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50 Team Wipe!

 Li Muqiu who was on the left side of building 1 laughed as he heard Liu Zilang scream in rage on the right side of the building.

He then instantly charged into the building from the left.

"Da da da!"

"Bam! Bam!"

Bullets were exchanged swiftly inside the narrow passageway!

Although the enemy guarding the right side had an S686, Li Muqiu was the kind of person who would jump in without a care about what the enemy had with him.

He immediately started aiming while he was still in the air and swept his rifle across the room. The enemy guarding the door had been downed by the time Li Muqiu had landed on the ground.

"Lech321 downed BigBrotherDaiDai with an AKM!"

Li Muqiu then killed him off without any mercy. As Li Muqiu was just about to gesture his viewers to stay quiet, Liu Zilang started screaming!

"Quickly! There's an enemy by the staircase!"


At Liu Zilang's side.

The instant he had killed off his enemy, he heard two footsteps by the staircase on the first floor!

He was right!

A person had appeared at the end of the passageway!


The fast reacting Liu Zilang retreated outside as he fired at the enemy while reaching for the door! The enemy who had revealed half of his body at the staircase had blood erupting from his body!

However, the enemy did not fall to his knees and swiftly retreated as well.

"Someone shot me with a shotgun downstairs. He's extremely skilled."

The enemy who had lost half of his health points informed his teammate as he pulled back and healed himself while crouching down by the staircase.

"Let's not take them head-on." The player's friend had a plan in mind as he voiced out, "You camp by the staircase while I jump down from the first-floor's window!"


At the corner of the door just outside the house.

Liu Zilang who had yet to heal himself up started using the first aid kit immediately when he sensed that no movements were coming from the staircase.

Before being able to finish patching himself up, he heard footsteps coming from the first floor.

Liu Zilang instantly sensed something was amiss and decided to stop healing himself.

As he rushed into the house, the enemy by the staircase leaped into action as well!

It was a pincer attack!

In that life or death situation, Liu Zilang decided his next move in the blink of an eye with his quick reaction speed!

He moved to the side the moment he entered the room so that the enemy who had jumped down from above him would not have the opportunity to shoot him from behind. Then, he raised his shotgun up and fired at the enemy by the staircase!

Meanwhile, the enemy who was by the staircase decided to confront Liu Zilang and his shotgun head on!

Unfortunately, luck was not on his side this time around!

He managed to only shoot once with his SCAR-L before Liu Zilang made him fall to the ground with his shotgun!

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit downed IWantToEatPigHead with S1897!"

As Liu Zilang had less than half of his health points, he was on the edge after taking a hit from the enemy!

"Thud thud thud!"

Rapid footsteps came from the door as the enemy who had jumped out of the window was about to charge into the room!

Then, an idea popped up in Liu Zilang's mind as he went near the door to attempt to close it!

What happened next stunned Liu Zilang!


From his perspective, the enemy who was by the door glitched into the room instantly!

The truth was that the enemy had reached the room's entrance, and the door Liu Zilang was trying to shut had swung outward...


The enemy was inexplicably forced into the room and saw Liu Zilang who seemed rather confused.


He downed Liu Zilang with just one shot.

"F*ck you, I'll let you kill my teammate!"

As the enemy was about to kill him off, gunshots could be heard from the side!

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Countless bullets swept across the passageway in an instant!

Then, a few patches of blood began to appear on the enemy's body.

One of the blood puddles appeared on his head!

"Lechi321 killed OnePunchOneBabyMonster!"

Then, Li Muqiu's voice could be heard, "What do you think! I arrive at the most crucial moment!"

"F*ck your perfect timing!" Liu Zilang was angry as he recalled the scene when he opened the door.

Li Muqiu sneered as he quickly changed the topic. "Oh right, I saw you shutting the door earlier but how did the enemy end up in the room?"

"How should I know." Liu Zilang did not know what to say as well.

He then complained frustratingly, "I feel that this game's mechanism isn't realistic at all."

Li Muqiu went over to pull him up, agreeing with what he had just said. "Yes. I think the door is a bit glitchy."

"That's not what I meant." Liu Zilang stared at the door as he kneeled on the ground.

He shook his head and said with certainty, "If this game was realistic, that guy should've been dead from me slamming the door at him!"

Li Muqiu did not know what to say...

Inside the live stream.

Countless fans that were still astonished by the amazing 2v4 feat that had just unfolded burst into laughter upon hearing Liu Zilang's remark!


"Pfft! Slammed... slammed to death?"

"Hahaha! I can't! This is too funny!"

"F*ck! My monitor!!! I was drinking water when he said it!"

"GG! This man is too witty. He was trying to slam the enemy to death with a door!"

"The Great Guru sure thinks differently. The idea of slamming someone to death with a door has never crossed my mind!"

"Hey don't leave. Perhaps you're just a door away from the Great Guru!"



Inside the game.

After eliminating the squad, The duo who only had a weapon since they landed upgraded everything they had for the better!

Liu Zilang now had a Level 3 Military Vest, an 8x Scope on a Kar98K, and an M16 equipped with a Red Dot Sight. Although he had claimed that he had only five bandages left in his backpack, he actually had enough energy drinks to open up a stall.

Li Muqiu was no worse than him as he had a Level Two Military Helmet and Level Three Military Vest.

He had an AKM on his left and a 4x Scope SKS that was still lacking an Extended Mag on his right.

Both of them heard brief gunshots coming from building A and building K. They guessed that the remaining two teams had engaged in battle.

"What do you think?"

"Let's go!"

Both of them laughed as they crept toward their enemies via the dense bushes from building 2.