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55 Master Ze, Is That You?

 While Li Muqiu was busy healing himself, he glanced at the direction opposite of the head of the car.

He saw a figure swaying behind the burning UAZ. Evidently, somebody was also observing them from that direction.

Liu Zilang stuck his body out due to a sudden urge.

The next second, as if both of them were telepathic, his opponent peeked as well.



Two gunshots exploded in an exceptionally fast manner such that their response and speed were simply unimaginable.

The instant Liu Zilang fired, a sense of immense danger emerged in his heart!

Therefore, as soon as the bullet was shot, he quickly crouched.

Next thing he knew, a bullet flew past his scalp.

"Ding", it hit the body of the van behind him that had fallen over on one side.

Clearly, if Liu Zilang's reaction speed had been a little bit slower by even 0.1 seconds!

Judging by the placement of the bullet, it was probably aimed at his head!


Appalled, Liu Zilang gasped.

Earlier on when the two of them shot at each other, Liu Zilang had been under cover, whereas the other player peeked and attacked forcibly.

This meant that when the person peeked from behind the car, he basically had no time to aim at all.

He merely pre-aimed from behind the car, and sniped instantly!

It was also this shot that nearly took away Liu Zilang's life!

An expert!

Right then, he made a firm judgment.

Instead of feeling nervous, Liu Zilang's heart began pounding wildly because he felt so excited; as if he had found a long lost opponent!


Jianghai, TyLoo Club's base.

Blood splattered from his head, and his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet that had only half its durability left shattered instantly.

Bai Shaobin whose health bar had dropped to the bottom shriveled back to where he was. He appeared to be utterly shocked!

"Team Bai, what's the situation?"

Sitting beside him, a teenager who looked around seventeen to eighteen years old could not help but ask curiously.

In actual fact, not only him, Team Two in the training room next door was heard gasping out of shock as well.

To be honest, previously when they saw that the two players actually dared to peek to snipe at Bai Shaobin, they were ready to watch a good show.

Currently, Bai Shaobin who was known as "Nighthawk Eyes" was on par with Shen Zeyang the "Sniper God", and was publicly acknowledged as one of the top three snipers on the Asia server!

In recent PUBG offline professional leagues, his performances were fairly eye-catching. For the first time in professional league history, with all his teammates dead in the first circle, he managed to create a frightening record of achieving chicken dinner with one sniper, and 16 kills. Moreover, on the Asia server's leaderboard, he maintained his ranking in the top five for a few seasons!

At the same time, during the CSGO period, Bai Shaobin was also a reputable FPS professional player of the previous generation and was also the team captain of TyLoo. When TyLoo established a PUBG division, he held the positions of the team captain, and the sniper of the team once more.

At present, as he streamed his games live on Huya Live, both his popularity and skills were highly admired by countless players.

With that being said, someone like him actually lost at sniping to a random player who was not even in the top 1000 players in the Asia server.

Just now, they all saw when that person behind the car crouched right after the shot. If he was shot, they would certainly see blood splattering out of his head, but in reality, they saw nothing.

Instead, Bai Shaobin's health bar dropped so much that it turned red, and his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet was also gone.

Whatever it was, everyone was in disbelief!

At that moment, a seventeen to eighteen years old teenager, Hou Dongfang, was sitting next to Bai Shaobin. He was a recent rising star of PUBG due to all the fiery frenzy, by which his skills and mentality were the most outstanding among the professional players in his batch. After being recruited into TyLoo's PUBG division, he entered Team One right away and was free position Number 4.

When Hou Dongfang saw that Bai Shaobin fell silent after being shot, due to his mind of a teenager's, even though he only had a Level Two Military Helmet, he carried his 98K and extended his body out. He aimed right at the ruined car that Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu were hiding behind.

His intention was crystal clear...

'If you have the balls to, peek again!'

This time, the two of them changed sides on offense and defense.

He fired under cover.

Liu Zilang was on offense.


Looking at Hou Dongfang's actions, Bai Shaobin who was crouching and healing himself did not stop him.

Truthfully, he really wanted to know who was on the opposite side.

The next instant, without warning, a gunshot was heard!


A 7.62mm sniper bullet flew at an extreme speed and swept across the bridge. It was about to hit!

In a flash of light, as Hou Dongfang's eyes dodged abruptly and he reclined, the enormous impact from the sniper bullet instantly broke his Level Two Military Helmet into pieces.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked out TyLoo-DeadRunner by headshot with M24!"

That was right!

Throughout the whole process, only one bullet was shot!

Along with that, there was only one gunshot!

Though Hou Dongfang was first to set up at Liu Zilang, in that split second, through his retina, he only managed to get a glimpse of the sudden movement of a person standing up, and a person crouching down!

Subsequently, before he could get a clear look at that figure, he was knocked down without warning. Naturally, there was no way he could aim and return fire.

When Bai Shaobin witnessed that, he could not help but gasp. He uttered with a stern face, "Flash snipe!"

Hou Dongfang who had been knocked down trembled instantly as if he had heard something unbelievable.


There was one thing that had to be made clear, which was "flash snipe" and "instant snipe" were different.

While "instant snipe" was the quick movement of peeking, scoping in, and locking on a target. On the same basis, a "flash snipe" had the extra move of pulling one's body back.

By doing that, as long as your marksmanship was accurate, and your body technique was fast enough!

Flash snipe meant that you would always be the one hitting your opponents, and your opponents would never have the chance to hit you.

As a matter of fact, this action was not a secret in the FPS circle in the past but had always been just a theory as it was terribly tough to pull off in a real battle.

After all, it was a move that required one to aim and shoot in the split moment of peeking and then pulling one's body back at a remarkably high speed. Furthermore, the shot had to hit the enemy's head.

The difficulty of this was simply not human!

In the past when many players accidentally executed this, it was generally regarded by spectators as a "crazy shot" that happened once in a blue moon.

However, based on the shot just now, Bai Shaobin was a hundred percent sure that it was definitely not a "crazy shot"!

While he thought so and was going to rescue Hou Dongfang beside him, he took a look at the ID that appeared on the bottom right corner of his screen. He became even more muddled after seeing it.


' this person?'


In the live streaming channel.

Countless spectators witnessed the two stunning shots by Liu Zilang, and were extremely shocked!

"F*ck, Guru Qiu's friend is too mind-blowing!"

"A true expert, I'm totally left speechless by his shots."

"Guru, do you take in apprentices? I'd like to learn how to snipe!"

"Look for me if you want to learn how to snipe! Two hundred per person, guaranteed to succeed!"


It was then when somebody voiced out on the bullet screen, "Eh, didn't you guys notice the ID of the second player who got knocked down?"

"I was just about to say, TyLoo-DeadRunner, isn't he the little sunshine boy from Team TyLoo?"

"Little sunshine boy? TyLoo? Master Bai's team?"

"F*ck! I just came back from Master Bai's Huya live stream, the team opposite the bridge is Master Bai's team!"

"Really? It can't be?"

Soon enough, countless people from the live stream went to get confirmation on this, and the bullet screen quickly turned lively again.

"F*ck! It's really Master Bai!"

"Mmm, looks like Master Bai and the little sunshine boy are leading two professional players from Team Two in a random matchmaking game, and are streaming it live."

"Besides, the two players that Guru Qiu's friend just hit are Master Bai and that little sunshine boy!"

"Oh my gosh! You're joking!"

"He was sniping at Master Bai? And he won? Am I freaking dreaming?"

"That... Speaking of which, did Guru Qiu's friend really not use a voice changer?"

"I have the same feeling! Hey, hey, hey! Master Ze, is that you?"

The moment this went up on the bullet screen, it did not take long before the whole live streaming channel's screen was filled with "Master Ze, is that you?"