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54 GG, They’re Quite Skilled!

 After wiping out the whole team, the two of them quickly looted their items.

Followed by that, they drove the vehicles to the other side of the bridge to hide them. They were now done with their first stage of "recovering" the battlefield on the bridge.

Nonetheless, there was really nothing they could do about the crates left behind by that team, thus they could only leave them there.

When the sea breeze came, the place actually looked quite desolate.

Right then, the next safe zone had refreshed. The two of them had guessed it right, it was indeed at the Sosnovka Military Base.

Looking at how the Ferry Pier and the houses on either side of the West Bridge were no longer in the safe zone, they predicted that a wave of people would soon cross the bridge, or cross the river in boats.

It was just as predicted.

Not long after the two of them waited on the bridge, familiar roars of car engines were heard from the other side of the bridge.

Li Muqiu licked his lips as he clenched the AK in his hands whereas Liu Zilang held his M24 up skillfully.

It had to be confessed, once a sniper like the M24 was equipped with a suppressor, the feel of it was out of this world.

Especially since its sound was similar to that of a "staple gun", it was simply an "ASMR" of firearms in PlayerUnknown's Battleground for players' eardrums.

However, after scoping in at the bridgehead, Liu Zilang furrowed his brows.

Two UAZs were seen driving past the bridgehead one after another, and they were both hiding at a certain spot. After that, no more movements were heard.

"The people opposite of us stopped, looks like they're trying to block the bridge too." Upon seeing the situation, Li Muqiu could not help but feel a little annoyed. "I'm guessing they're trying to form the first 'toll station'. If that's the case, we can only eat what's left."

"Blocking the bridge outside the circle?" Confused, Liu Zilang muttered, "Isn't this team's playing style rather wild?'

On the other hand, Li Muqiu seemed unbothered. "What's with it? It's only the second circle, it's not too painful."

Liu Zilang shook his head and then said slowly, "I'm not talking about the circle. I mean the people opposite us must have seen the crates on the bridge when they stopped, they should know that there are still people on the bridge. However, they still choose to block the bridge outside the circle..."

Before Liu Zilang could finish, Li Muqiu realized what was going on.

He clenched his fists together as he uttered madly, "F*ck! These people are looking down on us!"

"Now you know." Liu Zilang was somewhat speechless.

While Li Muqiu was venting off his dissatisfaction, once again, the rumbling sound of a car engine was heard from the bridgehead.

It did not take long before a UAZ with a hard top appeared coming down the road.

Despite that, based on the direction they were headed in, it seemed like they were not thinking of crossing the bridge directly but were only passing by to get to the Ferry Pier's coastline to get a boat.


Crouching behind the car, Liu Zilang initially thought that the car would be stopped before it even got close.

Who knew that players at the bridgehead were hiding very well, and were very disciplined.

Only when the UAZ came closer did they peek one after another. They fired at the UAZ, causing "ding ding dang dang" sounds to be heard!

The few people in the UAZ were completely taken aback. How could they still dare to drive toward the seaside anymore?

At that time, the ambush location of the team at the bridgehead was exactly in their path to get to the seaside!

In such a desperate moment, the driver turned the car around and then charged straight toward the bridge.

It seemed like he was planning to draw some distance between them by passing the bridgehead before they fired back at them with the car as cover.

That being said, what they did not expect was for the firepower of the team at the bridgehead to be so strong!

Furthermore, the shots fired by their rifles were fast and accurate; whereby they crackled and rattled like raindrops pattering rhythmically on banana leaves.

As soon as the UAZ passed the bridgehead, before they could even create any distance, the vehicle began smoking.


'This isn't good!'

Instantly, the team of players in the UAZ knew that things were going bad, they could not be bothered about creating distance anymore. Right away, the driver hit the brakes.

Even so, right then, the firepower aimed at the UAZ became stronger.

Before the four players who jumped out of the UAZ could run further away from the vehicle, it burnt up in flames!

Next thing they knew, a "Boom" was heard!

All of a sudden, flames whizzed out from beneath the vehicle and quickly spread to its surroundings!

As for the players who had escaped the car hastily, their health bars were not full in the first place. Earlier on, they had suffered a shot or two each, so it was extremely lucky of them to have survived this.

Nevertheless, the moment the UAZ exploded, their luck ended.

When the burning flames flashed, four new crates were found around the vehicle.

Within the next second, spam appeared on the bottom left of the screen.


At the bridgehead.

"Haha, those idiots, they were thinking of charging across the bridge."

A player pretended to sound helpless as he replied, "Players on the Asia server now are getting more substandard."

"Tsk tsk, one car, four kills, that's awful!" Another player laughed and then sighed. He asked casually, "Right, who made the last exploding shot just now?"

Right after he said that, everyone fell silent.

The few of them looked at one another without saying a word.

A moment later, that person furrowed his brows. He looked at the spam that flooded the bottom left corner of his screen.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed LittlePigPeggy with a vehicle explosion!"

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed LittlePigGeorge with a vehicle explosion!"



"F*ck, somebody stole our kills!" The first person who spoke was absolutely furious.

When he looked at the ID of the person who had stolen their kills, he almost vomited blood.


On the bridge.

Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu looked at each other, and at the same time, they laughed like foxes that managed to steal chickens.

In the live streaming channel, countless spectators spammed the bullet screen with "666" as well.

"One car, four kills, what a tragedy!"

"The most important thing about a family is to have everyone together."

"Haha, that team at the bridgehead must feel so frustrated now, after firing for so long, their kills were stolen."

"He killed with skill, why do you say that he stole their kills?"


In the game, Liu Zilang squinted his eyes. He said as he looked at the bridgehead, "Be careful, it looks like that team is coming for us!"

At that end of the bridge, two people out of the team of four which was in hiding came out. They kept looking for cover as they carefully made their way over to the burning car.

Liu Zilang scoped in to aim a few times but he failed to find a suitable timing to fire.

Looking at how things were going, his heart quivered.

Something was up with this team.

After all, it could be explained as a coincidence if only one player was being like that but if both were acting the same, it might not be so.

On the other hand, Li Muqiu who was beside him did not notice this detail as he was not scoped in that direction.

When he saw that those players had reached behind the car, he rubbed his hands together and wiped his palms as he spoke, "Those people can't hold it in any longer? Perfect! I can't hold it in any longer too."

"Be careful, this team is quite skillful," Liu Zilang said.

"Great! If they're not, it'll look like I bullied them if I killed them!" Li Muqiu was being cocky.

He held his SKS up skillfully, and just as he lifted his head up from behind cover, a gunshot came from afar without any warning!


Right after that, a pool of blood was seen on Li Muqiu's head that was covered by a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!

In line with that, his health bar declined, and a big section of it was gone!

Li Muqiu who was totally unprepared was appalled. He quickly crouched after that and looked extremely embarrassed.

"I told you to be careful. I told you this team is quite skillful." Upon seeing him in such a state, Liu Zilang gloated a little.

While Li Muqiu healed himself, he remarked madly, "Didn't you say that they were quite skillful? How'd I know that they're actually more than skillful; that instant snipe just now was definitely top level even among professionals!"

"Don't! Just admit it if you're weak, I won't laugh at you," Liu Zilang remarked.

"It's really not because I'm weak! That person's skill level is somewhere on the top professionally." Li Muqiu immediately became anxious when he heard that. "I swear on Shen Zeyan's personality."

Although Li Muqiu did not sound very reliable, he looked like he was making a solemn vow.

Therefore, Liu Zilang somewhat trusted him.

That was because based on his understanding of Li Muqiu's skills, there was rarely anyone who could make him shrivel back after his helmet was gone, and he actually did nothing about it.

When Liu Zilang thought about that, he could not help but become interested in the so-called "PlayerUnknown's Battleground Top Professional" level.

...Short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation, particularly from a sound