voice chat, "Brother Lang, come save me now! I've been knocked down for the second time."

"Deadman, shut up!" Liu Zilang responded.

Li Muqiu choked and then pleaded softly, "I'm not dead yet, you can still revive me."

At that moment, Liu Zilang had jumped out from behind the ruined car and was jogging toward Li Muqiu's position.

At that time, the car opposite side of the bridge was outside of the blue circle. Furthermore, since a player had been knocked down by Liu Zilang, he was probably being revived by his teammate.

Hence, Liu Zilang did not bother looking for cover when he ran and was not hit as well. He ran over to Li Muqiu directly.


Seeing that Liu Zilang was rushing toward him, Li Muqiu thanked him right away, "Thank you, Brother Lang! How can I ever repay your saving grace!"

Liu Zilang did not bother to acknowledge him. Liu Zilang took a glance at the other player who was kneeling by the car with his hands on his stomach. He asked through the YY voice chat, "Who's this? Where's Bai Shaobin?"

As Liu Zilang had not turned on his microphone in the game, Li Muqiu was the only one who could hear him through YY.

"He was killed by the explosion, this is a rookie from their team," Li Muqiu replied.

When Bai Shaobin heard what Li Muqiu had said, even though he had turned into a crate, he asked out of curiosity, "Guru Lang? Who exactly is he, old friend Qiu?"

At that moment, Hou Dongfang who was not bombed since he was hiding by the side spoke without integrity, "Good man, spare my life! Good man, spare my life! I'll give you my bullets and guns, there's a medkit here, and some painkillers..."

While he said that, he kept crawling backward, and dropped some items out.

As soon as Liu Zilang heard Hou Dongfang, he promptly turned on his microphone. "Stop dropping them, it's too troublesome."

Before his voice died away, he took his M16 out. "Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh", he fired three-burst shots at him!

The next second, a system prompt popped up.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed Tyloo-Dead Runner with M16A4!"

Hou Dongfang was completely speechless. "%¥¥#&%¥"