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43 The Emergency Preparation!

 After unplugging his earphones, Chen Zhifei gave a resentful look. He was disappointed at someone for failing to meet expectations and yet was impatient to see results.

At that time, Ran Maotong had a 98K with an 8x scope and had not even fired a single shot. He also revealed a disgruntled look.

Pu Taizhuang probably realized the "crime" he had committed. The usually rough Northeastern lord did not have the face to lift up his head at that moment. He looked exactly like a primary school student who had made a mistake.

Upon looking at the awkward situation, Liu Zilang coughed and then said, "I feel that we can't put all the blame on third brother this match. Our game mechanics and decisions are still somewhat questionable."

Liu Zilang suddenly shrugged his shoulders and then continued saying, "And have you guys realized one more important thing yet? We haven't assigned our individual positions."

After hearing what Liu Zilang had said, Chen Zhifei took back the glance he had on Pu Taizhuang.

He looked at the surrounding teams which were still in the match and then touched his chin. "What second brother said seems to make some sense. However, we just started playing this game. Who knows what roles each of us should take?"

When Chen Zhifei finished talking, Ran Maotong said, "You can ask me if you're unsure about that."

He then started counting using his fingers before saying, "I've inquired before, the current mainstream distribution among major professional teams consists of four positions; two assaulters, one sniper and one free position."

Upon hearing what Ran Maotong said, they faced each other and exchanged glances.

"All these that you've mentioned... What are they for?" Pu Taizhuang scratched the back of his head as he asked.

"Listen to me patiently... The assaulter belongs to the front line, and his responsibility is to locate enemies to provide his teammates with information. This is done under the condition that he can ensure his own safety. On the other hand, the sniper is mainly responsible for providing his teammates with covering fire and also to clear the enemy's core output point."

Ran Maotong then took a breath before continuing, "I'm not quite sure about the free man position. I think he can do anything he wants: provide information to the team, report enemy locations, report car locations, charge, become bait and something like covering the team's back..."

After hearing Ran Maotong's words, the few of them looked at each other again. They were almost clear of the responsibilities of these few positions.

Chen Zhifei stroked his chin while saying, "Let's see, how should we assign these roles?"

"By the looks of it, I, the 98King will definitely be the sniper!"

When Ran Maotong said that, he realized that Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang were staring at him. He then said jokingly, "I was just joking! Don't take it seriously! The sniper should be our second brother."

"No no! I can take any position, I'll just follow the team assignment," said Liu Zilang while smiling.

"Langzi stop being humble. We've seen your sniper skills before, and it's really f*cking awesome. It'll be you," Pu Taizhuang said and then smiled.

The rest of them also put up their hands signifying unanimous.

The remaining three positions also got assigned quickly.

Pu Taizhuang was the main assaulter, Chen Zhifei was the assistant assaulter cum commander and Ran Maotong was the free man.


Upon being assigned their roles, the few of them instantly seemed like they had found their partners and were eagerly preparing for the next match.

However, when the first match ended, they were then informed that there was only one training match every day and they should come the next day if they wanted to play again.

At this moment, Liu Zilang could not help but take a look at the spectating interface on the big screen behind the activity room's stage.

After the match ended, the rankings of each team were calculated.

The winner was the first professional team of Jianghai's University, and the highest number of kills belonged to an ID named Mew with eleven kills.

The second place belonged to a team named Vulcan whereas the third place belonged to the second professional team of Jianghai's University.

What was unbelievable was that the team which Feng Yanzu was in was also in the top ten.

However, their killcount was very low and this could be attributed to the way they played. After all, Brother Gou, Wu Yu was the commander in the team, it was impossible for them to have a high killcount.

As for Liu Zilang's team, it was ranked at twenty-first place without any kills at all...

Since there were no more training matches for them to play, the few of them used their remaining time to play random matchmade games to test out their newly assigned positions. After that, they headed back to their dorms.


At night, Liu Zilang once again thought about Zhang Xiaotong's issue as he laid in his bed.

He was thinking in his heart and could not resist sending her a message through Wechat, explaining in detail about yesterday's incident.

In Liu Zilang's description, he was an inexperienced and innocent youngster.

As for Li Muqiu who was represented using the letter 'L', he became synonymous with all types of negative images such as being a pervert, being obsessed with his sister, a nymphomania and so on.

He had accidentally mentioned about some comic which he had heard Li Muqiu talk about and actually has never watched it before. After he understood the truth of the incident, he had scolded Li Muqiu badly...

After sending out his message, there was no response from Zhang Xiaotong.

When Liu Zilang almost fell asleep while waiting, his phone suddenly vibrated.

He quickly opened it was instantly shocked.

It was because Zhang Xiaotong only replied with a word.



"What does this mean?"

Looking at his phone, Liu Zilang instantly felt helpless.

He had the urge to continue asking, but he changed his mind since Zhang Xiaotong did not ignore him. She must have already somehow accepted his explanation. It seemed to be unnecessary to pursue this matter.

Moreover, this was initially a misunderstanding, and Liu Zilang felt that he could stand straight without the fear of having a crooked shadow.

Thinking about this, he put down his phone calmly and then went to sleep.


At the same time, at a different location.

When Zhang Xiaotong saw Liu Zilang's message, she sat in front of her computer and pursed her lips. She thought to herself for a while before she sent out a message.

She initially wanted to test Liu Zilang's response, indicating that she had already read his message.

However, there was actually no reply from him even after waiting for almost half a day.

"Pa da!"

Zhang Xiaotong turned off her phone angrily and then jumped onto her bed. She rolled on the bed while hugging her blanket...


During the next few days...

As the date of the PUBG intramural seeding match in school came closer, the atmosphere in Jianghai's University gradually started to heat up. Liu Zilang noticed that there were people even taking leave for almost every lesson.

Some were members of the eSports Association that were busy with preparations before the match whereas some were players who went for training before the actual match itself...

Due to the fact that Liu Zilang, Chen Zhifei and the rest were the only ones who entered the competition as a team in their class, they were the center of the attention among their classmates.

Liu Zilang even managed to acquaint himself with all the classmates whom he was unable to recognize after more than a month's time from the commencement of the semester in one week's time.

There was quite a number of people in the class who were angry at themselves for being late for the competition's registration and hence were unable to participate due to the filled quota.

However, they guaranteed that they would be on the ground to support Liu Zilang's team on the day of the match so that Liu Zilang and his team could carry their shares to fight together. The worst they had to achieve was to at least be shortlisted.

Liu Zilang did not really feel anything upon hearing that.

Chen Zhifei and the rest who assumed that they bore expectations from the entire class suddenly felt pressured.

Throughout the next few days, during training matches, they did not dare mess around anymore. Instead, from time to time, they even humbly asked for guidance regarding tactical cooperation.

Especially Chen Zhifei. He looked up GodV's competition videos late at night as he wanted to learn commanding techniques.

Feeling the enthusiasm among the few people in the dorm, Liu Zilang felt embarrassed to continue doing nothing. He did not want to seem like he was taking advantage of the situation.

Hence, on a late night, he borrowed Ran Maotong's phone and then walked to the balcony. He proceeded to call Li Muqiu.