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45 Cursing Each Other During Livestream, There Must Be Something!

 Witnessing this scene, the bullet screen of the live streaming channel also instantly exploded.


"F*ck, Guru Qiu was amazing this round!"

"I won't be able to learn this! I won't be able to learn this!"

"As a conclusion, he's really the best player!"

"Haha, the bro opposite him really sucked, he didn't even utilize his opportunity well."

"He was the winner in his first match as well, it feels like Guru Liu is going to win consecutively today!"

"Guru Qiu Guru Qiu! Your fan, Xiao Hai Ou is waiting for you outside! Let's spam the bullet screen with this!"

"Brother Haiou is waiting for you! Brother Haiou is waiting for you!"

"Don't spam anymore, it's so annoying!"

"Brother Haiou is waiting for you!"


Li Muqiu was used to taking a glance at the left split screen of the live streaming channel after finishing a match. Upon looking at the comments from some of the spectators, he then remembered to respond and take a look at his phone.

On his phone's screen, there was an unread message notification from Wechat.


At the same time, at the University of Jianghai's eSports Association.

Jiang Xianou who sat in front of the computer was chatting with the spectators in the live streaming channel whereas his screen was showing a PUBG waiting room.

Somebody beside him took a glance at his screen and then asked in an envious tone, "Team Jiang, waiting for someone? Are you going to play with Guru Qiu again this afternoon?"

Jiang Xinou smiled when he heard this and pointing at his phone placed beside his keyboard. He said, "Hehe, I'm not sure. Guru Qiu is playing now, but I've just contacted him through WeChat."

Although he said that he was uncertain, there was no sense of uncertainty in his tone.

Come to think about it, it was not wrong.

Although he was not that popular, Jiang Xinou was also a host on the same platform as Li Muqiu. Besides, after playing duo mode with Li Muqiu once in the past, many spectators in Li Muqiu's channel recognized him.

In addition to that, the spectators in his own live streaming channel just went over to carry the topic of them playing together in Li Muqiu's live streaming channel. Furthermore, Jiang Xinou had been online and had waited patiently for more than ten minutes in his live streaming channel.

Thus, no matter how it seemed like, it was absolutely necessary for Li Muqiu to respect him for such a small matter.

At this moment, some girls in the eSports Association overheard Jiang Xinou mention that he had Li Muqiu's WeChat ID. They immediately got extremely excited and came over to approach him to ask if they could add Li Muqiu too.

When Jiang Xinou heard this, he shook his head while grinning. "You can't add him. This Guru Qiu only adds people he knows in WeChat, he won't add a stranger."

The girls around him instantly felt disappointed upon hearing this.

The next moment, Jiang Xinou's phone which was placed beside his keyboard vibrated.

Happiness was seen all over his face as he pointed at his phone in front of the people around him. "A message from Guru Qiu! I think he has just finished his game and is about to invite me."

Jiang Xinou picked up his phone and then took a look as he continued talking.

The next moment, the happiness on Jiang Xinou's face instantly froze and gradually vanished.


On Panda TV's platform, in Li Muqiu's live streaming channel.

After taking a look at the bullet screen, Li Muqiu spoke to the spectators in his live streaming channel while smiling, "Guys don't spam anymore. I have an appointment this afternoon so I'm not going to play with Haiou today. I missed the message he sent me just now and I've just replied him."

Upon hearing these words, Li Muqiu's fans in the live streaming channel had nothing to say.

They merely wanted to watch Li Muqiu and it did not matter who he played with.

However, Jiang Xinou's fans who had wanted the two of them to play together seemed to be unable to accept this.

"Don't! Play with Brother Haiou for a while!"

"Yes! He's been waiting for you for a long time."

"Brother Haiou is very pro! Play with Brother Haiou."

"I can feel that if you play with Brother Haiou today you can definitely be the winner for consecutive games!"


However, there were also a few weird people who tried to say things like, "Let's go back, he's a popular host and he won't look up to our unpopular host! He's f*cking arrogant! Let's go, tell Brother Haiou not to wait anymore."

The majority of Li Muqiu's fans in his live streaming channel were loyal and had been following him since his FPS career.

How could they still take it when they witnessed weird spectators posting these kind of comments in the live streaming channel? It was no doubt that they would start fighting with them!

"Did your heads get clamped by a door?"

"Some people really have problems with their brain right? Guru Qiu said that he had made an appointment beforehand."

"Yes. Moreover, Guru Qiu did not ask your Brother Haiou to wait."

"If you want to go then just quickly go, don't f*cking disturb us watching the live-stream."


Therefore, fans from both sides started inexplicably attacking each other in Li Muqiu's live streaming channel.


When Jiang Xinou knew about this, his facial expression changed and he was immediately filled with awkwardness.

To be frank, he did not feel comfortable when he saw Li Muqiu's message just now but it definitely was not to this extent.

Besides, he was considered as one of the newer hosts in this field as compared to Li Muqiu. He was way behind Li Muqiu regardless of things such as qualifications or popularity.

The fact that he wanted to look for Li Muqiu to play together, it would somehow make people suspect that he just wanted to freeload on his popularity.

In addition to that, now that he could not get to play with Li Muqiu, his live streaming channel's spectators even went to Li Muqiu's channel to fight. This gave outsiders a strong feeling that he and his fans were fast to despise what they could not get.

What was worth mentioning was that those who were hosts, regardless of popular or not, their IQ and EQ could not be any worse.

When Jiang Xinou realized the situation, he did not directly cut ties with his spectators who went to Li Muqiu's live streaming channel to fight.

After all, the reason why his spectators fought was to defend him. If he were to scold them, it would make them sad.

Hence, Jiang Xinou quickly took out his phone and then opened up his WeChat conversation with Guru Qiu. He explained to his fans that Guru Qiu had sent him a webcam message and that he really had an appointment beforehand. Jiang Xinou did this in order to convince his spectators to be rational enough to come back.

In Li Muqiu's live streaming channel, some of Jiang Xinou's spectators were still enjoying the drama that was ongoing in the bullet screen.

However, when they saw that their host had said so, they instantly lost their motivation to continue fighting.

At that instance, many of them stopped fighting but there was still a small portion of them who still did not give up fighting.

However, comments overflowed the bullet screen in Li Muqiu's live streaming channel. Therefore, these comments drowned very quickly in the tide of other comments.


Jiang Hai, at the base of team Se7en's recreational club.

Li Muqiu who was in front of his computer was quietly observing the situation as it progressed in his live streaming channel. At this time, the corner of his mouth slightly raised.

It was interesting!


Li Muqiu's phone which was placed beside his keyboard suddenly vibrated, and he received a WeChat message.

"Guru Qiu, so sorry for what happened just now, (an awkward emoji)."

When Li Muqiu saw this, he grinned and replied, "It's fine, let's play together next time."

Li Muqiu wanted to put down his phone after sending this message. However, his phone ringtone suddenly rang.

When Li Muqiu took a glance at the caller ID, he could not help but think, 'This guy has really good timing.'


"Wei wei wei! Where are you? Where the hell did you go?"

"I'm here I'm here! Stop shouting!"

"F*ck! Faster invite me!"

"Are you online?"

"What nonsense! If I'm not online would I be asking you to invite me?"


In one of the channels in YY, two voices started ringing one after another.

Spectators in the live streaming channel were shocked the moment they heard their conversation.

"Oh my, GG! Who's this person that's playing with Guru Qiu?"

"This tone is way too realistic! This is the first time I've actually heard somebody talk to Guru Qiu like this..."

"The point is that Guru Qiu actually didn't fight back..."

"This person's voice sounds quite nice."

"The person above, you're off the topic! Come to talk about it, does anybody know who this person is?"

"I can't recognize him from his voice, could he be Guru Qiu's buddy in real life?"


The next moment, after Liu Zilang had been invited by Li Muqiu, everyone in the live streaming channel was taken aback once again!

'Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit' agreed to join your team!


Everyone could not resist but take a deep breath.


This bro's name, it seemed like there was something...