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49 Li Muqiu You Prick

 What the f*ck!

Liu Zilang had the shock of his life!

He crouched down among the sparks and raised his SKS up to fire at the enemy!


Then, the gunshots ceased!

A system notification appeared afterward.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed Mikagu by headshot with SKS!"

Liu Zilang gave out a sigh of relief even though he had very little health points left. He then continued where he left off, "He's dead."

Li Muqiu was speechless...

Countless viewers were stunned beyond words as they saw it live!


"What the f*ck. These people are amazing!"

"Amazing! His reaction speed is simply amazing!"

"This can't be learned! I can never do this!"

"If it were me I would've been knocked down and maybe even killed..."

"This is my first time seeing Guru Qiu kill just one player in a 2-man squad even though they have wiped out two teams."

"Haha, I guess Guru Qiu won't be standing out that much today!"


It was obvious that the viewers were extremely impressed by Liu Zilang's amazing feat that he had displayed twice.


Inside the game.

Li Muqiu reacted swiftly the moment he saw Liu Zilang jump through the window without healing himself.

He immediately rushed toward the crates in the room as he shouted, "Since you got the enemy's head, I'll get the Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!"

"No problem!" Liu Zilang voiced out generously.

Since Li Muqiu had let his guard down, his actions were slower than usual.

The Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet in the crate had disappeared right before his eyes!

"F*ck you! Prick!"

Li Muqiu had totally lost it.

The majority of his live stream fans were females. Furthermore, Li Muqiu was a person who cared about his image, or perhaps it would be fitting to say that he was a person who packaged himself into an idol.

He often would cuss "F*ck me" in his stream and would rarely go beyond than that.

However, Li Muqiu could not hold it in any longer.

He took a deep breath and resisted his intuition to shoot Liu Zilang in the head as he saw the Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet appearing on the latter's head.

Then, he lowered his head down.

Li Muqiu was stunned once again.

The 4x Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) scope, painkillers, energy drinks, and ammo...

Even the bandages were no exception as well!

They disappeared right before Li Muqiu's eyes. He did not manage to click on those items with his mouse in time as they were taken away!

"You b*stard!" Li Muqiu raged.

"Shhh... stay still..." Liu Zilang spoke out of the blue.

"Is someone here?" Li Muqiu became cautious.

Then, he stared at Liu Zilang who stood up and jumped out of the window.

Everything fell into place for Li Muqiu when he saw where Liu Zilang was heading toward.

He reacted immediately as it was obvious that Liu Zilang was about to loot the person's crate who took a bullet in the head by Liu Zilang's SKS!

"Are you even human!" Li Muqiu scolded out loud.

Then, his tone softened as he followed Liu Zilang from behind and screamed, "Brother Lang! Lord Lang! Leave some for me as well! Please leave some items for me!"

The viewers were flabbergasted as they witnessed everything. They could not believe what they had just seen!

"What the f*ck! Is... is this really Guru Qiu?"

"Am I in the wrong live stream?"

"Is this Asia's Number One Killing God, Guru Qiu's live stream?"

"Ahhh! My idol Qiuqiu! Stop acting like this!"

One of the female fans voiced out, "It's time to wake up from this dream."

"Male Idols? They don't exist!"

"Ah! What a girl!"



As both of them healed themselves up, Li Muqiu stared silently at the remaining five bandages Liu Zilang had thrown to the ground. He was breathing through his teeth upon being treated with such disgrace.

Liu Zilang then nonchalantly voiced out his analysis, "The enemies in building number one should be done searching by now. Let's go clear them out."

"Hmph! Hmph!" Li Muqiu humphed twice.

"Hey, don't speak to me through your nose." Liu Zilang stopped moving as he helplessly threw out an energy drink into the ground. "This is the last one I have, take it or leave it!"

The... the last one?

Li Muqiu's face turned black as he looked at the energy drink can that was on the grass.

"Fine, whatever." Liu Zilang was about to loot it back up.

"Stop!" Li Muqiu pounced in emotionally.

Although he did not want to take it, his body moved on its own!

What else could he do?

He was not even able to control himself!

"Save yourself the time to thank me." Liu Zilang laughed. "You and I will split to the left and right respectively and ambush them later."

Li Muqiu wanted to ask who would be making the first move.

However as he was about to ask, an idea popped up in his head. He smiled. "No problem, I'll make the first move."

"Ah! I'll be in your care." Liu Zilang acted as if he was embarrassed.

Although Li Miqiu said that it was only logical as he was an attacker, deep down he was very annoyed.

Was Liu Zilang a person capable of feeling embarrassed?


Inside building number 1, a squad of four had just finished searching the last room.

"Stay cautious. There were gunshots near building number three and two just a moment ago," Someone warned.

"Yes, I'm listening for footsteps by the entrance. Are you guys done searching?"

They even crouched down as they searched to reduce and minimize the noise they made. This squad seemed different than the rest.

"Done, we'll distribute the items to you later. If I'm not wrong, there are people on their way here since the gunshots at building number 2 have stopped," the last person to finish searching the room on the first floor voiced out.

Then, the player who was crouching on the ground floor heard footsteps and alerted his friends, "They're here, I hear footsteps from the left!"

Everyone in the building sprung into action.


On the left of building number 1.

Li Muqiu who had an AKM with him shot through the door blindly even before opening it.

Liu Zilang who was sneaking around from the right heard the gunshots. "Have you entered the building?"

"I'm in I'm in!" Li Muqiu who was still outside laughed discreetly as he reloaded his gun and then continued shooting at the metal door. Then he screamed out for help intentionally, "There's someone by the door! They're all here! Come quickly!"

The viewers watching the live stream did not know how to react. On the other hand, Liu Zilang did not doubt him and breached into the house from the door on the right with an S1897.

Who would have thought that the moment he entered the building, the muzzle of an M416 would have almost pierced through his nostril!

What the f*ck!

Liu Zilang was totally caught off guard as he was extremely shocked!

In that critical situation, just before the muzzle that was in front of him spewed out fire at him...

Liu Zilang reacted immediately as he raised his shotgun up and pulled the trigger!

"Da da..."

" Bam!"

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit downed CorriSexyDance with an S1897!"

Liu Zilang who had just cheated death looked at the remaining half of his health points that miraculously had not been shaved off. After recalling the situation, he screamed furiously, "Li Muqiu you prick!"