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40 Exceptionally ‘Thick’ Buddy!

 The game PUBG has gained popularity too quickly to the extent of taking people by surprise.

Therefore, the official tournament that was to be held by Tencent was still in its experimental stage. The recent "Jianghai World Invitational Tournament" that had been publicized in major media was a trial attempt.

However, the invitational tournament was still at its warm-up phase. Even the competition system had not been announced as of now, let alone the schedule of the tournament.

The more popular competition was the Golden Award Tournament held by major live broadcasting platforms.

As for nationwide university tournaments and college leagues, they would be considered to be relatively large scale offline tournaments.

It was exactly because of such circumstances that Liu Zilang sized up the few dorm mates who were cautiously looking at him.

He sipped his soup and then said slowly, "I refuse."

Chen Zhifei was immediately anxious. He hurriedly said, "Don't refuse second brother, we heard what you said just now. You used to be a professional player, don't you have an eSports dream of any kind?"

Ran Maotong quickly nodded and then said, "That's right second brother. Although I'm someone who always ends up as a crate, you guys wouldn't believe what I'm about to say."

He immediately clenched his fist. "My greatest dream is to be able to represent Hua Xia and stand on the stage of the finals of the World Tournament! To bring honor to the country! To wear the national flag and shout China No. 1!"

Ran Maotong's words were impassioned and awe-inspiring. His speech almost got his blood boiling.

However, when he looked at the faces of the people around the table, he became embarrassed. He suddenly buried his head and ate a mouthful of rice.

Chen Zhifei coughed dryly. "Mantou's speech was a little bit extreme, but his spirit should be encouraged. What do you say, second brother?"

"I think Mantou's words were reasonable, but there were grammatical mistakes," Liu Zilang said positively.

"What do you mean?" Ran Maotong raised his head in a puzzled tone.

At that time, Liu Zilang was heard leisurely saying, "If you're someone who always ends up as a crate... you should be lying on the stage with the national flag covering you."

Ran Maotong once again buried his head and stuffed himself with a mouthful of rice.

Chen Zhifei noticed that the situation was a bit awkward and immediately said, "Why are you spouting nonsense? If you ask me, let's just participate straight away. What's important is to participate! Am I right, third brother?"

When Pu Taizhuang heard what Chen Zhifei had said, he nodded before saying, "What's important is to participate? It doesn't seem to be a problem then."

The next moment, the dorm mates once again set their sights on Liu Zilang.


After class ended in the afternoon, while holding the mentality of "what's important is to participate", big brother Chen Zhifei happily dragged the few people to register at the eSports Association. Along the way, they had also met "like-minded" students.

Crates met with other crates.

Everyone smiled at each other, and everything went without saying.

The receptionist at the eSports Association, responsible for registration, was a girl with curled up hair like an egg roll. Her appearance was pleasant and Delicate as she sat rather quietly, sorting out information with her head down.

Upon approaching her, Chen Zhifei's expression lit up. "Yo, and I thought who could it be? Isn't this our class president Zhao?"

Zhao Mengyu looked up and saw the several people standing before her. A smile ran across her face. "Have you come to sign up too? You guys are the first batch from our class! You're really courageous!"

Ran Maotong immediately smiled. "The first one to register... Well, is there any prize from you as the class leader?"

Zhao Mengyu grinned and then blinked as she looked at them. "Sorry, there's no such thing. Well, come and fill in the form."

"Yes, what's the name of your team? When the competition starts, the entire class will go and cheer for you."

Hearing this, Chen Zhifei immediately smiled. "Our team is called 'Fantastic Four'!"

While he was talking, he also expressed himself with gestures.

"It's not 'Four' as in four heroes, but 'Four' as in four crates!"


Zhao Mengyu read it again and suddenly giggled. "Fantastic four? Oh, you guys are really interesting. This name is quite unique."

Hearing Zhao Mengyu's words, Ran Maotong winked at her. "Class president, class president! I was the one who came up with the team's name."

Zhao Mengyu was once again amused.

It seemed that the girl liked laughing a lot, and she had a great sense of humor.

Liu Zilang who was standing behind them was irritated by this.


"Mengyu, are there no other teams from your class? This joke of a team can also participate in the tournament? Our university's seeding match really has no threshold."

Just at that moment, a discordant voice came from behind.

The people around him were surprised to hear it.

After all, reality was not fiction. Everyone was basically an adult once they entered university.

Even if one were to secretly think of such a thing, who would actually say it out loud?

Isn't that 'thick'?

Liu Zilang was also curious. When he looked back, he almost laughed.

That buddy looked.... rather daft indeed.

A bitter gourd face with facial features that seemed fairly upright, but when put together it was not the case.

Perceiving Liu Zilang's gaze and his expression in holding back his laughter, that buddy was rather sensitive about it. He immediately glared over.


Liu Zilang was not one of timid character. He immediately returned a glare.

At that time, Ran Maotong who was beside Liu Zilang tugged at his clothes and then whispered, "Second Brother, you're rarely in school so you don't know that this kid is Feng Yanzu. He's in the same major as us and his family seems to be rather rich. He's always trying to court our class president."

Chen Zhifei also whispered, "Second Brother, let's not fight with him. Not because we're afraid of trouble, but because this kid's head... is a little..."

Hearing the two, Liu Zilang also understood.

'He's a rich but stupid and senseless person.'

It might be Chen Zhifei and Ran Maotong's attempt in teasing Zhao Mengyu just now that caused this buddy to feel uncomfortable, resulting in his rage.

Liu Zilang laughed discreetly.

Although the bottom line for girls in recent years was generally relatively low, to be admitted to Jianghai's University with an appearance such as Zhao Mengyu's, it was estimated that brother Yanzu's "absolute sincerity" was at loose ends.

Zhao Mengyu was not keen on seeing Feng Yanzu from the looks of it. She said coldly, "Why are you looking for me again? I don't have time to go out with you now."

Feng Yanzu said anxiously, "No! I am not here this time to invite you to dinner. I came with my team to register."

Only after he spoke, did they notice that several people were standing behind him.

Liu Zilang looked over and actually found an acquaintance.

"Brother Gou" from Ao Xiang Internet clubhouse, Wu Yu.

To have followed such a captain, the few people seemed to be very embarrassed at that moment.

After all, the participants who took part in the competition were university students and they were still relatively thin-skinned.

If this was in a community, it was reckoned that they would have fulfilled their duty as 'lackies' a few moments ago. They would have assisted Feng Yanzu beat up people.

'Money talks!'

However, it may be that Feng Yanzu had negotiated with these people in advance and probably gave them certain benefits. At that moment, the guys could only swallow their pride and follow through with the registration.

When they passed by, Wu Yu was even more "ashamed and resentful" of himself. Having no room to hide, he hanged his head low.


Fantastic Four would be , but there was a play of words here. The author replaced the last word (Xia, as in superheroes and the like) with (Xia, meaning box, indicating the crate in PUBG)