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51 Is This It?

 "Da da da!"

"Bam Bam Bam!"

The two teams behind building A and building K were in a stalemate.

Both teams were down a few members.

The squad from building A had two players left whereas the squad from building K had three.

Both Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu crouched underneath the tall bushes as they discreetly observed the movement in the area with their scopes.

Li Muqiu spoke out of the blue, "Eh! Look what's on the ground! You dropped your helmet."

Liu Zilang lowered his head and saw a white Level Two Military Helmet.

He then turned his head around to see Li Muqiu not wearing anything on his head at all.

It was without a doubt that his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet would fall to the ground the moment he picked up the Level Two Military Helmet.

Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he said, "Do you wish to try if your Level Two Military Helmet can be destroyed with my Kar98K?"

"Hey don't be mad. I'm just joking."

Seeing that Liu Zilang did not fall for his trick, Li Muqiu picked up his helmet and changed the topic. "What do you think? Should we wait for them to fight it out or go up and stop them from fighting?"

"Obviously we should convince them to stop fighting," Liu Zilang replied with a straight face. "What I hate the most as a player who worships Buddha is killing another person."

Li Muqiu could not help but feel shocked after hearing what Liu Zilang had just said. "You're as shameless as ever."

"On the other hand, your acting skills have become better over the past few years." Liu Zilang sneered.

"Hehe, life is but a performance." Li Muqiu continued listening for gunshots. "The players by the side door of building K are exchanging shots with the players at the back of building A."

"Let's ambush building K while they're still fighting with each other." Liu Zilang had made his decision.

Since building A was smaller, they would be easily detected if they were to head there.

One simple mistake would cause these two squads to cease fire and work together to maintain their positions.

Since building K was larger than building A, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu, at their current positions, were able to avoid the two teams from spotting them as they headed toward building K's backdoor.

There was a high chance that they could give their enemies a run for their money as long as they did not reveal their presence.


Li Muqiu ran with his AKM and lead the way as he took the opportunity to cover the sound of his footsteps with the gunshots. On the other hand, Liu Zilang followed him from behind from a distance and acted as his back up.

Never would they have anticipated that the squad by building K was skilled. Despite attacking the other squad, they also had a person to take note of their surroundings.

This was all but reasonable. After all, the Sosnovka Military Base was a densely populated area. Players within its vicinity would approximately know the number of people in the area the moment they landed.

Players of such level would naturally be able to avoid a rookie mistake of being ambushed by others while they were in the peak of a battle.

Hence, the players in building K reacted immediately the moment Li Muqiu opened the door.

"Hold up! Did you guys hear any footsteps?"

"I heard them too, someone's heading over here!"

"Ignore those by building A and group up!"

Without hesitation, the player by the side door of building K retreated into the building.

The three of them maintained their positions as they hid underneath the window located in the room on the left of the building.


At the back door of building K.

"F*ck! We've been spotted and we can't ambush them now." Li Muqiu sounded rather frustrated. "This squad is quite skilled."

Liu Zilang laughed as he observed the movement inside the building. "Didn't you say that a man's romance is to take it head on? Why are you trying to sneak up on their *sses now."

Li Muqiu sneered. "That still stands but the view from the back is actually pretty nice too."

"I guess you won't be seeing that any time soon." Liu Zilang's ear twitched as he heard faint movements coming from his right.

He immediately took out a grenade and pulled its pin. "I'll get their attention here, you seize the opportunity at the front."

He entered the building, and the moment he entered the room he threw the grenade in his hand.

"Ding ding clank clank!"

Sparks appeared by the door the moment Liu Zilang showed himself.

The players inside the building raised their weapons up and fired immediately the moment they saw a figure appear out of the blue.

"No problem." Li Muqiu spared no time as he immediately headed toward the front from the left.

He was never worried if Liu Zilang could hold himself along from the back.

This was a habit that Li Muqiu had cultivated in the past.


Meanwhile at the backdoor of building A.

"Why did they retreat? Are they running away because they realized that they can't win against us?" One of the players ridiculed. "F*cking p*ssies! Come challenge me if you have the b*lls!"

"I'm not sure about that. This is the Sosnovka Military Base so they shouldn't be running toward the safe zone. We should be cautious in case they ambush us."

Then, gunshots could be heard from building K.

They were being ambushed!

Both players in building A stared at each other merrily.

They then raised their weapons and lurked over as they used the gunshots to cover the sound of their footsteps.

Instantly, the situation changed.


"Bam bam bam bam!"

At the rear of building K, Liu Zilang camped by the door as he would occasionally jump into the building to shoot three-burst shots with his M16A4.

Since all three enemies had headed toward the back, he did not dare to stay inside the building for more than half a second.

One of the enemies rushed toward the other backdoor as his teammates covered him. He was trying to head toward the side to attack Liu Zilang.

However, Liu Zilang's reaction was as quick as lightning!

He shifted his M16A4 to the other direction as soon as he heard footsteps and fired three-burst shots at the enemy. His attacks were so overwhelming that the enemy did not have an opportunity to reveal himself at all.

The enemy hid behind the door in fear as he saw sparks fly by the door. He felt fortunate for not revealing himself just now.

As he was camping by the door, he realized that Liu Zilang was alone at the rear. He immediately screamed, "Go after him! Kill him! He's alone at the back!"

"F*ck! Should've told us earlier!"

"That b*stard fooled us!"

Upon hearing his words, The other two enemies went after Liu Zilang with a shotgun and Uzi respectively.

As they charged toward Liu Zilang, the rich, fierce and rapid sound of the AKM came from behind their backs!

"Da da da!"

The one behind was downed instantly!

The enemy with the shotgun charging in front did not have the time to react as the person right before him disappeared!

He was too quick!

He was shocked!

As he was about to shoot with his shotgun, Liu Zilang peeked into the building and downed him with his speedy M16A4.

Then, Liu Zilang who had just downed an enemy immediately peeked at the door outside!

"Da da da!"

Flares of death were fired out from the M16A4's muzzle!

He had swept the entire place!

The enemy who had attempted to ambush him earlier from the backdoor of building K had his blood flowing all over his body the moment he raised his weapon up!

He then fell backward as his head landed on the ground.

A system notification appeared at the bottom left corner.

"Lech31 killed LeaveImpressionsNotDescendants!"

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed AlwaysWell with M16A4!"

"Improud_whatareyougoindtodoaboutit killed Tout-anl with M16A4!"

"Is this it?"

Li Muqiu made a clicking sound twice as he shot at the corpse a few more times with his AKM. "And I thought they were actually skilled."

Then, he heard a clank beside him as if something had flown through the window.


At that instant, the ceiling above Li Muqiu was instantly magnified in his eyes.

He was sent flying in the room!