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46 2-Man Squad with a Newbie!

 He was Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit!

Liu Zilang was right. He had anticipated that Li Muqiu would be live streaming.

Since there wasn't a huge difference between Liu Zilang's current ID Vic123, and his past ID Victor, he would stand out even more if he teamed up with Li Muqiu; he might have exposed himself. That was the reason why he had borrowed a smurf account from Pu Taizhuang earlier.

After entering the party, Liu Zilang spoke out irritatingly, "So the reason you've called me is to play a 2-man random squad?"

Li Muqiu laughed. "Are you looking down on strangers? This isn't a game that will match newbies with you. Do you know this account's current ranking in the Asia server?"

"What's the rank?" Liu Zilang questioned.

"Number 1000 in the Asia server," Li Muqiu replied.

"Slightly better newbies?" Liu Zilang threw another question toward him.

"..." Li Muqiu was speechless.

The crowd watching the stream live laughed as they heard their conversation.

"Guigui, this person seems to be very arrogant!"

"What the f*ck! Asia's top 1000 players are just newbies to him?"

"That's not it! They're newbies who're slightly better!"

"Hahaha, the cat has caught Guru Qiu's tongue."

"That being said, I guess Guru Qiu's friend should be an expert as well."


Li Muqiu was speechless after hearing Liu Zilang's words. As he spared some time to look at the bullet screen, he could not help but laugh out loud. "Don't be fooled by him because this guy isn't an expert. He hasn't even played this game for more than 50 hours. He's definitely a newbie."

The crowd was flabbergasted as they heard Li Muqiu's words.

He did not refute his claim this time around.

That was because technically, Liu Zilang had played this game for only around 30 hours.

Li Muqiu sneered. "So you think Duos are boring eh? Then we should play something more exciting, something that will give us a run for your money."

Li Muqiu canceled the Duo matchmaking queue as he spoke and chose the Squad mode.

Furthermore, he did not select the auto-match feature.

The crowd watching the stream live was shocked as they witnessed this!

"What the f*ck! 2-man squad?"

"666, is Guru Qiu high on some fake beer?"

"I've a bad feeling about this 2-man squad fighting against Asia's top 1000 players."

"Perhaps Guru Qiu will turn into a crate later on?"

"That would be for the best because it means we can be sure that we're playing the same game!"

"I think it's hard to determine right now. Since Guru Qiu's partner isn't highly ranked, the overall ranking may be pulled down."


While there were a lot of skillful technical anchormen who could obtain occasional chicken dinners in a One-Man Squad, they were usually using a smurf account to fight against lower ranking newbies.

Those who watched live streams often would know that these players who relied on One-Man Squads to attract viewers would change their accounts on a daily basis.

They would change their accounts twice or thrice a day and those accounts were never recycled.

For example, a certain Douyu streamer had as many as 80 accounts...

GodV had once said on live stream that playing in a One-Man Squad was only possible by using a smurf account; higher ranked players were not idiots. They were capable of cooperating with one another and it was immensely difficult to fight against them.

To play in a One-Man Squad at such a high level, one had to always live on the edge and take opportunities to ambush two squads that were fighting against each other.

However, it would be almost impossible to massacre everyone like they wished, unlike with newbies.

The player may be able to kill a few people in such a forceful manner. After all, the player only had one life in a One-Man Squad. This meant that he or she would become a crate for everyone to loot if they were to make even the slightest mistake.

This was the reason why many people were in disbelief when Li Muqiu, one of the top 1000 players in Asia, decided to play a 2-man squad game with Liu Zilang. Despite having an additional player and having Liu Zilang to pull down the skill level with his account, the crowd still found it hardly acceptable.

The majority of the live crowd believed that Li Muqiu had been drinking and was no longer sober. After all, he had decided to play in a 2-man squad against the top 1000 players in Asia with a newbie who had been playing for no more than 50 hours.

At that time, Shen Zeyan who was sitting in front of his computer at team IG's Base, changed his channel to Panda TV.

As usual, he checked out Li Muqiu's live stream casually and was stunned.

He then quickly scrolled through the bullet screen that was filled with a great number of messages in a short timespan.

The edge of Shen Zeyan's lips gradually curled up.

The others might not have realized it but as someone who had been his comrade, he understood clearly the difference in skill between two expert players teaming up and random players teaming up. The effect was most definitely not as simple as "1+1"...

This was especially true for those two gems who were in his team; they were known as Se7en's Dynamic Duos by countless fans back in the days!


Inside the game's spawn area.

"Hey old friend Qiu! What's with that short skirt of yours? Why don't I have it?" Liu Zilang asked skeptically.

"Ahem, It's gifted by the system. Only those who are handsome can get it!" Li Muqiu was determined.

"Impossible! Why didn't they give me one then?" Liu Zilang slammed the table.

"..." Li Muqiu was speechless.

"Take it off and show it to me." Liu Zilang blurted out.

"I can't take it off! It's bound!" Li Muqiu continued lying through his teeth.

"What? Really?" Liu Zilang questioned him skeptically.

"Do you think I can lie pass you?" Li Muqiu said.

"I see..." Liu Zilang continued asking, "If the player dies in the game, can the skirt be found in their crate?"

"What are you up to?" Li Muqiud was on his guard.

"I'll take it off you when you become a crate," Liu Zilang replied.

"You're seriously savage!" Li Muqiu lost his cool.

Did this guy still possess any humanity within him?

The crowd laughed as they listened in on their conversation in the respawn area.

"Haha, they're so funny!"

"These two are absurd!"

"I've got to admit I lost it as well. He's eyeing Guru Qiu's crate even before the game has started."

"666. Guru Qiu has really met a challenger today."

"I don't think Guru Qiu's live stream today is about getting chicken dinner with this teammate."



The scene immediately shifted to them boarding the plane as they continued talking nonsense with each other.

"Alright let's stop fooling around, the game is about to start." Li Muqiu became serious.

"Alright, where should we land?"

Liu Zilang analyzed the air route and realized that the plane was flying from the bottom right of the map, passing by Novorepnoye as it headed toward somewhere nearby Georgopol.

Li Muqiu replied after hearing what Liu Zilang had said, "I usually land in four places in this map when I play with a random player. It's either the Prison, Sosnovka Military Base, School, or Georgopol. With this air route, is there even a choice? We've definitely got to land at the Airport!"

"Rumor has it that many people land in the Airport, right?" Liu Zilang asked.

"It's the most loaded area. What's wrong? You scared?" Li Muqiu teased.

Liu Zilang laughed. "What I mean is you should stay closer to me so that your skirt won't be snatched away by the other players."

Li Muqiu was speechless.


As the airplane flew pass the Airport, both of them jumped out of the plane together.

They looked around and saw that there were around five to six teams which were landing with them. This amounted to about twenty to thirty people.

An average joe would start to panic if they saw this scene.

Those who were more cowardly would most likely retreat in this case. They would either just loiter outside the Airport and enter back in later on or directly head toward the bridge to prepare for an ambush.

However, both Li Muqiu and Liu Zilang's eyes were gleaming with excitement.

"Look at the number of people!"

"I guess we don't have to search for items anymore!"

Both of them started laughing as they finished chattering.

Then, Li Muqiu marked a C in the map on the third innermost building as both of them landed on the building's rooftop together.