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52 The Ultimate Bait!

 What the actual f*ck!

Li Muqiu stared at the ceiling as his face came in contact with it before he crashed back onto the ground.

At the same time, a system notification appeared on the bottom left corner.

"LittleGourdian downed Lech321 with a grenade!"

The live viewers laughed as they witnessed everything.

"Is this it?"

"Hahaha this is too funny. This is what you get for attacking corpses!"

"Do you think you'd be dead if you didn't fool around just now?"

"Karma's a b*tch! What goes around comes around!"

"666. Guru Qiu isn't an entertainer officially!"


Lu Muqiu who had been detonated took this opportunity to look at his bullet screen and did not know how to respond to it.

He had covered the sound of the footsteps as he took his time to shoot at the corpses. It was too late for him to evade the grenade by the time it was thrown into the room.

Lu Muqiu who had been downed shamefully screamed, "Brother Lang! Save save save save save save me!"

"Oh shut up!" Liu Zilang replied coldly.


Li Muqiu became quiet as he went to a corner and drew circles there.

... At Liu Zilang's end.

Although he had killed both his enemies in a 1v2 fight, half of his HP had been shaved off.

As he crouched down behind the rear door and attempted to heal himself with a first aid kit, his healing was interrupted as he heard movements nearby.

The footsteps were getting closer!

Liu Zilang reacted swiftly as he ran behind a box and peeked for enemies.

Meanwhile, there were two players moving about in building K near the back room. It seemed that enemies were coming after them.

In such a critical situation, Liu Zilang accidentally spotted the crate underneath him that he had killed earlier.

In one motion, he swiftly switched his M16A4 to the S686, a double barrel shotgun!

He switched his weapon!

He finished loading the gun with a click!

Meanwhile, both enemies spotted him as he was swapping his weapon.

The enemies split up as they started attacking Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the box!

"They're coming! They're coming!" Li Muqiu who was on the ground screamed as he saw movement in front of him.

"Thud thud thud!"

As the footsteps approached him, Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the box with an S686 ignored Li Muqiu.

He held onto his breath calmly as if he was a predator that was about to attack!

Then, the enemies in front of him charged toward the box from both side at once!

At that instant, Liu Zilang immediately fired his S686 to his left!

He then crouched down swiftly, pulled a perfect 180-degree turn and fired to his right!

"Da da da..."

"Bam! Bam!"

Two crates appeared on both sides of the box after the gunshots ceased. It was only then did Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the box, let out a long sigh of relief.

Through Li Muqiu's perspective from the ground, the viewers saw everything unfold right before their very eyes...

They were astonished beyond words!

"What the f*ck! What's with that crazy movement?"

"Is this the legendary reverse body technique?"

"F*cking cool! What a f*cking great shot!"

"Who is he? A special force? The return of the legendary player? Is he always this serious!"

"66666. He has my sincere praise!"

"Don't bother watching this Yang Qihang. You won't be able to master it! Remember to deliver my meal to me!"

"..." ... "Langzi, that's amazing!" Li Muqiu's praise toward Liu Zilang was extremely sincere as he crawled slowly towards the latter.

"Okay," Liu Zilang respond casually as he healed himself up with a first aid kit before looting the enemies items as usual.

Li Muqiu started to panic upon realizing what was happening and quickly added on, "Brother Lang is the best! Brother Lang is the best!"

"Sure sure okay." Liu Zilang nodded as he looted the items.

"Oi you arrogant f*ck!" Li Muqiu could not hold it in any longer and let out a cuss!

Liu Zilang who had finished looting everything quickly went toward Li Muqiu. He loaded his S686 with ammo and acted as if he did not hear what Li Muqiu had said earlier. "Pardon? What did you say?"

"I'm sorry my lord!"

Li Muqiu, who was laying on the ground trembled upon seeing the weapon aimed at him.

The viewers burst into laughter once more upon witnessing that scene!

The live stream had changed the viewers' opinions on Li Muqiu. His usual image was shattered into millions of pieces.

... Both of them got out from building K half a minute later.

Li Muqiu gritted his teeth as he aimed at Liu Zilang's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet while the latter led the way. The viewers laughed uncontrollably as they watched this happen from Li Muqiu's perspective.

"Guru Qiu wants his revenge!"

"Haha, I'm really curious who this guy is since he's able to play with Guru Qiu within his palm."

"Have you guys realized that this guy's IGN is perfect for this scenario."


"Pfft! Hahaha!"


Liu Zilang did not realize this at all. As he exited the Sosnovka Military Base to look for a car, he asked, "Hey! My Kar98k is lacking a muzzle. Do you have one?"

"Yeah I do," Li Muqiu replied indifferently. "But I'm using it for my SKS."

"Is that so..." Liu Zilang nodded as he questioned further, "Are you interested in trading it with me?"

"What do you have?" Li Muqiu was curious.

His face blackened after that.

That was because he saw that Liu Zilang had stopped moving and a smoke grenade appeared on the ground.

Li Muqiu resisted his urge to fire a shot at him and said, "Are you joking with me?"

Realizing that Li Muqiu's tone sounded rather off, Liu Zilang picked up the smoke grenade and muttered, "Should've just told me you're not willing to trade... Thrifty!"

"Thri... Thrifty?" Liu Muqiu's cheeks started twitching.

... They soon arrived outside the Sosnovka Military Base where they found a Hard Top UAZ.

The blue circle was halfway through.

At a glance, the first safe zone was at the west side of the map, including the Sosnovka Military Base, the Ferry Pier right opposite the West Bridge, and the Ridge Complex.

If they were right, the next circle would be in this area.

This match would most likely be within the Sosnovka Military Base.

"Let's ambush other players by the bridge!" Li Muqiu said confidently.

It was obvious that he had to let out what he had been storing inside him.

As they were fast approaching the West Bridge, the sky started roaring as a plane flew past above them.

Liu Zilang unconsciously held up his Kar98K as he wanted to shoot it down with a bullet.

Just before he opened fire, the plane flew across the bridge and dropped something by the beach.

"It's an airdrop!" Li Muqiu said excitedly.


The friction between the car's tires and the grass produced an audible screech.

The UAZ that was heading toward the bridge drifted as it changed direction and headed toward the beach.

"Quickly! This airdrop is definitely ours!" Li Muqiu was very excited.

As soon as he finished speaking, he quickly looked at Liu Zilang who was driving warily. He could not help himself but test the waters. "Langzi, I assume you don't need the items in the airdrop since you've got good items on you."

"Naturally," Liu Zilang replied swiftly.

Li Muqiu was relieved the moment he had his assurance.

Based on the Liu Zilang he knew, Li Muqiu was safe as long as the former agreed zealously.