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42 Boom On the Ground!

 The so-called creation of a custom server was actually similar to creating a custom room in LOL.

However, it was different for PUBG as not every player had the authority to create one. They had to apply from the official administration and the requirements were pretty high.

Other than that, a separate application was required if it was for any unofficial activity within the country.

Usually, there were only a few popular hosts who had this authority. If an individual player were to apply for it, it would be next to impossible.

Thinking about it, Liu Zilang was filled with uncertainty.

Since the University of Jianghai's eSports Association had just managed to apply for the custom server, how did they train previously?

At this moment, Ran Maotong suddenly spoke softly by Liu Zilang's ears, "That person is Jiang Xinou, a second year student. He got elected as the President of the eSports Association of the year at the start of the semester."

"I heard that he was a host on Panda TV. His solo mode performance was once ranked top 100 in the Asia server. His ability is very high. He has even played duo mode with the Great Guru Li Muqiu on the same platform. That's why he was selected as the president this year."

"Oh yes! I've heard that our eSports Association had all the while been using his private server for training."

Upon hearing what Ran Maotong said, Liu Zilang could not help but give him a weird stare.

Liu Zilang was not amazed by what Ran Maotong said, he was only curious about how this person seemed to know everything. It was as though he was a spy.

However, at this moment, Liu Zilang's eyes widened.

Suddenly, he saw an unexpected person beside Jiang Xinou.

Qin Xuanxuan.

Moreover, by the looks of it, she seemed to be the Vice President Qin everyone was talking about.

What a coincidence!

Liu Zilang rubbed his face and he somehow felt worried.

Thinking about this, he used his arm to touch Ran Maotong. He then pouted his lips as a signal toward Qin Xuanxuan who was standing beside Jiang Xinou on the stage. "Do you know that girl?"

"Oh! Are you talking about Vice President Qin? She's the first team's assaulter and I think she's the only girl in our school's eSports Association's professional team."

Talking about this, Ran Maotong smirked and then said, "Why, second brother? She's our senior, don't tell me she's your type?"

Upon hearing Ran Maotong's perverted tone, Liu Zilang said in a resentful tone, "Go away, I'm only asking for fun."


Looking at the few people on the stage, Liu Zilang instantly felt uneasy.

Ever since his bad experience with Pikachu, he started avoiding Qin Xuanxuan.

Fortunately, it was crowded and yet spacious in the eSports Association. At that instance, Liu Zilang, Chen Zhifei and the rest were still not that noticeable in the crowd.

As for Jiang Xinou, after he announced this matter on stage, he did not talk much. Very quickly, he and the rest of his team found a place to start playing. They got into the server room created after the successful application.

When the password was spread, everyone in the activity room quickly entered the game.

There was a total of one hundred spots in the server room that were occupied in the blink of an eye. Even the observer spots were fully occupied by four people.

Chen Zhifei and the rest were slightly more nervous since it was their first time playing this a training match of this kind.

When everyone entered the game, it was strange that the entire square was drowned in silence. It was as though it had become a legendary spawn area.

Nonetheless, Liu Zilang could understand this.

Usually, they were randomly matched with people whom they did not recognize. However, this time they all knew their teammates and as long as someone took the lead, there would naturally be no mental burden to cooperate together.

Now that everyone was sitting next to each other in reality, if you were to scream and shout, people would think that something was wrong with you.

While Liu Zilang was thinking, suddenly an unexpected voice was heard over his headphone.

"China Number One!"

Instantly, the spacious activity room was filled with silence.

Almost everyone could not resist but look toward the source of the sound.

Liu Zilang also could not help but to take a glance out of curiosity. It was primarily because he felt that the voice was somehow somewhere close to him.


Liu Zilang spotted Feng Yanzu whom he had just met this afternoon. He looked extraordinary hyper at one of the computer rows not far away from them.

This guy was aware that everyone was staring at him with strange looks.

He wondered why everyone was staring at him.

In his perspective, what else was there to be said after entering the spawn area?

All they needed to do was to stay alive!

As for three of his teammates around him, they were dying to drill their heads into the bottom of the tables at that instance.

However, Feng Yanzu did not realize that and continued to shout loudly, "Let's stay alive! Come on everyone let's stay alive!"

"QEQE! You can't win if you're standing! Hahaha!"

People in the activity room were instantly shocked. They were all discussing about him softly.

"Who's that guy?"

"I don't know."

"Is he from our school?"


When Liu Zilang saw this, he felt helpless. He took back his perspective about Feng Yanzu in the afternoon.

This guy was purely dumb!


Fortunately, "Brother Yanzu" realized that he did not manage to raise his team's morale by leading. After shouting for a few more times, he too felt bored and thus sealed his mouth.

The eSports Association's activity room was drowned in silence once again.

The few people from the University of Jianghai's eSports Association's professional team sat somewhere close to the stage.

"Who was that just now?" A slightly short member with a flat-top hairstyle asked; he was in the first team.

"I think he's a year one student. The year one juniors nowadays are quite active right," someone beside him responded while smiling.

"What active, I think he's just a little dumb..." Qin Xuanxuan criticized ruthlessly.

Her perspective was quite similar with Liu Zilang's at that moment.

"Let's not talk about that, just play well in game."

A softer voice was heard coming from President Jiang Xinou who was wearing spectacles.

"I know la, my Chief Jiang." Qin Xuanxuan stuck her tongue out upon hearing what he said.


Got into the aircraft.

Chose his location for landing.


When the game started, Liu Zilang who had only been in contact with this game for a short time immediately discovered that this type of training match was totally different from the usual random matchmaking game.

In this game, all the way until the first circle shrank, only less than ten players were eliminated from the game of one hundred players.

If it was a normal random matchmaking game, basically there would only be about half of the players remaining in the game after a circle shrank.

Moreover, when they landed, Liu Zilang occasionally met teams which were quite decisive in terms of advancements and retreats.

Liu Zilang and his team only slightly revealed their advantage in long-range firepower and under the situation of not having high magnification scope, the counterparty quickly chose to evacuate.

As for one player that Liu Zilang managed to knock down, he was also healed and rescued.


Following the continuous shrinking safe zone, the more players alive in the match, the more stressful the atmosphere was.

It was because in this kind of situation, once two teams started a battle, the location of their gunshots would easily be revealed. Very quickly, the situation would then develop into a massive battle.

As a result, almost everybody's nerves in the match was constantly in a state of high tension.

However, Liu Zilang and the rest could not relate to that feeling at that moment.

It was not because of how excellent they picked their location or how safe they were at their spot but because of the fact that they were already eliminated from the match...

Just now, when they got into the second circle, Pu Taizhuang drove by the wheat field beside Pochinki and their car turned over on the ground.

Of course, it did not matter if only the car turned over.

The critical point was that there were about three to four teams hiding around Pochinki and they refused to move.

Initially, everyone saw a Jeep driving on the wheat field, but nobody dared to fire a shot at the same time; they were all trying to be vigilant of the surroundings.

Furthermore, it was because it was not always possible to shoot a player in a moving car, besides, shooting would reveal their location.

Nonetheless, the turning over of the car by Pu Taizhuang on the ground...

Good job mate!

At that moment, gunshots immediately sounded. It was so rapid that it was like a celebration during Chinese New Year.

Then, "Boom!"

Within two seconds, the Jeep instantly exploded!

As for Liu Zilang and the rest who tried to quickly tried to get out of the car, they were killed instantly by the explosion. They all turned into four crates around the burning Jeep.

This time, they really were the "Fantastic Four"...