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39 Shell Out Money to Hire Professional Player?

 Upon hearing the name uttered by Chen Zhifei, Liu Zilang was briefly stunned.

The English interpretation of the word Sloth was laziness. It was the ID of team Se7en's tank - Gao Yunyang.

After some time, Liu Zilang briefly shrugged and then turned around. As if he was talking to himself, he sighed. "Can't help it then, you guys didn't believe me when I said it. It's always lonely at the top."

The several people behind him looked at each other for a moment. They really wanted to catch up to him and beat him up.


After all, compared to people like Shen Zeyan and Gao Yunyang, the person who goes by the name of Victor - the "Black Masked Captain", has never revealed his face nor his actual name. He was a true genius recognized by professional FPS players all around the world.

If one were to talk about an FPS player that 'lived for the gun', then he would be referring to Victor.

Unlike certain MOBA-type eSport segments in South Korea, FPS shooting games at that time had always been dominated by European and American players. Basically, year in year out, the champions of the world championship of every game would be bagged by a luxurious recreational club such as SKK of Sweden or MTV of Denmark.

It seemed that in the field of FPS shooting games, Asia had a natural shortcoming.

In such a large environment, even if only a few professional FPS players in the country won awards in competitions in Asia, it would be sufficient cause for celebration.

However, Victor's debut had changed the status quo.

He was the genius of the era that could truly go neck and neck with top players in Europe and America such as f0rest and Neo.

From the moment he joined team Se7en, it marked the rise of Hua Xia's FPS eSports. A dazzling ID - "Victor", had also been made known to FPS players all around the world.

First it was big and small-scaled National leagues; subsequently, competitions in Asia and various international competitions.

CPL Cyberathlete Professional League.

ESWC Electronic Sports World Cup.

PGL Professional Gamers League.

WCG World Cyber Games.


That person was really like his ID, "Victor", a champion. A never-losing master that always lead his team, making them invincible. He caused a sensation to rise within people, and players all around the world started to notice him.

In his second year, he became the captain of team Se7en.

At that time, there were internationally renowned e-sports vendors that had launched globally limited edition Vic gaming gear.

He always wore a black mask during competitions and because of this, he became the "Black Masked Captain" in the eyes of the audience. In the eyes of European and American players, he became "CaptainDark". It could be said that he was the top player in the FPS field, being called God-like.

Until the "StarsWar" match half a year ago, where team Se7en's match with SKK ended up in a crushing defeat.

After returning to their home country, the team collapsed overnight; causing dissatisfaction in their fans. There were many fans who protested against team's hidden story at the headquarters of team Se7en in Yuqing.

More than six months have passed since then and the new FPS game - PUBG has swept across the globe at an incredible pace, setting off a wave of "chicken dinners throughout the entire nation". It has become the new game for various FPS gurus in the past.

Some were successful, and some were less so...

However, for Liu Zilang to suddenly declare that he was once the "Black Masked Captain" - Victor, in front of them, they felt as if a person had just patted their shoulder, claiming that he was Yao Ming. The crucial element there was that he was younger than they were...

At that time, anyone who followed closely on the development of FPS games would have had an impulse to pull a punch at him. It was no wonder Chen Zhifei and the others did not believe him.

This was because no matter how one looked at it, it was not possible.

Deducing it based on age alone, at the time of Victor's debut, they were still in junior high. Now Liu Zilang had joined them in entering university. The situation at that time must have been the same.

"How could he be the 'Black Masked Captain'?"

Looking at Liu Zilang who was walking in front of them, not without malice, they were speculating that...

"I'm sorry to say this, but the team this kid was in in the past was certainly not famous. It was probably a casual team."

"Yeah, and I guess they most probably didn't have any results. Otherwise, with second brother's character, he would have shown off long ago."


Of course, if Liu Zilang knew their thoughts, maybe he would mutter in silence.

"We aren't the same..."

"Not the same..."


Everyone had not eaten. The few put aside their questions about Liu Zilang's past and ran to a nearby restaurant like hungry ghosts.

After each of them had ordered a helping, they got together and wolfed down their meal.

In between intervals of eating, Liu Zilang suddenly remembered something and laughed. "Big brother, this afternoon's lunch money... you'll see to it being reimbursed right?"

"For what?" asked Chen Zhifei while his mouth was still stuffed full.

"You're no fun like this, you can't own up to your promises." Liu Zilang took out Shen Zeyan's signature.

Chen Zhifei's face suddenly darkened. He swallowed his mouthful of food and then said with dissatisfaction, "How can I give that to my cousin sister? What's written on it is such a mess. Those who see it will start to think that something happened between my cousin sister and Master Ze."

The few of them could not help but laugh at Chen Zhifei's words.

Suddenly, Ran Maotong said, "Oh right, the China University eSports League this time, shall we participate? I heard that there's an intramural seeding match to decide the university's representative."

Pu Taizhuang was self-conscious and said, "Let's not humiliate ourselves with our standard. A grand tournament like this, it's not like they're lacking in crates."

Zhao Tiezhu also nodded while eating. "That's right, as far as I know, our university's eSports Association will come up with two representative teams. Each team will have masters assuming personal command. I even heard that there are people off campus providing external aid."

Liu Zilang who was absorbed in having his dinner paused for a moment before saying, "What? There are external aids in a university eSports league?"

Zhao Tiezhu shrugged. "There's no choice, the rules of the competition system are set as such. However, the quota is limited to one per team."

"Isn't this bullying then? I'll say, even if we have to fork out a fortune, we should hire a guru. Hiring a professional player would be best," said Ran Maotong, angrily.

Liu Zilang found it funny hearing this.

Professional players would only participate in this kind of tournament if their heads got squeezed by a door.

Once such a case was found out by the China eSports' Association, a fine would be considered as a light penalty. Otherwise, it would be a ban for a few years from professional competitions.

In fact, most professional players' earnings only last as long as their youth. How many years can a player maintain their peak condition?

As expected, when Chen Zhifei heard what Ran Maotong said, he laughed. He then shifted his gaze to Liu Zilang and then said with a smirk, "Shell out money to hire a professional player? Isn't it something a meal can buy?"

With that, he turned his head and looked earnestly at Liu Zilang. "Right, Second Brother? Order what you still want to eat, don't be shy. Today's meal is on me!"

Liu Zilang was speechless.