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48 Get a Gun the Moment You Land and the Rest via Luck!

 At the University of Jianghai's eSports Association.

Although Jiang Xinou was not playing together with Li Muqiu, that did not mean that he was not allowed to play the game due to his live stream.

After pondering for some time, he gathered a few people to form a team for Squad Mode, in which one of them was Qin Xuanxuan.

Jiang Xinou was chatting with his live viewers to ease the mood as he waited for everyone to gather.

Then, he heard Qin Xuanxuan scream out of shock without restraint by his side!

"What the f*ck! One kill per shot!

"That's amazing!"

Jiang Xinou turned around, realizing that Qin Xuanxuan beside him was watching a live stream while waiting for the game to load up.

It was not just any live stream, it was Li Muqiu's.

Jiang Xinou was shocked upon witnessing this scene.

Frankly, he was curious who Li Muqiu invited to play together with him.

As he glanced at the screen subconsciously, he witnessed Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu destroying a team in an instant the moment they jumped out of the plane.

The scene that stood out the most was Liu Zilang's last two shots with his SKS through an iron sight. He, who was the University of Jianghai's eSports Association's sniper frowned as his pupils shrunk in surprise upon witnessing the event.

Then, he frowned even more until his wrinkles became apparent.

If Jiang Xinou were at his peak, he would be able to wipe out three players with an SKS.

However, to be able to land headshots one after another with just an iron sight, that would mean achieving an astonishing feat that was worth Qin Xuanxuan's praise...

Jiang Xinou refused to admit it as he did not have the confidence to reenact such a feat.

At that instant, a sense of frustration and defeat dwelled in him.


Back to the game.

As the duo had cleared off the team in building number 3, Liu Zilang wanted to head into the building to search for items.

Li Muqiu spoke as Liu Zilang was about to head to the first floor, "Why are you heading up the first floor?"

"Don't you want to search for items?" Liu Zilang questioned back.

"Scr*w searching!" Li Muqiu sounded rather arrogant. "Do you know what's my game philosophy?"


"Get a gun the moment you land and the rest via luck!"


Since Li Muqiu had voiced out his opinion, Liu Zilang followed along as he was not the type of person who wanted to affect the development of the game.

Both of them divided five bandages between themselves before consuming ab energy drink can each. They then dashed toward building number 2 stealthily.

Both of them walked along the walls quietly as they listened intently for any movement inside the building.

"Thud thud thud!"

A series of footsteps could be clearly heard.

"There's someone inside the building near building number 1," Li Muqiu whispered.

"Yeah, there's three of them." Liu Zilang was able to determine their number. "They should be in the same team as that guy on the rooftop."

Li Muqiu sneered. "We should charge in through the window later and give them a surprise."

"We should make a clean entrance when we jump in later," Liu Zilang added.

Li Muqiu was baffled. "Why?"

"It looks cool that way," Liu Zilang answered without any hesitation.

Li Muqiu was speechless...


Then, the duo crouched down as they crept along the wall behind building number 2's windows.

Liu Zilang paid heed at the overhead. Fortunately, there was no one at the overhead near building C.

Meanwhile, the sound of a door creaking could be constantly heard inside the building.

It was obvious that the enemies did not land directly on this building. It was very likely that they had entered the five warehouses first as it did not make sense for them to be still searching the building.

"Let's go!"

Liu Zilang shouted.

Li Muqiu sprung into action as he jumped through the window excitedly!

One had to understand that players at such a level were not as unaware as newbies.

All three players inside building 2 were constantly on high alert.

Li Muqiu and Liu Zilang were undetectable as they walked stealthily along the walls outside. However, the moment Li Muqiu entered through the window, all three of them heard his movement and instantly understood the situation.

"Someone's here! Someone's here!"

"On the right! It's very likely that they've entered through the window."

"I hear footsteps coming from either the third or fourth room!"


After jumping through the window, Li Muqiu held his UMP9 and ran toward the entrance to look around.

He saw figures running across the passageway as they entered the two corner rooms.

It seemed that the enemies did not choose to blindly charge in and attack them.

Furthermore, one of them who had entered the room jumped out of the window and took a detour from the back of building 2.

They understood the building's layout very well as both of them were heading toward a more advantageous location while the last one acted as a decoy.

However, Li Muqiu did not care about any of that as his fighting style was more toward exchanging blows head on.

His usual saying back in his CSGO days was, "A man's romance is taking it head on!"

Li Muqiu who was feeling extremely excited turned around and yelled, "Follow me! I'm chasing after them!"

He was stunned as he turned around!

Li Muqiu instantly scolded deep inside his heart!

How could he have forgotten Liu Zilang's habit when they were playing a different game?


It was as expected!

The next instance, gunshots could be heard coming from next door.

As Li Muqiu had the enemies attention, Liu Zilang sneaked to the window outside of the room and ambushed them from behind, downing one of them with just a shot from his shotgun.

The last person reacted swiftly as he turned around and swept the area!

Liu Zilang's reaction was incredibly quick!

The moment the enemy raised up his weapon, he immediately crouched down.

"Bam bam bam bam!"

Countless bullets landed on the windowsill, sending dust and sawdust up into the air.

Liu Zilang hid under the window calmly and did not return a shot forcefully under the bombardment of the automatic rifle. Instead, he shouted at the top of his lungs, "Quickly! Quickly! I'll die at this rate!"

Li Muqiu who understood Liu Zilang's intentions was in the passageway.

Li Muqiu told Liu Zilang that he deserved to die after hearing the latter's scream!

However, he was rushing toward the room as quickly as he could.


Inside the room.

The enemy was focusing his attack on the defenseless Liu Zilang under the window as he was not able to stand up at all. Then, the enemy's expression changed!

The door behind him had opened abruptly!

His gunshots had muffled Li Muqiu's footsteps.

Surprised by the unfolding event, the enemy who was shooting at the windowsill with an AKM stopped for a brief moment.

In that brief pause of attack, Liu Zilang stood up and raised his weapon!


Countless bullets spread through the window, knocking down the enemy in an instant.

"What the f*ck! You could at least leave some for me!" Li Muqiu who was ready to leap into action the moment he opened the door was furious at Liu Zilang's actions.

"It was only two of them," Liu Zilang responded casually. "I heard the footsteps of three people a while ago, so there should be one for you..."

A chain of gunshots was heard before he finished speaking!

"Da da da!"

Two puffs of blood appeared on Liu Zilang's body as his health points dropped drastically!

It was from the enemy that had escaped through the window earlier. He had headed from the back of building 2 to the side and attacked Liu Zilang there!