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38 Actually, I am the Black Masked Captain!

 By the time Liu Zilang realized it, he had nowhere to hide.

Apart from Pu Taizhuang who was rather insensitive toward things like this; the three of them, including Chen Zhifei, were excited at the sight of Shen Zeyan walking toward their direction. They acclaimed on the spot.

The girls who were left by Shen Zeyan on the other side of the stage protested due to dissatisfaction.


"I was recognized!"

"That guy must have recognized me!"

Hiding behind Zhao Tiezhu, Liu Zilang's heart suddenly felt unwell.

However, unexpectedly, Shen Zeyan did not greet him after coming over.

Standing on the stage, Shen Zeyan merely took the things Chen Zhifei and the others had excitedly handed over in silence. He then picked up a pen and signed his name on the items before returning it to them.

Liu Zilang thought of fudging his way out of this. As expected, after Chen Zhifei had gotten his signature, he was full of joy. He turned and saw Liu Zilang hiding behind Zhao Tiezhu. He immediately urged, "Langzi, hurry up!"

He also whispered in Liu Zilang's ear, "It's a deal. If you don't want the signature you can give it to me, I'll give it to my cousin sister. Lunch is on me."

After saying that, Chen Zhifei then pushed Liu Zilang toward the front.

At such a close distance, it would be impossible for Liu Zilang to hide.

In line with the spirit of" one would die either way", Liu Zilang simply chose to proceed regardless.

He walked directly before Shen Zeyan and handed over what Chen Zhifei had told him to have signed.

Then, their gaze met.

The air seemed to have become stagnant.

No expressions were written on Liu Zilang's face, but his hands that were resting beside his body were tightly gripped, forming fists.

He did not speak.

He was waiting.

However, he was disappointed.

Shen Zeyan did not reprimand him for the mistake he had made at the World Tournament, nor did he mention anything about his leave without saying goodbye after the game; he had vanishing completely.

On the stage, Shen Zeyan pressed his lips and silently took the item from Liu Zilang's hands. He signed his name calmly and handed it back.

Seeing Shen Zeyan handing over the item, Liu Zilang was suddenly astounded, and he forgot to extend his hands to receive the item.

Shen Zeyan's hand was suspended in the air just like that, and the two made eye contact again.


"What are you doing dazing there for? Hurry and take it back."

Chen Zhifei who was at the back discovered that Liu Zilang was acting strangely. He quickly reached out his hand and received the item in his stead. He then said with excitement, "Thank you Master Ze, this kid here is also your fan. He might be overly excited."

Hearing Chen Zhifei's words, Shen Zeyan turned his gaze to look at him and then nodded.

Shen Zeyan turned and walked toward the other side of the stage.

Looking at Shen Zeyan's back, Liu Zilang's heart trembled.

Suddenly, without knowing where his courage came from, he decided not to run away any longer. Without rhyme or reason, he shouted toward the stage, "I'm sorry."

His voice came out.

Strange looks were casted by people, obviously they did not know why Liu Zilang had said such strange things aloud.

On the other hand, Shen Zeyan who was walking toward the other side of the stage paused for a while, but did not turn around. He merely resumed walking toward the other side.

Liu Zilang was stunned.

"As expected."

Liu Zilang had selfishly used the entire team in a dispute caused by personal feelings. It was his fault that the game resulted in a complete defeat.

"It was indeed unforgivable."

At the thought of it, Liu Zilang's heart could not help but feel bitter.

Just at that moment, Chen Zhifei who had accepted Shen Zeyan's signature suddenly said in confusion, "Eh? Master Ze stemmed to have written something else on Langzi's."

Liu Zilang heard what was said and quickly looked down. He was instantly dumbstruck.

"No one is sorry toward anyone, we are all the same."

It turned out that he... had already guessed what Liu Zilang wanted to say to him.


Exiting the student activity center, Liu Zilang seemed to be spellbound. His friends were walking behind of him, and they could not help but start a whispered discussion.

"Eh? What's wrong with Langzi?" asked Pu Taizhuang.

"Uhm, I feel that some thing's not quite right." Chen Zhifei recalled the scene that had just happened, revealing an expression as if he was deep in thought.

Ran Maotong looked at Liu Zilang who was walking in front. He whispered, "Do you guys think... second brother actually knows Master Ze?

"It's possible... and there's certainly a story." Chen Zhifei said while stroking his chin.

"Hey! What other stories can two men have!" Pu Taizhuang said disdainfully.

Chen Zhifei and Ran Maotong briefly looked at each other and then smirked. "This, you wouldn't know."

"But what does Langzi and Master Ze have in common?" asked Zhao Tiezhu who was beside them as he scratched his head.

The few of them gave it some thought...

"That's right!"

One has dabbled in the eSports field for years, winning numerous honors, almost winning the world championship, and now has become a superstar player because of the popularity of PUBG[1] - Shen Zeyan.

The other was a freshman who plainly and conventionally got into Jianghai University just like them after having gone through elementary, junior high and senior high.

"How can such two people know each other?"

Ran Maotong suddenly said, "I remember... I remember that second brother told me the day before yesterday in the afternoon, that he has previously played CS[2] professionally?"

Chen Zhifei said while smiling, "You really believe him? Langzi is a year younger than I am. He's played professionally?"

"Then let me ask you, how did enter Jianghai University? It's unlikely that his father is the headmaster of the university, admitting him through the back door right?"

"Hmm... maybe it's really possible," Zhao Tiezhu said jokingly.


"What are you talking about?"

Liu Zilang's voice suddenly interrupted their discussion.

It seemed that Liu Zilang who was walking in front had regained consciousness and saw them babbling behind him. Unable to help his curiosity, he asked them what they were talking about.

After hearing Liu Zilang's words, Chen Zhifei did not hide their discussion. He smiled and then said directly, "We think you seem to know Master Ze, have you ever played professionally before?"

"It could be considered as... having played professionally." Looking at them, Liu Zilang admitted it.

Hearing what Liu Zilang had said, they were suddenly interested.

"Which team were you in before, is it famous? Have you won any prizes?"

"Have I heard of your team's name before?"

"That's right, how did you and Master Ze meet?"


After hearing the bunch of questions asked by his friends, Liu Zilang paused for a moment before suddenly asking, "Do you know the 'Black Masked Captain' - Victor?"

"We know." His friends who were looking at him immediately nodded.

Liu Zilang's glance swept through them as he said slowly, "Actually... I'm the Black Masked Captain, and Shen Zeyan is my younger brother."

"..." His friends were speechless.

After a while, Chen Zhifei said, "If you're the Black Masked Captain, I'm f*cking Sloth."