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53 The Bridge Is Being Blocked!

 Followed by that, Liu Zilang drove the car for a few rounds on the beach.

As soon as the airdrop landed, he pressed the accelerator and dashed toward it.

Instantly, Li Muqiu who sat in the passenger seat clenched his fists. He had switched to his Tab key to practice his speed for looting items later.


'I must be fast!'

He kept telling himself.

"We're near!"

However, the next second, Li Muqiu widened his eyes!

From charging straight toward the airdrop, Liu Zilang's car took an abrupt turn to the right, and "swooshed" past the airdrop that had red smoke coming out of it.

'What's going on?'

Li Muqiu was totally confounded!

When he turned to look from the passenger seat, he was thoroughly stunned as he suddenly realized that the driver's seat was empty.

Currently, he was sitting in a black car without a driver and was heading toward the sea.

As Li Muqiu turned to look again, he could not help but feel so furious that the veins in his forehead began to bulge out!

Liu Zilang whose health had dropped by half was seen appearing closer to the airdrop crate, while he was gradually getting further away from the airdropped crate...


At that moment, Li Muqiu really wanted to smash his head into the steering wheel.

In actual fact, on second thought, he could not be blamed.

Although Li Muqiu was known as "Asia's Number One Killing God" in PlayerUnknown's Battleground, and his strength was definitely enough to make him one of the top five experts in the Asia server, he had never experienced loot snatching by other players.

Usually, whether it was a professional league or a ranked game.

The most commonly heard sentences in his team voice chat were "Guru Qiu, do you want an 8x scope?"

"Guru Qiu, I'll give you my Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet."

"Guru Qiu, quickly come over here, there's a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, I've marked it already..."


'Li Muqiu!

'Asia's Number One Killing God!

'Since when did I have to fight for loot with others!'

Li Muqiu had those thoughts in his mind as he looked at the "shameless person" who had emptied the airdrop calmly, and was now equipped with a Ghillie suit and an M24. Tears flowed all over his heart!


'I was so damn naive!'


On the bridge, behind a ruined car.

Liu Zilang who was staring at the bridgehead opposite of him accidentally turned to take a look, and could not help but shift his body slightly to the right...

A brief moment later...

When he turned to look again, he found Li Muqiu's pitch-dark muzzle aimed right at his head once more.

At a loss for words, Liu Zilang questioned, "Why do you keep aiming at my head?"

"Ah? Did I aim at your head?" Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, Li Muqiu answered him half-heartedly in a tone as if he was totally surprised, "I'm sorry, I'm aiming at the bridgehead opposite of us, maybe it overlapped."

'Overlapped your *ss!'

Liu Zilang could not believe his ears.

He pondered for a while and then continued, "Don't be like that, pick yourself up and get in the game, there's actually nothing much in the airdrop crate...

"Other than an M24, a Ghillie suit, a 15x scope, and a sniper suppressor, really..."


A gunshot was heard from behind him!

Liu Zilang looked from the corner of his eyes and found a bullet hole in the ruined car that was right beside his head.

He swallowed involuntarily, and finished his sentence softly as he felt somewhat guilty, "Really...there's actually nothing much..."

Right then, the roar of a car engine came from the bridgehead.

Next thing they knew, an orange sedan car appeared at the bridgehead, followed by a UAZ!

"Get ready for battle!" All of a sudden, Liu Zilang uttered seriously.

Though Li Muqiu remained silent, the rage bar in his heart still "swished, swished, and swished" to the maximum.

At that moment, the way he looked at it, the ones who were driving toward them from the bridgehead were not his enemies, but Liu Zilang with a filthy smile!


The cars were getting nearer!

Liu Zilang peeked abruptly, and wielded his M24 with a 15x scope!

In the spur of that moment, the driver of the orange sedan car in the middle of the bridge appeared so clearly as if he was right in front of him!

Right after that, a striking sound that sounded like a staple gun was heard!

In a flash, the Level Two Military Helmet of the orange sedan car's driver flew off due to a gunshot. This caused blood to splatter out!

"Screech, screech, screech!"

The sedan car immediately lost control, and its friction with the bridge's road caused a sharp noise!

"Somebody's here!"

The opposite team which was prepared to shoot back when they crossed the bridge quickly reacted in time, so the three remaining players anxiously turned the steering wheel; hoping that they could stop the car horizontally and use it as their shelter.

Nonetheless, in that short period of time, Liu Zilang had pulled the bolt of his M24, and loaded ammo into it!

Another gunshot rang in the air!

The driver of the UAZ that was following behind the sedan car hit the brakes and was ready to jump out of the car.

Following that, he did find himself outside the car.

That being said, he was in a kneeling position.

In just the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang's hair-raising, accurate shots actually reduced the enemy team from four players to two players!


Subsequently, the two of them did not even need to communicate.

Li Muqiu wielded his AK swiftly and leaped through the ruined car in front of him. He then dashed straight toward the two vehicles in the middle of the bridge.

Behind the orange sedan car in front of him, the player who had been knocked down had crawled behind the car.

Just as his teammate was about to revive him, from the corner of his eyes, he noticed Li Muqiu who was charging at them without being blocked by any obstructions.

'You're looking for death!'

Looking at the situation, that person smirked and decided to give up on saving his teammate. Instead, he took out his M4, and peeked from behind the car!


Under normal circumstances, no matter how fast Li Muqiu reacted, without any cover, he was really at a huge disadvantage to shoot.

Nevertheless, the instant the player behind that orange sedan car peeked!

His eyelids twitched without warning, and his body was bent over.

At the same time, even with a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, his health bar plummeted to the extent that it was only left with a small red section!


That person gasped, and found himself in a perilous situation!

A second later, as if he had come to a sudden realization, he quickly yelled through the voice chat at his other teammate who was behind the UAZ, "Don't peek!"

Yet, it was too late!

A 7.62mm sniper bullet flew across the bridge at once, and knocked down his teammate behind the UAZ in a speed that was even faster than his voice!

His teammate wore a Level Two Military Helmet!

Quickly after, Li Muqiu who was holding an AK rushed over.

He jumped over the front of the orange sedan car and gave a hopeless flying kick to the player who was on the brink of death after being shot by Liu Zilang's M24.

"Da, da, da!"

"Da, da, da!"

"Da, da, da!"

The sound of the gunshots lasted so long that it echoed in the sky above the bridge!

Upon seeing Li Muqiu look around the spot for so long after he had jumped over the car, Liu Zilang who was providing covering fire behind them asked curiously, "What's the situation? Is there anyone else?"

"No more, I'm whipping the dead bodies!" Li Muqiu gritted his teeth as he replied with anger.

Liu Zilang was speechless.

After hearing what Li Muqiu had said, he made a rational decision to shut up.