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47 The Dynamic Duos’ Supremacy in the Airpor

 "There are three players in building one, two players in building two, and three players in the same building as us; I think one of them is beneath us."

Li Muqiu scouted his surroundings as soon as he landed.

"Okay." Liu Zilang nodded as he quickly ran toward an SKS.

He swiftly dragged the gun into his Equipment Slot. Liu Zilang noticed something at the corner of his eyes. He immediately shouted at Li Muqiu, "Be careful, the person beside you has a gun!"

Li Muqiu at that time was fighting with another player for a gun. He picked up an M416 and screamed out loud, "F*ck! This guy has stolen my ammo!"

He put away the gun as he finished speaking. Without any hesitation, he ran toward Liu Zilang and screamed,

"Save me! Save me!"


"Stop screaming!" Liu Zilang found cover on the rooftop of building number three. He crouched down as he loaded his gun while searching for the other three players that were nearby.

He found out that one of them had picked up a UMP9 and the other had a shotgun.

The third one was the one who had snatched away 30 rounds of 5.56mm bullets away from Li Muqiu.

Both enemies who had picked up guns had loaded them the same time as Liu Zilang.

The one who had the UMP9 held his gun up as he fired at Li Muqiu from behind. Li Muqiu was running toward Liu Zilang.


A gunshot was fired!

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit downed Poorwaterwindviewing by headshot with SKS!"

The player with the UMP9 felt a pool of blood spewing out from his head as he uncontrollably kneeled to the ground with his hands placed on his abdomen.

"What the f*ck! This guy is quite accurate!" The other guy was shocked.

"One of them only has an SKS whereas the other one has no gun at all!" His teammate proclaimed.

"Let's go! Kill them! Kill them!" The other one screamed.

"My UMP9 is on the ground and there's still ammo inside. Just go and pick it up," the downed teammate said.

Meanwhile, the person who was searching for items below them shouted, "Hold on a little bit longer guys. I'll come up as soon as I found a gun!"


Then, the one with the S1897 ran toward where Liu Zilang was positioned while the downed one threw his UMP9 to his teammate who was by his side.

The distance between them became closer!

The one with the shotgun fired immediately the instant he saw a human figure pop out.

Liu Zilang, who was under heavy fire peeked and fired a round with his SKS before crouching down instantly.



Two gunshots rang simultaneously.

Half of Liu Zilang's health points were taken off whereas the one with the shotgun was downed instantly.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit downed Chickencalledatmidnight by headshot!"

The other enemies were stunned as they witnessed that exchange of shots. The team member who was currently reloading his UMP9 was so frightened that his hands trembled!

If the first headshot was luck and a coincidence...

To be able to land a headshot the second time in a situation where he did not have the opportunity to aim while covering behind an obstacle...

That was incredibly skilled!



Another gunshot was heard!

The player with the UMP9 immediately pressed C to crouch down the moment he heard the gunshot. Judging from this player's reaction, this player seemed to have some level of skill.

However, what happened next stunned him to his core.

This was because, from the edge of his vision, he noticed that blood had shed from a player with a Kar98k as he fell to the ground with his hands on his abdomen. This player was on the edge of building number two's rooftop, which was located nearby building number three.

Without any hesitation, he quickly shifted his sight to the bottom left corner. He was beyond shocked as he read the system notification!

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit downed ZPZH by headshot with SKS!"


What the actual f*ck. It was his doing again!

He had enough attention to spare to down an ambusher from the building next to theirs while exchanging shots with them.

There were only four words to describe their opponent after what had just happened...

Way above their level!

Although the player with the UMP9 had loaded his gun, the chills in his heart lingered on.

He was on high alert as he had been aiming the whole time despite being behind cover; his pupils began to shrink!

He immediately pulled the trigger the instant he saw a figure!


A stream of bullets cut across the air!

He was frightened by the headshot that Liu Zilang had scored on the player who was from the opposite building.

Although Liu Zilang did not die from taking a direct hit from the shotgun, he had lost a lot of blood and this meant that he did not have much health points left.

Since everyone had just landed and did not have any helmet yet, he who possessed the UMP9 had the advantage in terms of shooting speed and damage at this range.

As long as he was able to shoot the opponent's head with a shot or two the moment he revealed himself, it was very likely that Liu Zilang would die from his attacks.

However, in that instance!

The player with the UMP9 was in disbelief as his opponent did not die even though he had shot him twice!

Then, a familiar gunshot rang!


"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit downed EmperorAkasaka by headshot with SKS!"

That man had fallen to his knees just like his two teammates.

Those who were watching Li Muqiu's live stream were so shocked that they were at a loss for words when they witnessed what had just transpired!


"That headshot was so cool!"

"Is this Guru Qiu's so-called new... newbie?"

"Did he really play for less than 50 hours?"

"Oh shut up. I've sunk 500 hours in this game and I really feel like quitting it now!"

"GG. Guru Qiu's friend is indeed crazy!"



Back in the game.

Liu Zilang did not hold himself back as he saw Li Muqiu hiding beside him. "Are you really Asia's Number One Killing God? I'm sorry but what a joke."

Li Muqiu retaliated the moment he heard what Liu Zilang had said, "Joke my *ss! What should I do with a gun without ammo! Furthermore, you would've died from that little amount of health of yours if it wasn't for me acting as a decoy!"

"But have you ever thought of the fact that you would've died if I didn't land that headshot?" Liu Zilang smiled as he questioned back.

Li Muqiu responded confidently, "Never crossed my mind! That b*stard is considered impressive for landing two shots against my techniques."


Although both of them were bantering, their actions did not slow down at all.

Li Muqiu walked over as he punched the person to death and took away his UMP9 along with its ammo, and 30 rounds of 5.56mm ammo.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang had killed the man with the shotgun with one shot from his SKS and looted his S1879 and ammo.

The first one to down was the last one to perish. He who had crawled to the staircase was taken care of by Liu Zilang as the latter turned around and shot him without mercy.

The duo now had an M4 and SKS as primary weapons along with a UMP9 and a shotgun as secondary weapons respectively. They were about to clear the remaining floors beneath them.

However, both of them heard the pitter-patter of a player's footsteps from below.

Liu Zilang guessed, "The person below us is still around and he's most likely these three's teammate."

"Yes, let's head down and kill him off." Li Muqiu nodded. "Since they're a family, it's best for them to move on together."


Meanwhile, the remaining party member was searching around in the building hastily as he wished to avenge his teammates as soon as possible.

He had searched many rooms.

All he had was a Level Three Backpack, Level Two Police Vest, Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, an energy drink, and a first aid kit... He had all of these.

However, he did not have any guns!

Then, he heard footsteps coming from the hallway.

Panicked, he who had just entered a room attempted to escape through the window.

The moment he stepped out of the window, he heard gunshots above him, and before he was able to balance himself by the window!


All he saw was Li Muqiu who had stayed behind on the rooftop and was now coming down with a UMP9!

Secret skill, flying kick!

"Lech321 killed RevolutionaryTinder with UMP9!"

It was over in an instant!

The last person had become a crate, just like his members on the rooftop.


While the original publication here stated "teach me", I believe it is a typo error as it would make more sense if it were "save me"