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56 17 Shots In 2 Seconds!

 With the "secret message delivery" by fans and mediocre players from both live streaming channels, soon enough, Li Muqiu and Bai Shaobin were aware of who they were facing.

When Li Muqiu looked at the bullet screen, after being a little shocked, he could not help but feel elated, "F***! The spectators in my live streaming channel are saying that the person behind the car is Shao Bing, that fellow, hahaha! I finally got you today!"

"Shao Bing?" Liu Zilang was startled. "Do you mean Bai Shaobin?"

"Other than that Bai Shao Bing, who else could it be?" Li Muqiu gritted his teeth and continued saying in anger, "During the last competition, this fellow was so persistent in blocking my team from entering the circle. In the end, both of our teams failed to get a placing, so other teams got it instead. I'm still so furious from the thought of it."

After that, Li Muqiu took a glance at Liu Zilang and then chuckled all of a sudden. "Currently, that fellow is one of 'Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods'. It was a newbie who bullied our team's sniper the last time, now that you're here today, let's see what he can do! Haha."

"Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods?" Liu Zilang smirked. "Is it that cool? Who are the other two players? I'm sure there's Master Ze?"

"That's right, and another player from Korea." Li Muqiu nodded.


At that time, Bai Shaobin who was streaming live on Huya quickly realized what was going on after he saw the bullet screen from fans and mediocre players.

'The one who's blocking the bridge is Li Muqiu!

'Exactly what I was saying... no wonder that person was so shameless when he peeked!'

Bai Shaobin thought disdainfully.

'Wait a minute, it doesn't seem right!'

Bai Shaobin furrowed his brows. He had played against the sniper from Li Muqiu's team in competitions, and whether it was his awareness or his mentality, he was far from being a top-notch sniper. He was completely different from the person on the opposite side of the bridge.

'Who's the one with Li Muqiu on the opposite of the bridge?

'Could it be Master Ze?'

With those thoughts, Bai Shaobin could not help but turn on the "All" voice chat, and tried shouting on the bridge, "Old friend Qiu?"

A brief moment later, accompanied by the sea breeze, a familiar voice was heard from the ruined car at the center of the bridge.

"Shao Bing?"

'Shao Bing your *ss!'

Bai Shaobin's face turned dark, he then heard a "pfft" sound from his ears!

When he turned to look, he found Hou Dongfang holding in his laughter with his face flushed red. He could also hear soft laughter from the Team Two players who were in the training room next door.

Bai Shaobin forcibly held in his urge to yell at them as his curiosity still prevailed in the end. Thus, he continued asking, "You're in a 2-man squad? Who's with you?"

"Try guessing!" Li Muqiu's lazy and irritating voice was heard again.

'Guess your head!'

Bai Shaobin could not hold it in anymore. He threatened, 'Believe it or not, I'll make your head explode in one shot!"

"I don't believe it!" Li Muqiu squinted his eyes and smiled. "You can try peeking!"

As Bai Shaobin looked at his empty head, he felt dispirited. Hence, he suppressed his impulsiveness and then asked, "Is that Master Ze with you?"

"No," Li Muqiu answered honestly.

"I'll eat sh*t if he's not!" Bai Shaobin blurted out.

"Do you have enough?" Li Muqiu asked abruptly.

"What?" Bai Shaobin was stunned.



The corner of Bai Shaobin's eyes twitched a bit as he then declared furiously, "If you've got guts, show your head, I'll let you go first!"

"You go first if you've got the guts!"

"You first!"

"You first!"

"Haha, you don't dare to?"

"Hehe, you dare to?"


"Shut up!"

Looking at how the two of them were in an endless argument, right then, an impatient voice was heard from behind the vehicle.

Li Muqiu fell silent instantly.

On the other hand, Bai Shaobin was taken aback, and he somehow felt that the voice was quite familiar.

However, while he was thinking, his teammate mentioned in the voice chat, "Team Bai, the blue circle is refreshing. I saw that there's not a single boat down there, how do we do this?"

When Bai Shaobin heard his teammate, he finally reacted.

Earlier on, he was too immersed in the verbal fight with Li Muqiu that he had actually forgotten that they were still outside the circle.

'Speaking of which, did that fellow do it on purpose?

'It's very possible!'

Right after Bai Shaobin thought so, he could not help but shout in front of everyone, "Old friend Qiu! Let's negotiate, let us through the bridge, and we'll meet in the final circle."

"Sure!" Li Muqiu agreed right away. "You just have to pay us a toll fee."

"What toll fee?" Bai Shaobin became cautious.

"Your heads," Li Muqiu answered.

"So there's no room for discussion?" Bai Shaobin raised an eyebrow.

"Why didn't you have a discussion with me the previous time?" Li Muqiu's tone sounded like it was full of hatred.

Bai Shaobin lifted the corner of his lip.

Unquestionably, Li Muqiu was revengeful. Moments before this, he kept dragging his time in hope that the blue circle would get closer to them.

'There's no other way then!'

Bai Shaobin took a deep breath and then instructed, "You guys behind there, drive the car over and be ready to charge across the bridge!"


Behind the car in the middle of the bridge.

Liu Zilang was puzzled. "You weren't planning to let him through anyway, why did you toy him?"

"To vent my anger!" Li Muqiu replied loud and clear.

Liu Zilang was speechless.

"They're ready to charge across the bridge!"

At that moment, the sound of a car engine could be heard from the other end of the bridge.

Simultaneously, Bai Shaobin who was on the opposite end gave firm instructions in his team's voice chat, "Zi Ming, Er Gou, the two of you drive the car and stop behind the destroyed jeep. Then, throw smoke grenades toward the opposite side as decoys.

"Monkey and I will drive over first. Monkey, you'll roughly fire at that position from the vehicle, try not to give them any chance to set up and shoot.

"Once the smoke is out, we'll stop the jeep and use it as cover. Then, Ziming and Er Gou will drive the other car over for us to hop in."


Truthfully, as the team captain of TyLoo for two seasons, Bai Shaobin was indeed excellent at giving commands. His explanations for every command was very clear.

When the other three players heard Bai Shaobin's instructions, they immediately started working.

"Chi, chi, chi!"

Three smoke grenades were thrown out from behind the burning jeep. They flew in curved lines in the air and then rolled on the ground before plenty of smoke came out of them.

Soon enough, smoke spread and filled the air between Liu Zilang's team and Bai Shaobin's team.

At the very next second, vehicle sounds were heard from within the smoke.


"They're thinking of crossing the bridge just like that? They're really underestimating us."

Li Muqiu sneered. Being called the "Little King of AK", instead of using his AK, he wielded the SKS in his hands.

Right then, bullets from inside the smoke shot past the two of them from time to time. Sounds caused by friction between the vehicle's tires and the ground could also be heard.

Evidently, Bai Shaobin's car was not being driven in a straight line but was moving forward in an irregular manner.

However, it was then when Li Muqiu's ears moved very slightly!

Before their car was out of the smoke, he pulled the trigger!

In a flash, as a designated marksman rifle, the SKS that Li Muqiu was holding executed its various functions fully and beautifully!

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom..!"

A series of rapid gunshots rumbled!

In just a little over two seconds, all 20 bullets in Li Muqiu's SKS were cleared!

Following that, a system prompt appeared on the bottom left corner of his screen!

"Lech321 knocked down Tyloo-Nighthawk by headshot with SKS!"

Afterward, a screeching sound due to friction was heard, and the vehicle in the smoke stopped.

One thing to note, the SKS was a designated marksman rifle that only supported single firing mode, and its shortest time between shots was 0.09 seconds.

Once, somebody had tested that in the most extreme situations, the SKS could only make 22 shots at most in two seconds.

Of course, this was only its theoretical limit, whereby aspects like the time needed to control the gun's recoil, and the time needed to aim were disregarded. In reality, a designated marksman rifle like SKS shook violently with every shot.

Therefore, now that Li Muqiu had emptied 20 bullets in a little over two seconds, and managed to knock down a player, he was significantly close to surpassing the human limits of a player.

In the live streaming channel, countless spectators who witnessed the scene were dumbstruck!


"F*ck! A headshot through the smoke?"

"That was awesome! Speaking of which, what marksmanship was Guru Qiu using?"

"Ah? Marksmanship? Why do I feel like Guru Qiu was just simply shooting!"

"I know! It's the legendary Blind JB Marksmanship!"


"By the way, didn't you guys notice that Guru Qiu's shots from his SKS were very fast?"

"I noticed too, that was definitely 17 shots in 2 seconds!"


...In Chinese, 'shao bing' is actually a kind of pastry, which is baked sesame seed biscuit. In this sentence, it is clear that Li Muqiu is making fun of Bai Shaobin's name with a pastry's name as both are pronounced in a similar way in Chinese