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44 The Former Little Prince of AK

 "Hello, who's this?"

The call connected and the voice heard from the other side sounded lazy.

When these words entered Liu Zilang's ears, he clenched his teeth. To him, the voice on the other end sounded as idiotic as possible.

After taking a deep breath, Liu Zilang calmed himself down and then asked, "Who do you think I am?"

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's voice, the person on the other side of the phone was startled.

"Don't bother looking at the caller ID, I'm using my flatmate's phone to call you." Liu Zilang seemed to have guessed what the other party was doing.

When Li Muqiu who just took a glance at his phone's screen heard what Liu Zilang said, he was somehow lost for words.

Liu Zilang said while smiling cynically, "My old friend Qiu, you're really awesome! You actually dare to not pick up my calls. Is it because you've been quite successful lately so you look down on me, your old teammate?"

Li Muqiu quickly explained himself, "No! I'm only afraid that you'll come and whack me. You really can't blame me for the previous incident... How would I have known that you would've introduced that comic to your sister..."

Liu Zilang interrupted in a sulky tone, "Let's not talk about that, it'll make me angry if we continue talking about it. I'm calling you because I have a serious matter; I'm taking part in an offline tournament in a few days' time."

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, Li Muqiu was instantly shocked.

The next second, his tone was filled with excitement, "What offline tournament? You're prepared to come back? Haha, I always knew that you wouldn't be able to resist but to come back!"

"Come back your head! It's just a PUBG intramural seeding match," Liu Zilang immediately said.

Li Muqiu was shocked and reacted by smiling happily. "Intramural seeding match? Oh... I forgot that you've returned back to your innocent schooling days. Hehe, Life as a university student is good..."

Liu Zilang interrupted Li Muqiu's inexplicable emotion and said in a straightforward manner, "Don't talk about this nonsense. Do me a favor."

Li Muqiu asked cautiously, "What is it? You're not asking me to play on behalf of your team right?"

Liu Zilang said in an annoyed tone, "What are you thinking about? I can't afford the appearance fee for popular players like you. I only want you to help me get familiar with the playing methods in the professional league. I've only played this game for a few days and I can't count on my teammates."

"Just started playing for a few days?" When Li Muqiu heard that, he was stunned. He subconsciously recalled two viral videos on the internet.

At this moment, he could not help but sigh in a very complicated tone. "I didn't expect you... to be as perverted as before!"

Little did he know that the word "perverted" had become a sensitive word for Liu Zilang. Upon hearing what Li Muqiu said, Liu Zilang clenched his teeth and said, "Now, immediately, send me your recreational club's address."

"For what?" Li Muqiu asked in curiosity.

"I'm going to f*cking kill you!" Liu Zilang said in hatred.

"..." Li Muqiu was speechless.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Li Muqiu quickly changed the topic and said, "Back to the topic. You want to get familiar with the professional league's playing methods? I don't think it will help if I only explain it to you using words..."

After a short while, he continued saying, "Why not we find a time tomorrow afternoon and play two rounds. Come to think about it, it has been a long time since we last fought together as a team."

Liu Zilang was silent for a moment upon hearing what Li Muqiu said.

Oh yes.

Ever since they wished each other goodbye half a year ago, Liu Zilang had not met his teammates whom he had fought with for almost three years.

Thinking about this, Liu Zilang nodded his head. "Okay. Let's make it tomorrow's afternoon. I'll look for you by then."


After hanging up, Liu Zilang returned the phone to Ran Maotong.

Ran Maotong took a look at his phone. He leaned over strangely and then said, "Second brother, are you fighting with your girlfriend?"

"Fight your head, go sleep." Liu Zilang took a glance at Ran Maotong in an annoyed expression. He thrust his legs on the ground, got onto the bed and then pulled the blanket over his body.

Lying in his bed, Liu Zilang placed his hands behind his head.

He stared at the ceiling in a daze, and all the scenes from his past subconsciously crossed his mind.

A moment later, he closed his eyes.

All the things that had elapsed seemed to be gone forever...


The next day, Liu Zilang found a chance to go back home after class in the afternoon.

After turning his computer on, he took out his phone and then started contacting Li Muqiu.

At that same time, in the PUBG section on Panda TV's live streaming platform.

The live streaming channel in a room named "Casual Broadcast.." gathered a total of two and a half million views. It was the most popular live streaming channel on Panda TV's platform that afternoon.

Obviously, the livestream content was regarding the most popular game, PUBG. In this instance, the host had got into the finals.

Various types of comments flashed past the screen so quickly in the live streaming channel that it was too much for a person's eyes to take it all in.


"I salute Guru Qiu's control of the 4x AK's recoil this time!"

"He can massacre even in this segment, I really f*cking salute him!"

"Cao Haokun don't watch anymore, you won't be able to learn this!"

"If he becomes the winner this round, Guru Liu can enter the top one thousand players in the Asia server right?"


At this moment, a row of real-time comments flew across the bullet screen of the live streaming channel.

"Guru Qiu, faster win and end this game. Xiao Hai Ou is waiting for you outside."

"Yes! Yes! Xiao Hai Ou has been waiting for you for almost ten minutes."

"Xiao Hai Ou? Is he Brother Haiou, Mew from Panda TV?"

"Yes, it's him. Brother Haiou is quite good. Last time I watched him playing together with Guru Qiu, he seemed to play quite well."

"Besides, Brother Haiou is a fan of Guru Qiu. Basically, he'll give Guru Liu every 98K, 8x scope, or whatever he can find!"

"Let's all spam! So that Guru Liu can see this!"

"Maybe we should wait for Guru Qiu to finish his game. He rarely looks at the bullet screen when he's playing."



In Jianghai, the new base of team Se7en's recreational club.

Albeit the fact that there were less than ten players remaining in the finals, Li Muqiu continued playing in quite a wild and even slightly arrogant manner.

"Have you seen anyone who drives on the main road surrounded by flatlands, and shoots whenever he sees somebody? He even seems to be trying to make enemies around in the finals!"

"Da da da!"

Li Muqiu raised his eyebrows, then he scoped in from his AK with a 4x scope. He aimed at a person hiding behind a rock that was ready to run from the shrinking circle. He was on full-auto firing mode.

The moment he knocked that person down, blood splashed from his own body.

Someone raided him!

However, Li Muqiu did not panic at all and he hid at the back of a car. He did not even bother to replenish his health and instead, he took the opportunity to lean forward and emptied another magazine using the full-auto firing mode which immediately knocked the person down.

At this moment, it seemed like The God of Killing was alive!

The live streaming channel's bullet screen was spammed with comments like "well-played", "can't learn this" and so on.

As time passed by, the circle shrank to be smaller and fewer players remained.

Towards the end when there were only two players left, the other player hid behind a rock on the meadow. When Li Muqiu confirmed the counterparty's location, he dashed toward where the player was at while holding his AK. He did not even look for cover.

At the same time, he was laughing and telling the spectators in his live streaming channel, "Give him a chance, if he can kill me, then this round he can be the winner."

As for the player who hid behind the rock, he witnessed the last player remaining dash towards him recklessly. He could not resist but to immediately lean forward, thinking of using the rock as a shelter.

"Da da..."

Gunshots were heard coming from the back of the rock, but even more aggressive gunshots also sounded at the same time!

"Da da da!"

Countless bullets swept past the air swiftly and blood splattered at both sides at the same time!

The image froze the next moment!


Rank #1, Kill 21, Reward 1065 coins!!

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!