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41 The Training Match!

 After registering, Feng Yanzu stayed as he wanted to talk to Zhao Mengyu.

However, the girl was continuously looking down while sorting out a data report. She did not even have time to respond to him.

At this moment, Feng Yanzu might have felt a little awkward, especially when Liu Zilang and the rest were still there. Furthermore, there were also a few teammates following him.

After a few fruitless attempts, he actually groaned at Liu Zilang and the rest.

Then, he turned around and walked away arrogantly. He also purposely spoke loudly about making a reservation at some restaurant to celebrate the formation of their new team.

Liu Zilang felt that it was ridiculous upon hearing this.

He was aware that this guy must have been spoiled since young, and thus he did not know how to interact socially. He also did not know how to communicate with people and could only act like this despite being in university.

Feng Yanzu might have looked like a spoiled brat but he was not necessarily one. Most probably, he just wanted to protect and cover up who he really was.


On their way back to the dorm, unexpectedly, they met "Brother Gou", Wu Yu.

That time, Chen Zhifei was wandering around in the school. He greeted Wu Yu when he saw him and Wu Yu immediately ran over to meet them.

Upon coming closer, he said in an apologetic way, "Sorry, sorry, just now when I was registering..."

Clearly, they knew each other but he did not greet them when his team was registering. Hence, "Brother Gou" was a little ashamed.

Chen Zhifei waved his hand. "It's fine, don't worry. Come to think about it, how come you're mixing with that guy? You guys know each other?"

Pu Taizhuang also asked, "Oh yes, didn't he say that you're going out for dinner to celebrate?"

Wu Yu quickly shook his head and then said, "How's it possible for me to know someone like him... About that... I'm from the University of Technology beside your school. I'm not going for the dinner."

Then, he forced a smile and said, "Come to talk about it, it's all my hometown friend's fault. I'm in the Ao Xiang Internet Cafe Team right? He asked if I accepted any other private jobs. I wanted to earn some extra income and so I promised him. However, I didn't expect a person like that would be my boss."

Upon explaining himself, Wu Yu poured out his grievance about the situation when he first met Feng Yanzu.

At that time, the guy literally took his money out and tried to stuff it in their hands.

He was talking while doing this. If there were good results in the competition, there would be additional pay since such a small amount of money would not make much of a difference to him.

What he said did not seem like a big deal.

However, all of them were university students. Their interest was definitely the top priority if they were to participate in this competition. They did not join this competition to earn a living and thus, they still had their ego.

Initially, Wu Yu thought that he would be treated with respect as an expert since he was the captain of the Ao Xiang Internet Cafe Team. Little did he expect Feng Yanzu to treat him as a player he employed using money from the beginning.

If it had been someone else who was well-behaved, the team would have respected the person and put in their best effort in the upcoming competition.

Their team's future was filled with uncertainty with someone like Feng Yanzu who did not even bother to put on an act.

The few of them walked along the road in school while chatting casually.

At that instance, Chen Zhifei and the rest had finally realized something. The main reason why Wu Yu came back to explain himself to them was because of Liu Zilang who did not really talk throughout the entire journey.

Obviously, he was more concerned about how Liu Zilang looked at him.

When they were about to depart to their own dorms in front of the dorm building, they laughed about meeting each other in the upcoming competition. After Wu Yu left, Chen Zhifei touched his chin while looking at Liu Zilang. He said, "I didn't realize that Brother Gou actually looked up to our second brother."

"What?" Pu Taizhuang did not seem to have realized it.

Ran Maotong smirked and then said, "After all, our second brother is the new God of Killing in Ao Xiang, there shouldn't be anyone who can break his record of thirty-five kills. Perhaps this is respect between experts."

Upon hearing what Ran Maotong said, Liu Zilang instantly made a disgusted face. He somehow felt that it was a little gay to hear those words from him.


At night, after they had finished their dinner.

According to the rules of Jianghai's University, every college's first year students were entitled to one night of self study. This was in order for them to revise and comprehend the knowledge they had gained during the daytime.

However, even though the rules were fixed, it was not necessary for the students to obey them.

Those who had participated in any society in the university were aware that there was practically no such thing as self study during the night. They could just get away with it by obtaining a leave permit.

The majority of the first year students who participated in societies were not really interested in them. They just wanted to find an excuse to not attend the self study session.

After all, they had been attending lower and upper secondary school for six years. They should have been given the chance to relax when they got into university, right?

When Liu Zilang first entered the school, he was recruited into the Association for Computing Machinery during the society recruitment week.

At that time, he also had the thought of not going to the self study session. However, the next day while he was still deep asleep, the secretary of the association suddenly called him to inform him about the meeting details.

Liu Zilang who had been awakened chose to hang up and continued sleeping without listening.

When he woke up and before the secretary managed to find him, he quickly withdrew from the Association for Computing Machinery.

Although Liu Zilang was not part of any society at this moment, he had training at hand.

After all, participating in the China University Esports League (CUEL) was something which could win honor for the school. It was fine to skip the self study session.


At night, the three of them were lying in their dorm.

Chen Zhifei ran all the way back to the dorm while holding the leave permits which Zhao Mengyu had got for them from the counselor. He said in excitement, "Guys! Let's go!"

Pu Taizhuang grasped Chen Zhifei's hand in exhilaration and then said, "Hey! If I knew there was such special treatment, I would've definitely registered for it!"

"Go where go where? Ao Xiang?" Ran Maotong quickly got up and asked.

Chen Zhifei squinted at him and then said, "Go there for what? We're not going to play games now, but instead train. Do you understand what's training? We can use the computers in the eSports Association as we wish."

Ran Maotong said in excitement, "Then let's go now! I heard that the systems in our eSports Association are superb. They're better than the Internet cafe!"

The few of them really left as said without hesitation while carrying Liu Zilang who was lying in his bed like a corpse.


When they reached the eSports Association building, Liu Zilang was shocked to discover that the atmosphere at that time was even more active than during the day.

He shook his head, thinking that the statement regarding teenagers addicted to the internet being night owls was really correct.

When they walked inside, they registered themselves. Very quickly, they held their cards and found four consecutive computers which were already turned on.

However, before they even got into a game, a noise suddenly came from the door.

The surrounding people looked toward the source of the noise involuntarily and there was a discussion heard.

"President Jiang is here."

"Vice President Qin too!"

"What are they doing here?"

"Are these two from Jianghai University's professional team?"

"There are some more people behind them. It seems like the entire professional team of Jianghai's University is here."


When Liu Zilang looked up, he saw a senior who looked older than him.

His hair was slightly long. He was wearing spectacles, and he looked somewhat decent.

When the senior entered the room, he walked directly toward the stage at the center used for activities while everyone watched him.

Then, he found a microphone and tested it. He then said to the audience, "Let me tell you some news everyone. We've managed to apply for a custom server specifically for Jianghai University's eSports Association."

When he finished talking, everyone was stunned and instantly cheered out loud.